Master Dan Dao - v2 Chapter 7977 Most people care about profit

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While making arrangements, Luo Wu comforted himself in his heart.

"You have to trust Young Master Feng's judgment. Didn't he win when 6,000 people attacked 20,000 demons?"

"We now have an advantage in numbers, which is many times better than he was at the time."

During the arrangement, a subordinate came to Luo Wu quietly and said.

"General, are we really going to attack those demons? I don't think we have much chance of winning."

Luo Wu looked at the subordinate unexpectedly.

"Five thousand can't beat a hundred?"

The subordinate looked around and whispered. "General, I met that group of people a few days ago. Their strength is really not weak. Didn't they encircle other demons here some time ago? I have seen a complete demon with their own eyes, and they were used as playthings. generally

Humiliated to death. "

"It's not a siege, it's one of these demons who fought against several complete demons, and they are not at a disadvantage."

Hearing this, even Luo Wu was not sure in his heart.

The complete demons are very strong, and even his subordinates are people who hold important positions. Other demons are not even complete.

And their opponents can deal with several complete demons at one time. Although they have 5,000 people, they seem a little vulnerable at this moment.

"Hey, let me ask Master Feng again."

Luo Wu still wanted to make sure.

The Demon Race was in a hurry.

"What's there to ask about this, he is a fool and knows a lot of shit, last time it was just luck, the poisoning made the other party unprepared, General, you can't be deceived, as far as I can see, Feng Tianxing is completely famous actually."

"That is to say, there is a father like Shera covering him, otherwise who will give him face?"

"Besides, I think it's easy to arrange a few capable people by his side and help him make decisions based on the attitude of Shera towards him."

What this Demon Race said is indeed reasonable, and it is also true in his logic.

It's just that he didn't think of one thing, the information he got was outdated.

Today's Feng Tianxing has won a great victory, and even when he leaves the camp, he can win the battle, which is something that ordinary demons can't do.

The claim that someone helped Feng Tianxing to make an idea is worthless after Feng Tianxing showed up today.

Because Feng Tianxing is being chased and killed today, it is impossible for anyone who helped him to come up with ideas to survive, right?

Being chased and killed by a hundred demons, how could it be possible to keep these people from showing up?

Therefore, Luo Wu was very sure that all Feng Tianxing's attention was thought up by himself, and he was able to do it.

Immediately began to shake his face.

"If you talk nonsense like this again and slander Young Master Feng Feng, don't blame my subordinates for being ruthless."

"Remember, Young Master Feng is definitely not as unbearable as you think. He is very powerful. I will tell you the specific reasons later. Now go to prepare for the attack immediately."

Luo Wu's remarks did not lower his voice, causing countless demons to turn their heads and look here.

Luo Wu was not afraid, and sneered.

"I know that you all think that Young Master Feng is a waste. That's right, I thought so too at the beginning, but in this battle, Young Master Feng will definitely make you change your mind."

At this moment, Feng Tianxing came here, and seeing Luo Wu was so excited, he came over and talked to a demon. The attention of the demons was on Luo Wu, and there was no one who was questioning. It's windy.

Tell the truth what he thought.

Even some criticisms against Feng Tianxing were not hidden.

Everyone was silent, only the voices of the two of them, Luo Wu wanted to not pay attention to this side.

When the Demon Race said something unfavorable to Toyota, his face flushed, and he wanted to go up and explain to Feng Tianxing.

But Feng Tianxing didn't care. After listening, he coughed lightly and came to the front of the demons.

"I'll just ask you one thing, do you want to be mediocre for a lifetime, or do you want to make achievements here?"

"Let me make it clear to you that these people are all elites, and there will inevitably be casualties in the past. If you don't win, you will probably lose 30% of your hands. If you win, you will be famous." "Imagine, a The characters who can make all the city lords bow their heads are the subordinates who are trained by him. You defeat them and you can still gain something. This is your honor. Even if it is buried in the future, it will be passed down.

thing. "

"In addition to these, there is one more thing, if you win, I will personally go to Shira to ask for a favor for you."

After saying this, the attention of a group of demons instantly gathered.

If it was someone else, there would be only a little benefit from going to Shera's place.

But the wind is different.

He is Shira's favorite son. He opened his mouth, what else is reasonable?

Even if it is something that Shera has, it will be taken out immediately.

Even if it is some excessive requirements, Shera will not care about them because of Feng Tianxing's face.

Just when the demons were thinking about the benefits, Feng Tianxing added another sentence.

"I know that you are worried about the damage this time, but you can rest assured that no matter what request you put forward, I will think of it by myself. Do you understand what I mean?"

A group of demons nodded immediately.


Feng Tianxing undertakes these, which means that their requirements can be excessive, even outrageous!

This benefit is real, and everyone's eyes are shining.

Feng Tianxing smiled lightly.

"Then give a moment to prepare. After a moment, we will start a raid. After the raid, we will retreat to our site. The specific task will be handed over to you later by Luo Wu."

After speaking, Feng Tianxing greeted Luo Wudao.

"Come on, let's go and see how the outside is."

As Feng Tianxing left, Luo Wu's eyes were full of surprise.

Because he saw it with his own eyes, the subordinates who were still criticizing Feng Tianxing a moment ago gathered around him in an instant, and these sudden changes were due to Feng Tianxing's words.

Immediately shocked.

Now Luo Wu is very sure that Feng Tianxing's true strength and means are much higher than they expected.

"Master Feng, can you teach me the method you used just now?"

Luo Wu asked carefully, for fear that Feng Tianxing would not be happy, so he would not teach him.

Feng Tianxing just smiled lightly.

"It's very simple to put it plainly, but it's difficult to operate." "In the end, it's just for the benefit and benefit. I can bring them real benefits. They know this and I also know this, and we have reached a common understanding. cognition, and I am not asking too much, they naturally

Happy to do it. "Remember, you don't need to tell your subordinates what are the morals and rules of the rivers and lakes. Those are the things that only a few people have. What can really dispatch most people is not only interests, but also interests." "

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