Monster Integration - 2816 The Door of Celestial Inheritance I

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“Anya,” I said to the woman who was a few years older than me; she was an early-stage Grandmaster and now a High Grandmaster, quite a huge improvement considering the fighting wasn’t her forte.

“Grandmaster! It’s nice to see you here,” she said as I appeared in front of me.

“You too,” I said as I looked at the silver key in her hand and the silvery door at which she was staring. “The door is suitable for you,” I said as I looked at the ‘door of minor alchemy,’

People wouldn’t look down on my minor if she could grasp 0.01% of what is behind that door; she would become the best alchemist in the world


“I think so too,” she said softly and flew up and stopped in front of the keyhole, which is big as her. She inserted the tiny silvery key into the small keyhole and twisted it. A clicking sound rang out as she twisted, and the door began to open as she pushed at it.

“Good luck,” I said as the door opened enough to enter inside, and a second later, she walked inside with the door closing behind her.

Seeing that, I resumed my journey, and in just a few seconds, I came across another Grimm and three humans after that, finally, the golden doors began to appear.

There are seventy-five iron doors, twenty-five silver doors, and twelve golden doors. The first golden door is the door of armament. It is the higher version of the door of weapons and one of the most popular golden doors there is.

After that, it is the door of elements, which contains the knowledge related to the elements, and after the door of alchemy, healing, and others.

Each one of them is enticing, and I want to enter them, but I only have one golden key and can only choose one golden door.

I had passed sixth golden doors when I suddenly stopped when I saw a Grimm and humans close to each other, staring at the two doors, which are opposite to each other; it is quite funny that I hate not only the Grimm but also the human standing not far from it.

They turned toward me as I appeared with a clear look of surprise


Both said in unison; it was clear by their voice that they were not very enthusiastic about me appearing there.

“Lord Bishop,” “Fasn,” I said, clearly showing through my voice that I was not enthusiastic about seeing them either.

They are quite important; one is a member of the pyramid, while the other is a member of the coven; both are the governing bodies of their respective races.

After greeting them, I did not dally and walked between them toward my destination, though not before casting a glance at the door they were looking at, which of Inheritance and Bloodline. It is not surprising these two are the most popular doors.

Especially for people of their level, who are just a hairbreadth away from reaching the stage of the Grand Lord, these doors could help them in that.

The door of inheritance could help the bishop in gaining more comprehension of his inheritance, while the door of the bloodline could help Fasn increase the purity of its bloodline, both of which are extremely helpful in reaching the level of Grand Lord.

I passed by them silently and passed through the two hallways before I reached my destination.

The door of celestial inheritance.

Only one person before me had come here, my predecessor, who had the same inheritance as me. She had gained a lot from this, and I hope I will gain it too.

I did not immediately walk inside it and instead walked a few hundred meters toward the last two doors before coming back. I want to look at all the choices before I make a decision; it is a wise thing to do. Many times, people end up losing huge opportunities due to it.

I don’t like that uncertainty, so I checked. Though I did not find anything changing, I did not do anything for more than a minute.

If there had been not war of survival raging outside; I would have made a different choice, the door of runes, it would have benefitted immensely in all aspect of runes, but I do not have time and thus chose what is important.

Though, if I did get a chance in the future, I will definitely enter the door of rune.

I turned my focus on the door, the one I had chosen. I did not waste any time further and flew up to the huge golden keyhole and inserted the golden key inside it.


A clicking sound rang out as I twisted the key and pushed open the door; there was no resistance. Though, I had to use considerable force to push open the door; the masters would have put a quite a lot of effort if they wanted to enter inside.

Soon, the door opened enough that I entered inside comfortably; I did not immediately enter inside, just looked at the golden light for a moment before entering inside.

For a second, everything was golden before I found myself standing on the stone floor with a creation heart written on the big letters, which was the name of my inheritance.

Around me are the floors stacked one after another, reaching up to three stories, and each floor will have hundreds of runic armors standing like a mannequin. It is not just runic inheritance blueprints but also books, scrolls, crystals and many other things.

This is a totally paradise for me, containing enough knowledge that the time I have is far from enough to take advantage of it all.

I have a month here twenty-eight days to be exact, if the clock above me is any proof, but this place is special. Here in inside the doors, the time slowed down by four times. So, while, I will spend a month here, only a week would pass outside.

For someone like me, it is a huge advantage as I could enter inside my core when I need to think and take advantage of further time dilution.

Here, I plan to take advantage every advantage I have to gain the maximum advantage in this place. I hope with all the knowledge I gain here, will help me see what is lacking in my inheritance and have a way to fixed them.

With that in mind, I walked toward the first runic humonoid blueprint which is three times as big as me, in the color of flaming red and steely grey. From the distance, thousands and thousands of runes of it seemed clear, but they are blurry and even looking at closely, they are blurry.

‘It is time for you to become clear,’ I said and touched the humanoid blueprint, and immediately, the change occurred.

The runic humanoid begins to split from the lowest level of Lord to the highest primary level 3, which is blurry like primary level-2, only primary level-1, which is a Tyrant class, and below inheritances are visible.

Those two which are still blurry, are the two levels above the Tyrant stage; just a visibility of them would bring the world pressure; only this thing which is isolated from the world could show me the runic blueprint of those two level, but it wouldn’t be easy.

Even this place, whose entry I earned after so much hard work, I still have to finish the challenges if I want to see what kind of runic inheritance blueprint those two above levels have.

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