Mechanical Flesh - Chapter 623 silent annihilation

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Mo Sheng's body was entwined with electric light, turning into a bolt of lightning and running wildly in the wilderness.

Behind him, a mass of black mist followed closely, the speed was also as fast as a flying eagle, and the distance was getting closer and closer, and the angry roar of Black Wing continued to be heard from the black mist.

The mad low roar sounded in his ears, and Mo Sheng was tense all over. Although Black Wing had lost the sanity of human beings, its fighting methods were still extremely powerful.

Every time he was approached by Black Wing, it was a crisis.

The black fog approached again.

In the low roar, the wisps of black mist stretched forward like tentacles, and just when the black widow was about to touch Mo Sheng, a dazzling thunder light suddenly appeared.

The rune spear condensed by thunder and lightning appeared out of thin air. The spear was like a dragon, wrapped in dazzling thunder and surrounded Mo Sheng, and then suddenly stabbed at the black mist tentacles that came.

A group of dazzling thunder lights bloomed in the darkness, illuminating the black night sky, and the violent thunder force instantly destroyed the black fog tentacles, and at the same time enveloped the black wings.

There was a ray of dark golden light in the thunder, and wherever it went, the surging airflow, the tumbling mud, the splashing sand, and even the extended black mist were instantly destroyed and annihilated, and even the black wings could not block its edge.


From the black mist, the pained cry of Black Wing came again, and a pitch-black claw quickly grabbed the spear in the center of the thunder.

The long spear seemed to have been expected, it flashed in the thunder like a dragon, deftly let go of Black Wing's claws, and returned to Mo Sheng's side again.

At the same time as Hei Wing was in pain, Mo Sheng's breath also weakened a bit. With his current strength, using the power of doomsday can save an emergency, but the cost is also huge. The only good news is that he has just been killed. The approaching distance was pulled apart again.

Mo Sheng continued to run towards the direction of the star energy stone, without any intention of entanglement.

Under the constant approaching and pulling away, Hei Wing was repelled again and again, but he never gave up his lock on Mo Sheng. Instead, Mo Sheng struggled more and more.

Using the power of doom again and again to force Black Wing back, he has slowly approached the end of the force.

Mo Sheng ran into the wind, and the Black Wing behind him caught up again. It was nearly an hour away from the Xingneng Stone mine.

Looking at Black Wing, who was chasing closer and closer, Mo Sheng felt the condition of his body and knew that he could no longer go to the Xing Neng Stone vein under Black Wing's pursuit. With a sigh in his heart, he tightly held the Thunder Rune long gun.

Since you can't escape, let's fight head-on!

I, Mo Sheng, will never die with my back to the enemy!

Mo Sheng abruptly stopped running away, turned to face the black wing chasing after him, the spear swung and broke the tentacles of the black mist attacked by the black wing. color.

Hei Wing and Mo Sheng looked at each other, the flowing dark golden color seemed to shine into his mind, and an instinctive fear rose up, as if he had encountered a natural enemy, causing Hei Wing to stop subconsciously.

The two faced each other out of thin air for a few seconds. The crazy animal nature finally suppressed the fear in their hearts. Black Wing let out a low growl. When he was about to attack again, a familiar and unfamiliar powerful aura suddenly entered his perception.

In the black mist, Black Wing suddenly turned his head, only to see a huge puppet condensed with mud running wildly from a distance, and the earth trembled under its feet.

In the puppet's body, there is another aura that makes people yearn and fear, just like the prey in front of him with a long spear.

Seeing the person coming, Mo Sheng breathed a sigh of relief. Since Sha is here, Seraph must also be with him. Even if the three of them join forces, even if they are not enough to face the beastly Black Wing, escaping should not be a problem.

I saw the clay puppet spanning dozens of meters in one step, raising his right hand high, and a dazzling white light rapidly condensed in his hand, just like holding a white sun high.

The running mud puppet suddenly threw the white sun in his hand at the black wing, and the bright white light group streaked across the night sky, illuminating the pitch-black wilderness, and even the lead clouds tumbling overhead could be seen.

Facing the white sun of the clay puppet, Hei Wing let out a low roar with his teeth bared, and a dark mist in the depths of his throat quickly condensed.


Hei Wing roared, and a pitch-black sun shot out from his mouth, pointing directly at the white sun that shot out.

Two equally powerful energy balls, one black and one white, but with completely different attributes, were directly fused together at the moment of collision, becoming a strange black and white energy ball, and the void seemed to have a momentary stillness .

Mo Sheng raised the rune spear, turned around and left without hesitation.

Always fearless, the beast-like Black Wing, who likes to hit hard every time he attacks, also trembled, stopped chasing, and quietly stepped back.

The new energy generated by the fusion of these two energy **** is too powerful!

Black Wing has no doubt that it can instantly destroy everything in a radius of hundreds of meters, including itself.

A gust of breeze blew, and the balance of the black and white energy ball seemed to have been destroyed.

The entire wilderness fell into an eerie silence.

Destruction is silent.

The energy of black and white turned into a turbulent flow that swept through everything around silently. Wherever the turbulent flow passed, everything was annihilated. Not even a sound came out, as if even the sound was annihilated in the black and white turbulent flow. among.

The void is chaotic, and even the lead clouds in the air are slowly spinning under the traction of the energy turbulence.

Mo Sheng turned his head in shock and glanced at the area shrouded in black and white turbulence. A large spherical pit with a radius of 100 meters appeared on the ground. Everything in the pit seemed to be erased out of thin air.

This kind of terrifying power, if he is involved in it, I am afraid that it will not escape the end of destruction.

The black and white turbulence was still raging, and a stream of light suddenly rushed out from the turbulence and turned into a blazing angel.

"Come on!"

Seraph's breath was sluggish, but his eyes were extremely bright, as if he had found something interesting.

The blow just now caused her a lot of damage. If it weren't for the special attributes of the energy body, even a ninth-order peak powerhouse would not be able to withstand such a terrifying annihilation.

This is a brand-new extremely dangerous energy, and its annihilation characteristics are even more chasing high-risk energy weapons.

After Mo Sheng and Sha met, they jumped to the shoulders of the sand puppet.

"Go back and go to the Xingneng Stone mine!"

Sand controlled the sand puppet and turned around without hesitation.

"Where is Qi Yuan?" Sand asked.

"He is behind Black Wing and is approaching us." Seraph said.

"Would you like to wait for him?" Sand asked.

"No need." Mo Sheng said.

"Black Wing has completely lost his mind, and only the instinct of the beast is left. His target is me, and Qi Yuan will not be in danger."

"You mean, the monster in the back is Black Wing?" Sha said in surprise.

Mo Sheng nodded and briefly recounted what had just happened.

Sha Wenyan became excited.

"Go, the panic insects in the Xingneng Stone vein are powerful, and if Black Wing rushes in, there will definitely be a fierce battle. This time he is dead!"

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