Military Technology - v3 Chapter 2329 The next round of lunar exploration plan

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"It can be seen that you care about and attach great importance to the development of the medical technology field. Then why did you want to enter this field in the first place and why?" Jiang Nan asked.

"Actually, this also comes from a little story I experienced." Wu Hao said with a smile: "When our company was just established, we organized all employees to go to the hospital for physical examination. However, after a round of inspections, we found that those in the hospital were given to us. The equipment inspected are basically foreign products, and very few domestic ones.

We found an expert in a hospital and learned that at present, the advanced medical equipment and medicine in the medical industry are basically monopolized by major foreign medical giants, and domestic related equipment and technology are still much larger than foreign advanced products. difference.

And this gave me a great sense of crisis. If one day we cannot obtain these advanced medical devices and medical products from abroad, what should we people do? Are we not sick, or are we sick and waiting to die.

So I made up my mind at the time that I would change this situation in the future. So after our company was on the right track and with a little extra energy, I decided to enter the field of medical technology. "

Having said that, Wu Hao glanced at Jiang Nan, then smiled: "Actually, there is another reason for deciding to enter this industry, that is, we see the huge market potential of the pharmaceutical industry.

With the development of society and the continuous improvement of people's material living standards, people are paying more and more attention to their own health. Therefore, the demand for high-quality medical resources and advanced medical technology is becoming more and more urgent.

In the past, this market was firmly controlled by foreign pharmaceutical giants, and the market we controlled was very limited. Therefore, if we can make a breakthrough in this area, we can not only break the monopoly of foreign pharmaceutical giants, but also gain access to a huge domestic and even international market. "

"From now on, you have done it. I heard that Anxi has gathered a lot of patients from all over the country and all over the world who came to see a doctor." Jiang Nan said with a smile.

Wu Hao smiled and shook his head: "No, we haven't done enough. We have actually formulated a very long-term development strategy for this, and all my colleagues and I in our company are working hard towards this goal together."

"Well, I believe that you will achieve success." Jiang Nan praised, and then changed the subject: "What about the aerospace industry, in just a few short years, you have achieved so many brilliant achievements.

In particular, the "Wangshu-2" intelligent lunar rover launched this year has successfully landed on the moon and has achieved many remarkable achievements. Can you tell us about the success of the latest scientific research of the 'Wangshu No. 2' intelligent lunar rover? I believe this is what everyone is most interested in now. "

Hearing Jiang Nan's question, Wu Hao laughed, and sure enough he was waiting for him here. When he was reading the interview outline before, he thought that Jiang Nan might ask this question, as expected.

"At present, our 'Wangshu No. 2' intelligent lunar rover has completed the multi-point exploration mission in the area near the Lifi Mountains in the lunar sea and obtained a large amount of first-hand precious data. Especially the detection data of the deep lunar soil composition of the moon This is something that many detectors in the past could not do.

Judging from the results of our current detection, the lunar soil is rich in mineral elements, and we have found more than 40 kinds of mineral elements in the detection area. Among them are the well-known ferromanganese, titanium, gold and silver, copper, aluminum, rare earth, etc., quartz, etc., and some are elements that we have not been able to determine yet. "

"Is it an extraterrestrial unknown element?" Jiang Nan's eyes lit up when he heard the words and asked.

Wu Hao smiled and nodded: "At present, there is a possibility in this regard. However, the performance of the laboratory equipment on our 'Wangshu-2' intelligent lunar rover is very limited, and there is no way to analyze these in depth and accurately. Unknown element.

So we can only wait for our next exploration mission to send these lunar exploration soil samples back to Earth for inspection and analysis. "

"Oh, so, your next round of lunar exploration plan has been finalized. Can you tell us about it?" Jiang Nan grasped the key point in Wu Hao's words and asked.

Wu Hao was stunned when he heard the words, then nodded with a wry smile: "Yes, we have completed all the demonstration work for the next round of lunar exploration projects, and the relevant detection equipment is already in the development process.

We probably expect that from late summer to fall next year, we will launch a return probe to the moon to demonstrate our Earth-Moon spacecraft transfer technology and the probe's lunar landing and return technology.

At that time, the soil samples collected by our 'Wangshu' intelligent lunar rover from all over the moon and the deep lunar soil samples explored by the 'Wangshu 2' intelligent lunar rover will return with the probe. The capsule returns to Earth together.

If successful, we will obtain soil samples from more than 500 regions of the moon, which is of great scientific significance for our in-depth study of the lunar environment and the history of the birth, evolution and development of the moon. "

Speaking of this, Wu Hao paused, and then continued: "After these soil samples are shipped back, we will separate some of them and give them to the state and relevant scientific research institutes for joint research.

As for the other part, we will also carry out commercial cooperation and strive for more research institutions and social resources to join in, so as to accumulate strength for further advancement of lunar scientific research and exploration.

In addition, in this exploration, we will also transport a series of experimental equipment to the moon to prepare for the construction of our next lunar scientific research For example, we will transport one in the next mission The lunar soil solid water extraction equipment is used to experimentally separate the solid water in the lunar soil, laying the foundation for the next step of human survival on the moon.

If we can master this technology, then we won't have to travel farther to get solid ice on the ground. Adequate water sources can not only provide astronauts with abundant oxygen, but also synthesize the fuel needed for launch, and provide fuel for probes and spacecraft entering and leaving the moon, as well as probes going to deep space.

In addition, these waters can also be used for soilless cultivation and the construction of lunar ecological farms, thus providing a sufficient source of food for astronauts and scientists living on the moon, so that they can gradually get rid of their dependence on earth's supplies , and gradually achieve self-sufficiency.

If we can master this technology, realize the recycling of lunar resources and become self-sufficient, then the era of human lunar immigration will truly come. "

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