Monster Integration - 2950 Divine Sacrifice

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“Give up, old snake, you are not going to have my core, ever,” I said to it after it tried more than a hundred times to swallow my core, but each time sent crashing by the ripples of the moon.

“I will have it,” it said back, with a conviction. “And how do you plan to do that, old snake? You have already used everything you have right now,” I mocked, and for a few seconds, there was complete silence from the old snake.

“I had one last card left; I had left to deal against Rhaek, but now I will use it against you,” said the old snake and said it in a voice that made my soul shudder in absolute fear, as this time, I do have an idea, what it will do.

Which is why I had not activated the suicide formation.

With how things are, I am going to die; there is no doubt about it. The old snake had merged into a very part of me; we are inseparable; I will die, whether it succeeded or failed.

It will fail because, like it, I also have a final move, which will kill me, and I could use it now, but I waited because waiting will deal the bigger blow to Grimm after what the old snake is trying to do.

“Divine Sacrifice!” said the old snake, and I felt something releasing from its soul that I had only faintly felt before, but now it is clear as day as if it had been released from me.

Shaels frozen projection came alive; she was fighting a powerful human, but she could spare some focus, to kill the old snake now that it had done the forbidden.

She hates the old snake more than she hates Rhaek, and with it dead, she will be the second most powerful.

Not to mention, all the resources of the old snake’s tribe are going to be hers, and she will also get the meeting she desires so much.

She once again looked at the projection to be sure.

There she saw the formation covering thousands of members of the old tribe lighting before they began to burn.

As they burn, the energy would release from them and enter the huge statue, which will then transfer to the old snake.

She couldn’t shudder to see the amount of divine energy the old snake would have; even Rhaek wouldn’t be able to deal with him with such energy in his arsenal and might even need to run away.

Though she kept that thought to herself, the slightest whisper of it could make things very difficult for her.

“Die, old snake,” she said with a smile and activated the formation with the wish that it would die by most painful death.


The formation buzzed loudly, and the runes on the white crystal lit up and began to gather the energies from the pool at an extremely fast speed.

The attack will be ready in forty-two seconds, and it will take a second more to reach the old snake.

Rhaek had told me the old snake would not be able to avoid it, and he seemed quite confident about it.

I felt the divine energy pouring into my body like a flood; I had expected it to be a huge amount considering it was sacrificing its tribe for it, but the amount still shocked me, and the horrifying thing is it is increasing every moment.

As the energy came, it filled me in an instant; all the particles of the old snake began to absorb it, especially the dust cloud.

I did activate the final formation and let the divine energy come and fill me. Since I am going to die, I want to die with a bang.

The divine energy is hundreds of times greater compared to the time when it had used against me, and it is increasing every second.please visit panda(-)

It comes from sacrificing pious believers; the faith that produces is immense, which in turn converts into divine energy through the rituals.

I let the divine energy come in, which has become overwhelming, and even began harming me without intention. The power of it was so much that it began to break my body and soul, but I bore it all.

My focus is on the dusk cloud, which is absorbing more than half of the divine energy that is coming for Grimm.

It is not moving from its spots, which is good because if it does, I will have to activate the formation, which I really don’t want, till all divine energy comes.

Twenty seconds passed, and now the divine energy reached such an overwhelming level that my skin began to split, and my soul was tearing up. I am feeling the pain like never before; I bore it with everything I got.

Another fifteen seconds passed, and now, just keeping myself conscious of that soul-breaking pain has become a huge challenge.

The divine energy is coming at me in an amount that I could measure, but it must be colossal.

If Michael could see it from outside, he would find himself covered it late by divine energy, which had covered him and now coming inside him from all directions.

Twelve more seconds passed when finally, I felt the divine energy stabilizing and a second later, it began to lessen, and three seconds later, everything stopped.


“Now you will be mine,” said the old snake finally, and all the particles blazed as once again above the limit material came out, and to my surprise, it did not come in its curse form but the purest form.

Even when my senses were locked, I could tell the world had sensed it and begun to gather its power, but the old snake did seem to want to give the world any chance to do anything, as it burned them.


Immediately, I felt like a furnace, every part of me was burning; from soul, blood, and energy, there was nothing that was not burning.

The sheer power of this is humongous; the only reason I am alive is because of method; it is what protecting me against the most dangerous harm.

This energy is powerful enough to burn even someone like Rhaek and Matron Mavis to the ashes.

“Zaar, this is my might, and after consuming you, this power will become truly mine, that even Rhaek would not be a match for me, much less you puny humans,” said the old snake.

“You will not gain that power, old snake; you will die with me,” I said and could feel mirth.

“I will be supreme once I consume you!” declared the old snake ad sent a blood-red dust cloud to my core.

pAn,Da-n0v e1,c,m

This time, it is bearing such power that even the blessing of the world couldn’t be able to stop it.

The old snake is right; in front of such overwhelming power, no one could stand against it, but I have one thing that will burn even divine energy and above limit thing; it will also take me with it, but it is a reality.

I am just happy that I am dying alone; Ashlyn and Nero are out and will be fine, given their powers.

Soon, the cloud enveloped my core and about and went to swallow it, and like before, the moon released a wave, and to my surprise, it was powerful enough to stop the cloud for a while second before it got crushed.

“You are mine, Zaar!” it said and moved to consume my core.

It was just a hairbreadth away when something white came out of my core from all sides and touched the blood cloud, and immediately, I felt the horror from the old snake.

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