Master Dan Dao - v2 Chapter 7974 The choice between moments

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In addition to discovering the numerous demons here, Feng Tianxing also made a surprising discovery, the possible location of Hurley's base camp.

In a mountain, it seems ordinary, but it coincides with the various requirements of the camp, especially the traces of someone deliberately planting plants, which makes people suspicious.

He let go of his hand, stopped reading the soul secret, and Feng Tianxing looked at Tesso.

"are you OK?"

Teso shook his head.

"It's a little confusing, but it doesn't matter."

Feng Tianxing saw that Tesso was a little unsteady, so he stuffed an elixir into his flesh and threw it to Tesso.

"Swallow it, my method has some impact on the body. It will be better if you swallow it, and it will help you recover."

To say that the poison enters the body, it is necessary for Feng Tianxing to be able to read the memory, the damage to the body is bound to exist, but the demons are strong, and these side effects are much less.

If it was to change the human race, I am afraid that it would have been pigtailed by now.

This elixir has no special effect, but only has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, helping Teso recover and eliminating residual toxins in the body.

It is true that Feng Tianxing wants to destroy the Demon Race, but at the moment, at least Teso is helpful to him and has no ill intentions, so it is okay to let him live for a while longer.

Feeding the medicinal herbs is only to give Feng Tianxing a little more peace in his heart, the peace that belongs to people alone.

After Tesso ate the meat with the medicinal pill hidden in it, Feng Tianxing instructed.

"It's very dangerous here. There are many places where you are lucky to escape. You should leave here first and ensure your own safety."

"By the way, don't come around here in the past few days. Thanks to your help, I now know where the guy's camp is. The next step is to try to attack and see if I can find evidence."

"If the evidence turns out to be true, you can just come to me for a favor in the future."

Tesso got up quickly.

"It's not that you helped me, so don't worry about it."

After sending Tesso away, Feng Tianxing flew directly towards his destination.

Twenty miles north of Qiuyun City. Feng Tianxing rushed to this place, no matter how he looked at the outer layer, there was no one there, until Feng Tianxing broke into the depths of the mountains, and under the shroud of those layered peaks, he saw that group of people. gathered

Mozu, his heart suddenly settled down.

Now that he has found the position of Hurley's subordinates, it is natural to give him a surprise.

Feng Tianxing's current strength is naturally not enough to defeat these demons. They are not the team that Hurley pulled at random, but the elite soldiers under Hurley's command. They will not be defeated in a cluster.

After careful observation, and thinking about all the demons that could be borrowed in his mind, Feng Tianxing felt that the only team that could compete with these demons was the team of Bo Rui under Shera.

But even if Borui is called, it may not be able to play a role.

One is that the time is a bit long. Borui's location is not close. It takes time to schedule. Hurley will definitely be back by then.

Second, even if Borui's team came over, in the face of the gap in numbers and strength, even if it was a sneak attack, it is estimated that it would not be able to get in much.

After thinking about it, Feng Tianxing simply sneaked in.

Only this time, Feng Tianxing didn't disguise himself, but instead carefully hid and groped all the way.

Feng Tianxing is very clear that in this important hinterland, there must be something like a secret code, and he pretends to be one of them, but any change will be noticed.

Simply rely on their own means to **** to move forward.

On the way down, Feng Tianxing did not take a single step on the right path. He moved slowly under the cover of mountains and cliffs, until he came to the center of the entire camp, and Feng Tianxing sneaked into the core.

This is a cave hidden in the mountain. Feng Tianxing entered it while the guard was changing, and there were no demons patrolling inside.

On the table in the center, there were letters and letters, Feng Tianxing glanced around and made sure that no other demons were present, so he released the poison and quickly swept the contents of these letters. .

Not to mention, there are some surprises.

For example, most of them are letters sent by the city lords. The thing they mentioned the most is that the demon soldiers in the city suffered heavy losses and could no longer respond to his next battle.

Among the piles of letters, Feng Tianxing saw a letter that he had just written.

Consciousness swept over, and the above content instantly entered my mind.

"I didn't expect it. I really guessed it. Hurley really has ambitions."

After learning from Jiang's mouth that the behind-the-scenes instigator was Heli, Feng Tianxing had some guesses, why did Heli target him so much?

The biggest possibility is to touch his interests.

Now this letter has confirmed Feng Tianxing's guess.

The most talked about in the letter is that if the power is wasted like this, it will be detrimental to the future plan, especially in the matter of using force to deter the city lords, gain their support, and obtain the status of admiral.

It is a good and detailed explanation of the powerful relationship. Without strength, no one will agree.

Take out the photo stone and record all the pictures here.

This is a treasure for Feng Tianxing.

Not only can He Li's plot be confirmed, but he can also rely on this thing to gain the approval of the upper echelons of the demon race.

You can also rely on this information to wake up those city lords at the most critical time, and let them understand Hurley's real plot. to gain the support of these lords.

Just when Feng Tianxing finished packing up and was ready to return with a full load.

There was a sudden commotion outside, and immediately, in Feng Tianxing's perception, a rather powerful breath rushed towards the cave.

Now, if you break out, you have to face the siege of these demons, but if you open a way out of the cave here, you will definitely leave traces and startle the snake. Judging from the breath of the person who is about to enter the cave, it is not easy!

Now is the time to make a decision!


The entrance to the cave opened, and Hurley burst in with a look of anger.

"A bunch of trash!"

"What a bunch of trash! 10,000 people were beaten by a mere 6,000 people and lost their armor and armor! Shame! Shame!"

After some roaring, Hurley sat down in the chair, panting heavily, and a stinging pain came from the blood hole punched by Dan in his leg, which made him feel guilty and restless.

"Feng Tianxing, this time I underestimate you, this time I will make your reputation with my own hands, next time, I will chop off your head with my own hands!"

With a hard slap on the table, Hurley asked Feng Tianxing.

"What's the big deal today?"

Feng Tianxing lowered his head, stood respectfully aside, and returned in a low voice.

"Those city lords said that there are not enough demon soldiers in the city, and asked them not to mobilize manpower next time."

Hurley snorted. "No one is the best. When the time comes, I will see if they have the courage to reject my proposal."

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