Modify Super God - Chapter 954 Elderly collection? !

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With Sui Yu and Jessica's sharp eyes and ears, they could still hear the old man who was driving the old man Le in the wrong direction, cursing behind him, full of anger and unwillingness.

Although those insults are very ugly, the more you listen to Sui Yu, the more comfortable you feel!


These people do whatever they want because they are old, and they really need someone to cure them!

As soon as he finished muttering in his heart, Sui Yu ran into a red light at the intersection ahead.

Sui Yu must abide by the traffic rules, and his motorcycle is a motor vehicle that must be driven on the motorway, so Sui Yu found a fairly spacious gap between the two cars and stopped the car.

I don't know if it's purely a coincidence, or if Sui Yu's Gao Xingyun's random thoughts came true.

At this moment, another old man drove a three-wheeled scooter in the wrong direction and got through the cracks in the car.

It is estimated that the place where the old man is going is not far from the left side of the road. If you drive on the right side normally, you will have to make a big turn. In addition, the tricycle he is driving is not very big, it is slightly wider than a motorcycle.

So he also squeezed along the car seam in the middle.

And accidentally scratched a small car on the road, the angry driver couldn't help shouting loudly, but he didn't say anything more when he saw that he was an old man, probably thinking he was unlucky.

That's right, since a certain judge said "you didn't hit me, why did you help me" became popular, the elderly have become more and more "wasteful".

Many people said that when they reach the age of 80, they should also have a good time at the last moment of their lives and experience the "privileges" that belong to the elderly!

Therefore, even in the era of the league, the elderly are still very difficult to provoke.

Those who are stunned are afraid of being violent, and those who are violent are afraid of dying.

In case the old man lay down on the ground like that, it's really hard to say who will pay whom.

So Sui Yu watched helplessly as the old man drove a three-wheeled electric car domineeringly all the way, and then scratched a car, and then came to him very coolly.

"Get out of the way! Get out of the way!"

Because Sui Yu's motorcycle blocked the gap between the two cars, the old man couldn't pass through at all, so the old man waved vigorously to signal Sui Yu to make way quickly.

At the same time, the driver of the scratched car found that his car was crossed by the old man's car, but he didn't choose to give in. Instead, he got out of the car and argued with the old man while the old man was blocked by Sui Yu. Said to let him compensate the cost of the car being scratched.

"No money! No money!" The old man's temper was obviously very irritable: "Why should I lose money? Don't you know how to respect the old and love the young?!"

Then it seemed that because of being entangled, the old man also pointed his grievances at Sui Yu: "Especially you kid, you are very bad, deliberately blocking my way!"

Very bad? !

deliberately? !

Please, it was obviously my side who stopped here first and waited for the red light, and then the old man rushed into the gap in the car and was blocked, okay? !

So Sui Yu's temper also came up, he turned over and got out of the car, and lightly patted Jessica on the shoulder to comfort her, so as not to cause trouble if the girl suddenly made a big move or something.

Then Sui Yu stopped in front of the car and said to the old man with a sneer: "I normally wait for the red light, why should I give way to you when you go against the traffic?! Besides, you scratched someone else's car! Anyway, I won't give way! You Either wait for the security guard in charge of traffic control to come to deal with it, or discuss with them how to pay for it!"


Hearing this, the old man was angry from his heart, and he directly picked up the U-shaped lock for locking the car and got out of the car. He rushed towards Sui Yu with his legs and feet, and roared as he rushed: "I see you don't want to live anymore!"


The U-lock roars and hits!

As expected of being happy enough to be old enough, this method is really ruthless and has no human touch at all!

Of course, Sui Yu can kill him by raising his hand.

But he didn't want to expose his strength.

And I don't want to delay my date with Jessica.

So Sui Yu dodged to dodge, then grabbed one of the old man's arms in the gap of the U-shaped lock wheel and shouted at the car owner: "Call the security officer over here!"

"Oh!" The driver quickly took out his phone.

But at this time, the old man's strength suddenly loosened. Sui Yu was worried that this guy would die in his arms, so he subconsciously let go of his arm.

Unexpectedly, the old man staggered and suddenly stood still, then swung the U-shaped lock and smashed it at the driver who was on the phone.

Well, with one trick, he found that Sui Yu was not easy to mess with, so the old man decisively switched his attack target!

"Dare to call the police?!"

The old man was obviously still accustomed to using the vocabulary before the alliance was established, so he swore while waving the U-shaped lock and chased and smashed the driver who tried to call the security officer.

[In view of the general environment,

Sui Yu saw that if the driver was injured, it would be his fault.

So he quickly grabbed the U-shaped lock that the old man was waving from behind to prevent him from continuing to waive it.

Throughout the whole process, Jessica put on an expression of watching the excitement and forcefully watched. Anyway, she knew in her heart that with Sui Yu's strength, there was no need to worry about getting hurt in such a small fight, so she concentrated on admiring the "customs and customs" of the alliance.

That's right, the world of grace that Jessica was originally in was a very cruel world from the perspective of this world.

It is estimated that many elderly people do not even hope to live to seventy. Under the strict legal management and the wanton exploitation of the nobles, it is considered a long life to live to fifty or sixty.

Because nobles do not have the idea of ​​respecting the old and loving the young, but only a strict hierarchy, it is really strange to Jessica that she can't see the scene of relying on the old and selling the old in front of her in the world of grace.

Seeing Jessica's interested gaze, Sui Yu blushed a little, feeling ashamed that his world had such a strange thing.


"Don't let go!"


"Don't let go!"

The old man struggled a few times and asked Sui Yu to release the U-shaped lock, but Sui Yu refused to let go.

At this moment, the security guards who were sorting out the traffic at the intersection not far away had already rushed over.

Seeing the security guards approaching, the old man became even angrier.

As if thinking of the punishment he might receive next, the old man suddenly released the U-shaped lock that Sui Yu was holding, and then even picked up an iron chain that seemed to be used to tie dogs from the rear compartment of his tricycle.

Seeing that there was a lot of dog hair on one side of the iron chain, Sui Yu guessed that the old man might have just sold his dog back.

But now, this dog chain has become a tool for the old man to attack others.


"Safeguards help!"

Seeing the security guards approaching, the driver who was being chased hurriedly sought protection from the security guards, and the surrounding cars also drove away at the green light. Only the car owner who was scratched and planned to swallow his anger stayed behind, probably planning to watch See if there is any chance of compensation.

There is no way, the old man wielding the iron chain is really scary, if he is rubbed and beat the car, with this appearance of relying on the old to sell the old, it is likely that he will not be able to pay for the repair of the car!

A gentleman does not set up a dangerous wall, so the surrounding cars stopped watching the excitement and retreated decisively.

At this time, the security guard came to see the scene, and without caring about understanding the situation, he quickly ordered the old man: "Put down the weapon! Put it down!"

At the same time, the driver hurriedly told the security officer the fact that the old man scraped the car in the wrong direction, then got blocked and then slapped him.

The car was parked here. Looking at the direction of the front of the tricycle, I instantly knew what was going on.

So the security officer quickly understood the cause and process of the incident.

And just when the security guards saw the old man's posture of waving the iron chain and thought that he had given up resistance and started to deal with the matter, the old man suddenly became violent!

"I let you add fuel and vinegar! Talk nonsense! It's obvious that you don't give way to me!"

With a roar, the old man slammed the iron chain at the


The driver dodged fairly quickly, and hurriedly dodged to the side, but the iron chain hit the driver's body, smashing the glass in an instant.


With the shattering sound of the window glass, the security guard also panicked.

Subconsciously, he pulled out his gun according to the practice of security officers during training, raised it, pointed it at the old man, and shouted: "Don't move! Put down the weapon!"

It's no wonder that the security guards are making a fuss. Now is the era of the alliance, is it over?

Because of the release of guns, especially recently there are more and more supernatural beings. If you don’t train the instinct to use guns, you may be caught by criminals who have guns in their hands or who are supernatural beings. It's a big loss, it's not uncommon to lose your life directly!

Seeing the young security guard draw his gun, the old man who lived before the alliance was also angry.

While waving the iron chain and quickly approaching the security guard, he raised his finger and pointed at his head and yelled loudly at the security guard: "Hit me! Hit me here!"


This is the first time I heard such an outrageous request!

However, the security officer would not shoot people so easily. He strictly followed the rules while backing away and dodging while shouting loudly at the old man who was waving the chain and quickly approaching: "First warning! Second warning! Third warning!" Warning!"

While shouting, the security officer used slightly trembling fingers to release the safety of the pistol.

"Come on! Shoot me if you can!" The old man roared and threw out the chain in his hand!

The direction of the chain attack went straight to the eyebrows of the security guards!



bang bang!

Bang bang bang bang bang!

Although the young security guard had received gun training, he seemed to panic when he was attacked.

In his panic, he instinctively dodged the iron chain that went straight between his eyebrows, but the position of his left arm near his shoulder was still drawn by the iron chain. UU reading

Then he subconsciously lowered the muzzle of the gun, and tried to avoid ricochets from hurting innocent people by virtue of the habits he had learned from training, and then shot at the old man's legs as much as possible!

The first shot missed, and the last two shots finally hit the old man's right leg.

Shooting in reality is naturally different from shooting in games, especially in panic, the hit rate of pistols is actually not high.

Then the old man fell to the ground because of his leg injury. At this moment, the security guard subconsciously fired continuously to empty the magazine as required in the training because of nervousness!

In fact, the fundamental purpose of doing this is to prevent the suspects with guns from shooting back after being injured, but at this time in a panic situation, the security guards don’t have time to think too much, anyway, it’s just like the training , to complete the program step by step.

As a result, several of the next few shots hit the body of the fallen old man, and one of the bullets shot into the old man's heart very accurately!

Soon, the old man who "got his wish" struggled to swallow his last breath!

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