Modify Super God - Chapter 955 Little Fu Ni's background is so big!

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Because Sui Yu initially just blocked the old man's way because of the parking position, so apart from being attacked by the old man at the beginning but not being hit, Sui Yu didn't have much entanglement with the old man.

So the security officer who shot and killed the old man calmed down and only took Sui Yu to make a record for evidence, and then let Sui Yu leave.

And the driver of the car was out of luck.

Although he has no legal responsibility, it is estimated that he will go back with the security officer to make a record and testify for the security officer, and then he must be able to leave.

But I saw an old man being shot in front of him, and the reason for the shooting was in the final analysis because he scratched his car and asked him for compensation.

Although I didn't kill Boren, "Boren" really died because of me.

Presumably that driver must have a very sad future.

Unlike Sui Yu who is used to seeing life and death, this is the first time he sees someone die in front of him, maybe the psychological shadow will accompany that driver for a long time.

And if the address and contact information are revealed, the family members of the dead old man will definitely come to make a fuss, and things will be even more troublesome then!

So Sui Yu contacted Lin Yuxin when he left, told Lin Yuxin about the matter, and at the same time put forward his own request to Lin Yuxin, hoping that Lin Yuxin could find a way to protect the life of the innocent driver, and don't have to bear the repair fee and then return the car. The old man's children will come to ask for humanitarian compensation!

Vulnerable groups are no reason to break the law and commit crimes!

At the same time, disadvantaged groups are not an excuse to let others suffer!

If there is such a big injustice in this society, it will inevitably lead to the deterioration of the elderly, which will affect the legitimate interests of other people!

After listening to Sui Yu's phone call, Jessica smiled lightly and said to Sui Yu behind her: "I really can't see it, so you really care about the world!"

"After all, this is the world I live in. In order to make my life more comfortable, I must work hard to improve the surrounding living environment!" Sui Yu explained with a chuckle: "Although my blue hero has no real power in the alliance, But if it’s just a small request of this level, I’m sure the alliance will still give me three points!”

"And I really hope that the family of the old man who died just now will make a fuss with reporters, and it's best to be on the hot search!" Sui Yu carefully explained his thoughts to Jessica, who only knew a little about the world: " It is a very common operation in our world to seek security guards if there is reason, and to find reporters if there is no reason.”

"But I said hello. It is estimated that the driver should be very well protected, and his identity information should be fully protected. In the end, the family members of the old man at most let the whole league know what happened, but don't I want a penny of humanitarian compensation!"

"And once this news becomes widely known, then presumably those older and more violent old people in the league will no longer continue to think that age is an invincible umbrella?"

After listening to Sui Yu's explanation, Jessica asked Sui Yu a little strangely: "Are you so sure that his family will find a reporter?"...

"The upper beam is not straight and the lower beam is crooked!" Sui Yu explained with a chuckle: "You just saw how domineering that old man is! Living in such a family, his children must not be reasonable masters! Then don't make trouble No wonder! When necessary, I will add fuel to the flames, maybe I don’t need to arrange someone to lead the rhythm, it is estimated that there will be a lot of scolding in the barrage and comment area, maybe they are all scolding the old man and his children!"

In short, the troubles encountered on the road are completely over. As for how the follow-up will develop, Sui Yu doesn't care and doesn't want to know.

The atmosphere of the whole society cannot be formed overnight, and naturally it cannot be changed overnight.

Moreover, Sui Yu was a little worried. The last time I rode a motorcycle with Jessica on a date was a collection of will-o’-the-wisps. Will this date end up as a collection of old people? !

It’s hard to say how the old lady pushing the cart will develop in the end, but this time I saw an old man who was attacked by the security guards because of his bad temper and indiscriminately.

Street shot.

What will happen next? !

Fortunately, the zoo will be here soon.

Get off, buy tickets, enter.

In the process, there were no accidents at all.

So Sui Yu also gradually immersed himself in the happy date with Jessica and forgot the worries about "the collection of old people". At the same time, he opened his mouth to explain to Jessica what the names and characteristics of the animals in this world in the zoo are.

After listening to Sui Yu's brief introduction, Jessica couldn't help sighing: "Your world is so nice! Animals attack mostly by biting and scratching, unlike the monsters in our world, except for the most basic physical attacks. In addition, they can cast all kinds of weird magic! Moreover, many of the high-level monsters are very large, and one of them can destroy a small country if it fails!"

By the way, when visiting the alpaca, Sui Yu asked Jessica about what kind of monster race Phantom Demon Fox is.

Although Sui Yu has future memories, future memories are not omnipotent.

Even if Sui Yu hadn't forgotten the memory of the monsters, the monsters in the world of divine grace were full of strange things, especially in the natural world where the survival of the fittest might cause new mutated monsters to appear every day.

Therefore, Sui Yu's knowledge of Warcraft in the world of grace can be said to be very superficial, so she asked Jessica about it.

"Phantom Demon Fox?" Jessica recalled and explained: "The danger range of this kind of monster is very wide, from the weakest young fox with only f threat level to the very terrifying ones who are proficient in manipulating their own abilities while improving their strength. The Phantom Demon Fox seems to have been defined as the highest level of threat, this race can be said to be a kind of monster with great development prospects among monsters!"

"In addition to being able to use mental power to lift surrounding objects to attack, the Phantom Demon Fox can easily control the spirit of the strong after being proficient in spiritual magic!"

Then Jessica solemnly told Sui Yu a story she had heard about the Phantom Fox.

According to legend, thousands of years before the world of grace, the ruler of a huge dynasty was controlled by the spiritual magic of the Phantom Demon Fox, and the power of a dynasty was used to support that Phantom Demon Fox!

In the end, the most powerful dynasty in the world of divine grace fell apart, and even because of the phantom fox, it caused the magic civilization at that time to go back thousands of years!

"In addition, after the phantom fox has achieved great spiritual power, it can ignore its own compatibility and cast various types of magic at will!" Jessica finally concluded: "In short, the reason why the phantom fox is several One of the monsters with the largest threat span, the most fundamental reason for UU reading is their wisdom! It is no less than human beings and at the same time has a powerful physique belonging to monsters. If it is not for civilization, there are dozens or hundreds of individuals. It can be constructed, maybe even the Phantom Demon Fox can toss out their own civilization!"

I really didn't expect that little Fu Ni had such a big background? !

At the same time, Sui Yu finally knew why the people from the Divine Grace World went to great lengths to send little Fu Ni to this world!

Fortunately, little Fu Ni met her back then. If she was allowed to rely on her wisdom to survive and recover her strength with the help of the great changes in the world, maybe a natural disaster level monster would appear to wreak havoc on the earth!

As for why there is no information about the wrath of the phantom fox in the memory of the future?

Please, the current development of reality is farther and farther away from the future in the future memory. This degree of abnormal situation seems to be a very normal error range!

In short, Sui Yu knows now that the emotional little Fu Ni is so powerful! .

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