Master Dan Dao - v2 Chapter 8124 Hole Cards of Void Attack

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Following Feng Tianxing's words, Jiang also suppressed his temper and waited patiently for the situation to change.

But as the attack of the demons below became more and more powerful, and even broke into the black smoke and was surrounded by groups, Feng Tianxing still did not wait for the variables he wanted.

Seeing that this group of demons attacked too deeply, Jiang said it immediately.

"Would you like to remind them?"

Feng Tianxing shook his head firmly.

"In a war of this level, if you can rely on the demons in one city to exchange for the opponent's offensive means, I think it is a very cost-effective business. I have many such cities under my command, and it doesn't matter if I lose one." "Jiang, yes At times, life is just a number, you don't have to think about other things, you don't have to think about the family behind them, and you don't have to think about what grand plans they have.

Good home, isn't it? "

"For them, it is also an honor to test out the opponent's means, isn't it?"

In front of Feng Tianxing's cruel words, Jiang was powerless to refute, but kept silent and did not speak. This was his last resistance.

Feng Tianxing shook his head.

"Ci is not in charge of soldiers."

Jiang suddenly woke up, and then looked at Feng Tianxing with a look of horror.


In Jiang's opinion, this was Feng Tianxing's ultimatum. If he did not agree with what he said, he would be useless in the future.

Although Feng Tianxing and Jiang had a long talk last time, Jiang still saw Feng Tianxing's behavior, knew what he was thinking, and what he was plotting.

But he still couldn't stop his true thoughts. He firmly believed that Feng Tianxing would not support idlers by his side.

Now, most of his everything is related to Feng Tianxing, and the only thing that has nothing to do with Feng Tianxing is his cultivation.

But only the cultivation base, there are too many demons with strength like him.

Jiang gritted his teeth.

"Okay, Ci is not in charge of the army."

Feng Tianxing nodded silently before looking at the battle below.

"I don't know if you have found it. There seems to be a lot of things in the black smoke, and it's endless."

Hearing Feng Tianxing's reminder, Jiang stepped forward and glanced.

"There are indeed many. I can feel their breath. They are huge."

Feng Tianxing suddenly looked up into the distance.

There seemed to be a hint of restlessness in the air.

"There are variables."

Feng Tianxing left the battlefield here and rushed directly to the location of the canyon.

The Void creatures in these black smoke are not advancing fast, and now they have just torn the first line of defense.

It is not far from the location of the canyon, Feng Tianxing is flying at full speed, and it is only half a quarter of time, and it has already reached the sky above the canyon.

Looking at the smoky canyon below, Feng Tianxing slammed a thunder into it.

The manic thunder instantly tore apart the huge amount of black smoke, revealing the true content of the canyon.

Feng Tianxing raised his brows slightly, and glanced at the huge creature entrenched in the canyon.


This huge void creature is like a worm egg, constantly spewing out various creatures, including "dogs" and giant creatures that have been seen before.

It seems that the void is just such a means. In addition, Feng Tianxing also accidentally saw a human-like creature from the place where the black smoke was hiding. He used a huge power that was completely disproportionate to his body to pick up a large piece of purple crystal and throw it into the void creature. of

in the body.

Over and over again, it seemed that he would only do this one action, ignoring that Feng Tianxing had already reached the sky above him.

Soon Feng Tianxing lost interest, because what he threw out now were ordinary things, at most an ordinary cannon fodder factory.

Just when Feng Tianxing was going to look elsewhere, the huge creature suddenly opened its other eye with a bit of playfulness and mockery in its eyes.

The sudden change made Feng Tianxing slightly startled, and Thunder was guarding his side. The next moment, he saw that the void creature opened its mouth, and dozens of demons walked out neatly.

Several purple crystals were inserted into their bodies, like puppets, their movements were stiff.

Feng Tianxing's breath was stagnant.

If this is the trump card of the void creatures, it is too much for the demons!

Demons are brave and brave, not afraid of death. In such an endless battle, there will be some losses, and these corpses are the raw materials of the creature in front of them.

Now the situation in his own jurisdiction is passable, and the big factor is that Feng Tianxing let the monks set up the magic circle.

If there is no magic circle, after such a time difference, swallowing the void creatures in half of the demons' city is equivalent to having half the power of the demons.

At this point, Feng Tianxing had no chance of leaving.

As he said, intelligence is extremely important at all times and affects all decisions he makes in the future.

Right now, these demon puppets, he is bound to find out their means and strength. If it is the same as before... it is definitely a disaster for the demons, and it is also his own disaster.

"Try first."

He squeezed out a thunderbolt and threw it downward. This time, the thunderbolt had just let go, and the few demons seemed to be crazy and rushed straight into the sky. The speed was so fast that even Feng Tianxing was slightly surprised.

This must at least be the peak of the complete body of the Demon Race.

After a little thought, Feng Tianxing was even more vigilant in his heart.

In order to prepare for this battle, all the demons in the outer city were at their peak, but Feng Tianxing had all been swept away to the Admiral's Mansion.

Even if you break through after taking it out by yourself, it is impossible to have such a number!


One of the demons had already killed Feng Tianxing's side, and the sharp claws popped out and grabbed directly at Feng Tianxing's body. At the same time, another demon puppet opened his arms, and countless bone spurs flew out.

Teaming up to attack is still a trick of the demons.


With the thunder raging on Feng Tianxing's side, the means of the two demons were defeated.

Feng Tianxing swept back and quickly retreated.

This information is too important, and you must inform all the demons under you as soon as possible, and you cannot let them die blindly!

In addition, it is best to notify the demons behind you so that they can prepare accordingly.

Feng Tianxing doesn't have any other thoughts now. The sooner this information is notified, the sooner his own territory and nearby demons can reduce losses, and the weaker his future opponents will be.

Suddenly, Feng Tianxing's consciousness moved, and the map from the black market appeared in front of him, and he stretched out his hand and swept across the canyon above.

"Hollow Ball... This attack is from the inside!"

"No, there is so much space in this world, why did the demons create such a world in the first place!"

"We are just the outermost cannon fodder, or is it all a coincidence?" For a time, the purpose of the Demon Race to smelt the three thousand worlds became confusing.

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