Museum of Demons - v3 Chapter 1274 It doesn't matter, Fuxi will make a move!

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, the fastest update to Town Demon Museum! A sword slashed down without a sound, and even a little ripple of law did not set off.

Faintly, there was another feeling, the world was turned upside down, and the green-clothed scribe suddenly felt that he seemed to have lost something extremely important, but after that sword fell, he couldn't even make it in the first place. Time recalled what he had lost.

Even the causality of memory has been cut off.

Sword energy permeated the air.

It wasn't until several breaths later that relying on grasping the memory of the past, he vaguely realized that he had lost what was originally his own and, yes, lost it completely.

Fu Yi laughed out loud: Hahahaha, good, good!

Not bad, brat.

Cut off the past, there is no future, so even how many backhands Chi has left on the cause and effect before, it has no meaning now, and can no longer be driven, hahaha, good means, it is worthy of being Awa Created! I deserve to be taught!

No shame!

Lai Lai Lai cut another sword at his body, completely cutting off the connection between Tianji and Chi!

Then, there is only one destiny control left, but it can be suppressed with a backhand!

The scholar in green shirt lowered his eyes, and didn't pay too much attention to the words in Fu Yi's mouth.

And the black-haired Taoist raised his sword and said lightly:

You have hands yourself.

Cut it yourself.

The smile on Fu Yi's face froze slightly.

And the scholar in green shirt has drifted away, with his sleeves bulging, standing on the sea of ​​clouds, with a calm and distant expression, as if he is not in this era, it seems to be the superposition of countless fates and possibilities, giving people a sense of indifference and boundlessness, With drooping eyes, he said: It seems that today is not a very suitable time for communication.

But it doesn't matter.

It's not bad that I walk alone on the road to destroy the world.

If the two fellow Taoists meet again in the next year, it will be a battle of life and death...

Hope to see both of you again.

When the voice fell, there were many clouds swirling against the current around him, and the sense of confusion on the green-clothed scribe suddenly disappeared, and he had returned to the foggy appearance from the original vivid and real feeling, and then fainted and fell to the ground. The incomparably deep aura dissipated.

[Fate] Leaving simply and neatly.

On the contrary, Wei Yuan and Fu Yi were left behind at the moment. They were at war before, and they could join hands with each other to fight against each other. Now that the external conflict has seen through this point, they left directly. On the contrary, Wei Yuan and Fu Yi fell silent for a while. .

After a long time, Fu Yi sneered a few times, and said: He is fast enough and smart enough.

Knowing that we can't beat the combination of the two of us, we simply let us fight first.

It's better to punch out the dog's brains.

Then this guy came back to pick up the leaks and squirt, so I hate this kind of old gag.

It's because of my sincere personality.

Wei Yuan raised his eyebrows slightly: Sincerely?


Of course it is me.

The brunette said:

If you are sincere, there will be no hypocrisy and daring in this world.

Such a pertinent evaluation has attracted Fu Yi to laugh out loud, he laughs wildly, maybe only when the Emperor Wa is not around, only when he doesn't have to worry about being seen by others, he will show his true face With such an insolent gesture, the golden vertical pupils are graceful and peaceful, with his right hand behind his back, he said:

You and I should be like this.

If you have no guts, how can you open the sky with one painting?

Fu Yi lowered his gaze, looked at the blue-clothed scribe who had passed out on the other side, and said: "Heh..., not only did you leave when it was time to leave, but you also left behind this backhand. How do you plan to deal with this thing?"

Wei Yuan looked at the scholar in green shirt over there.

This is the avatar of [Fate].

But it is also the anchor of [Destiny].

It is impossible to let it go, otherwise, no one knows if it will cause any bad problems, and it is impossible to kill it here. The core power of [Fate] at this moment is to control and kill this clone , there is a certain probability that the remnants of [Fate] will pour out, eventually polluting this world.

The black-haired Taoist lowered his eyes, and the sword in his hand slowly returned to the scabbard.

The sound of Jianming became clearer and longer.

Then he was still sitting on the bluestone, looking at the sea of ​​clouds that had returned to its original appearance. With a sweep of his sleeves, golden streaks of karma emerged in the void, emitting transparent flames. A lot of interference was pulled out by Wei Yuan in a causal way, and poured into the sleeve robe again.

When the void is shattered, the mountains and rocks are annihilated, and many other causes and effects disappear.

The Shandai naturally returned to its original appearance.

The short but massive battle just now seemed to be just a dream, and no one noticed it.

The black-haired Taoist reached out and picked up the bamboo pole next to him, and said calmly: "I will suppress him here for a thousand years, until our time, to prevent him from making other mistakes. See you later, Fu Yi."

The handsome **** in white lazily walked to Wei Yuan's side.

Then he stood behind him with his hands behind his back, his golden vertical pupils were like burning flames, he cast them down safely, looked at the sea of ​​clouds, and said: "Forget it, it's between you and me, it's between you and me, no matter what Also, you can't let [Fate] take advantage of it.

If there is a war between us, then it will be after your wedding.

Fu Yi lowered his eyes calmly and said:

I hope that Ah Wa can attend your wedding without the slightest worry.

At least, I hope to leave her with a happy memory.

Wei Yuan took the lead slightly.

I was speechless for a while.

Fu Yi shrugged, lazily said:

But no matter what, at least I am different from fate, and I don't intend to kill you.

Let's stop here for today's affairs, nephew, and see you in a thousand years.

A golden karma fell from the bamboo pole in the hands of the black-haired Taoist, and fell into the battle in the sea of ​​clouds. Seeing among the stars, Fu Yi alone suppressed the other four Taoists, Wei Yuan said: [Fate ]'s avatar and backhand, I will suppress it here, then this thing, you give it to Yuan Jun...

He tapped a streamer with his fingers and appeared in front of Fu Yi.

It was a long spear, which exuded a very strong evil spirit faintly. It was before Wei Yuan came to this era, or in other words, before Wei Yuan went to find Houtu and stepped into the dream of Houtu, Wei Yuanjun was worried about him. Among the weapons handed over to him, there is even a 90% vitality of Dao Fruit of Gengjin Dao in troubled times.

Fu Yi looked down at the long spear, tapped his fingers, and the sound was crisp, with a faint dragon chant.

The air mechanism inside has decreased by 70%, where is it gone?

Wei Yuan said flatly: In the dream of Houtu, the Western Emperor borrowed it to protect him, but I don't know where he is now.

Fu Yi pondered for a while, but still shook his head.

With a smooth push, the spear that contained the fruit of the turbulent age's golden transformation into evil spirits turned into a force like a swimming dragon, and returned directly to Wei Yuan's side, was swept away by the latter's sleeve robe, and was included in the sleeve, and Fu Yi shook his head again and again, and said: No, no, if I bring this thing back to her, she will definitely know that I have seen you, and will definitely pester me to ask questions.

Heck, I was raised in another era after all.

Bitter too, bitter too.

Wei Yuan raised his eyes: Will you answer when she asks?

Fu Yi laughed and said: How is this possible?

But since she was raised by me, she must know how to restrain me.

She asked me, even if I cried, I would not tell her.

But if she goes to grandma to cry, then I really can only be defeated

, what she wants to know, I have to say something, when the time comes, uncle will sell you but you can't blame me.

Fu Yi sighed again and again, and casually picked up the fruit on the table next to Wei Yuan and put it in his mouth.

So, I had to wrong her.

Wei Yuan frowned slightly.

Fu Yi patted Wei Yuan's shoulder with his palm that had eaten the fruit.

In fact, he rubbed the fruit juice on his Taoist robe, An Ran nodded and said: Don't worry, I will take care of the shaking of the foundation caused by the separation of the Taoist fruit.

Wei Yuan said: How do you plan to deal with it?

Fu Yi said plainly: If one Dao fruit is missing, just kill one picking the Dao fruit.

Which one does nephew like?

The black-haired Taoist replied flatly: Fighting in troubled times.

The man in white first: Good.

The Taoist lowered his eyes and suddenly said:

In another timeline, far in the future, I met you.

Or you in that era, you who existed independently.

He told me, 【Be careful of Fu Yi, stop Fu Yi】.

The atmosphere was a little depressed for a while, Fu Yi Next page! Current Page 1/Total 2 Pages

But as if he didn't notice it at all, he asked with a smile: So? Do you believe him or me?

The black-haired Taoist's eyes were gentle and clear, and he smiled and said:

I don't believe in any of them.

Then, 'Uncle, can you tell me, does the Heavenly Emperor really not know what you just said to fate?

Fu Yi was startled.

Fu Yi stretched out his fingers and pointed at Wei Yuan, and finally burst out laughing.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

you guess?

Taking a step forward, Fu Yi was already surrounded by countless winds whirling and whistling, falling under the cliff, in the sea of ​​clouds, and said loudly: "The evil gods of the heavens, karma is everywhere, at least until you come back, the order of the heavens and the earth will not change in the slightest. Yuan Jun and your jade will not be damaged in the slightest.

It doesn't matter if anyone wants to change.

Your uncle, I will shoot!

Before voluntarily jumping off the sea of ​​clouds, Fu Yi stepped on the face of [Fate] avatar very calmly, and crushed it calmly. Only then was he satisfied, and Yu Si laughed and left.

Not a moment after Fu Yi left, there was the sound of deliberately amplified footsteps.

Just now Zhang Sanfeng vaguely sensed the change in breath, and he walked up the mountain holding a real martial arts sword. But seeing no one else, nor the enemy and battle that I faintly perceive, only the teacher is fishing in the sea of ​​clouds by himself, and his demeanor becomes more distant and indifferent.

Like a ray of wind above the nine heavens.

It seems that because there is no existence in this world that can hold him back, he just showed his side.

It was said earlier that the man in the green shirt who was an old friend who came to visit friends seemed to be very drunk, lying there sprawled there, unconscious, Zhang Sanfeng looked away, cupped his hands and said: Teacher, The disciple just now had a faint feeling, I don't know...

The black-haired Taoist lowered his eyes, looked at the battlefield after the millennium, and said flatly: It's okay.

Shan and Jingming have nothing to do.

Zhang Sanfeng hesitated.


From his previous induction, it should be earth-shattering, time collapsed, as if there was an inconceivable strong man, who transcended fate and time, and fought here in a way that shocked all beings with fear, that was enough to annihilate three thousand worlds Waves, UU reading smash the earth, the mighty power of the river flowing backwards!

But, the teacher said--

Shan and Jingming have nothing to do.

That is no chores.

So Zhang Sanfeng's mind was at peace, and he should do it.

And Wei Yuan looked down at the battlefield thousands of years later.

Watching Fu Yi fulfill the promise of the robe.

However, it has been shown before that the battlefield where Zhang Ruosu is fighting, with one against four, and even still suppressing Gonggong, has no support for truth and falsehood, has suddenly undergone extremely drastic changes.

Transformation, the terrifying vitality reaction and the wave of law are almost - instantly pulled to the limit.

Even beyond the limit of the limit!

The four people who thought they had found Fu Yi's flaws and gaps and shot together almost instantly changed their expressions, and then restrained their attacks and retreated.

Fu Yi stopped, instead of chasing and killing him immediately, he stood on the spot with his right hand behind his back, his demeanor suddenly became deep and terrifying, he punched back the four people in front of him, he looked up at the unfathomable distance, Then she smiled slightly, and said in a flat voice: Fulfilling the promise, this is the first step.

And look good.

Step forward.

Take the shot, the torrent of vitality is no longer as 'peaceful' as it was just now

Instead, it finally showed its incomparable sharpness, like the raging waves, like nine heavens collapsing together, drowning forward in an instant.

And the troubled world fight that was going to attack the Emperor Wa had already sensed that something was wrong, so he took a step back secretly, and retreated to the rearmost position of the four of them, but at this moment his body stiffened suddenly, his limbs were cold, and he finally felt it. of fear!

Incomparable killer!

Fu Yi's revenge is coming.

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