Monster Integration - 2949 Scheme

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“I hope I am right trusting it with you, Shael,” said old Werewolf looking at a thick black pond, in the center of which was a pristine white crystal that had dense runes carved on it.

“So, all I have to do is activate this crystal and target the old snake?” asked Shael hesitantly.

She had to be sure she was targeting another Grand Lord, someone who was very powerful and vengeful in nature.

“No, we are not targeting the old snake but preventing the tragedy that led to our defeat in the previous epoch war and the complete disappearance of one of most powerful tribes of Grimms,”

“All I am asking is you target the old snake only when the old snake performs the forbidden act,” said Rhaek, as he looked at the projection where thousands of powerful members of the old snake tribe were sitting around a huge statue with pies expressions on their faces.

“I can’t believe the old snake is idiot enough to do the forbidden,” she said, “People do a lot of things for power,” replied Rhaek.

He had studied the method and created this as a counter if ever the old snake was mad enough to use the method on him, but now it will be used, even when the old snake is not targeting him.

He does not know concretely what Zaar had that forced the old snake to take such a drastic step, but it should be something amazing for the old snake to take this step, and he will not let him have it.

An old snake is dangerous, and the sooner it will kill, the better, and what better way to kill it, in the name of doing the forbidden act?

Even if it did not perform the forbidden, he would still attack it. The old snake is too dangerous to keep alive.

“So, can I trust you with it, Shael?” he asked, and the foxwomen in front of him nodded.

“Good, do this, and you will have the meeting that you always wanted,” he said and could see her eyes lighting up like a sun hearing that.


The bastard brought out the curse, not a normal curse either, but above the limit curse; it is different from others, but without a doubt, it is above the limit curse.

Its quantity is not huge, but when it burns under divine energy, it becomes destructive.

I screamed in pain as it tore the particles through the grasp of my formations, pulling them back and taking deeper into me, but that was not all they did; no, they began to gather this powerful force, and their target was my core.

“I really didn’t want to use it; it would be bitch to get out its consequences, but you bastard has forced me,” cursed the old snake.

I did not listen to it; all my focus was on thinking through this massive pain and watching a wave of blood-red dust, which had been charged with divine energy, and the limit curse was going for my core.


They had enveloped my core, and just about to swallow it, when the ripple came out of the moon like before and sent the powerful blood-red dust back.

“You will not be able to stop me this time!” the Grimm roared, and I felt it charging again with even greater power.


It got repelled again as it tried to swallow my core again, but it kept trying without stopping.

Seeing it unable to do it, it begins to concentrate on releasing energy into blood-red dust. I felt the pain lessening as all the energy began to move toward the dust.

Soon, it filled dust with such power that it could barely keep it together and launched another attempt, the most powerful among all, to swallow my core.please visit panda(-)


They surrounded it before moving toward the core to swallow it, and once again, a rippling wave came from the moon, but this time something different happened.

The cloud of blood-red dust wasn’t repelled like last time; instead, the dust-cloud and wave clashed, pressing against each other to move forward, and for a few seconds, nobody gained the edge till the cloud of blood-red dust burned brighter and pushed forward.

In a moment, it crossed the distance and touched my core failed before being pushed back hard by a wave sent flying to the edge of my body.


I thought Grimm would attack again, but it did not; instead, I heard him gasp and felt intense emotions from it, nearly at breakdown level, before it was able to calm itself.

“Yo…You are not a Grand Lord, but a Grandmaster!” said the old snake in a shaking voice; it could not believe it, but it had felt it with its own sense. The moment his particle touched the core, he saw the true level of Zaar.

A second later, I felt greed, overwhelming greed, that I have never could exist, but it is radiating from the old snake.

“It is impossible, but someone you have made it possible through some way,” it said, and greed in its heart have risen further, nearly drowning me with it.

I did not say anything further, but I felt it doing something it had not done before; it began concentrating all its energies on the dust cloud. I could see the particles of old snakes covering every part of my body begin to send the energies to the blood-red dust cloud.

Every blood-red particle of the old snake in the cloud begins to absorb the energy; they begin to light; at first, the light was gentle, but now it is like a torch, and they are still absorbing the energy.

It is scaring the hell out of me, and I begin to prepare the defenses to form the core; my clones are doing short experiments on the few particles they were able to catch when the dust cloud touched it, and every second, I am getting more and more information from it.

If I had time, I would have found a way to deal with it, but the time I am asking is days, even weeks, but I don’t even have seconds.

Finally, the dust dust-cloud absorbed nearly all the energies from the particles, and now, they are blazing like the sun.

I had readied the suicide formations if they breached the wave moon and my own defenses. I would activate the suicide formation; even with all the power in the world, the Grimm would not survive that, and even that above-the-limit element wouldn’t survive it too.

The dust cloud remained in its place for a second before it moved toward my core; it moved with power and moment that I felt no doubt it would be able to do what it was planning on doing.

It took a moment for it to surround my core before it went to swallow it, while I asked my clone to put the finger on suicide formation.


I thought it would swallow my core, but when a ripple came out of the moon, my eyes couldn’t help but widen.

pA n,dan(-)0ve1.c0m

It was powerful, far more powerful than all the waves it released till now. The moment it touched the cloud, it sent it back so hard that the cloud clashed against the walls of my soul and body.

‘My god!’ I gasped; I knew the blessing of the world is powerful, but not this powerful, especially when, at the last time, it nearly let it have my core.

“You bastard!”

The old snake roared with fury like never before and sent the dust cloud again at even greater momentum, and this time, too, it again sent back hard.

It tried again and again, but the result was the same; the blood-red dust cloud was not able to touch my core.

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