Museum of Demons - v3 Chapter 1275 Emperor Wa enters the stage

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At that moment, Chaotic Dou Zhan only felt an unparalleled murderous intent emerge from the bottom of his heart.

And this murderous aura became incomparably turbulent and inflated in the next instant.

It is obvious that the four Dao Guo are facing Fu Yi in front of them together, and it is obvious that the surging aura is aimed at everyone, but there is a very strong intuition in the troubled world - that is to face Fu Yi. Come by yourself, everything else is just a disguise.

The vitality in front of Fu Yi was suppressed downward.

Give them a feeling of groggy, drowsy, drowsy, out of sight!

But in this gloom, there are two golden lights that pierced through the countless darkness and reflected in the eyes of Dou Zhan in the troubled world, like two clusters of burning flames, which will be burned by the heart in just an instant. Fear ignites directly.

It's coming for me!

It's coming for me!

Everything before was just a disguise, acting!

It's fake, it's all fake!

The stick woven and gathered by thousands of stars in You Fuyi's hands almost collapsed at the same moment, and the complete star fragments left many scars on You Fuyi's body in an instant, making him Fu Yi paused.

Kang Mei lowered his eyes and said lightly: "Yes, it's just a matter of convenience.

Suddenly, I thought of a sentence that the water ghost outside the museum said to the Kunlun water gods when passing by: "Huh?! He asked what river **** you are? That's missing.

A rift was torn between heaven and earth.

But it didn't turn into armor, it turned into a defense shrouded in a body full of scars.

"You were negligent.

Zhu Siyin lowered his eyes to understand, but did not make a move immediately, but a slight smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

Zhi Qi shook his left hand, and Gonggong's terrifying energy that attacked me one after another unexpectedly moved towards Gonggong's direction with a more rapid posture in the way of [yin and yang change, reverse all laws], making Gonggong His complexion changed suddenly, allowing his body to be under control, and he moved forward an extremely long distance in an instant.

He is Gandhi looking at this woman who interrupts his revenge.

Under it stood a woman in a gray robe.

Zhi Qi's voice was wonderful: "Swallowing Dao fruit? A stupid move."

"We can solve it together today."

Starlight gathered together.

It’s not such a thing, how dare you pretend to be you?!

"You can't keep getting weaker, and he will always be bound by this so-called blessing. His weakest state is just not comparable to your past strength, and you, you will always stand still, he This so-called blessing is nothing but a curse.”

There was a leak in the air mechanism that surrounded him, and the pupils shrank violently.

But before the whole body was clear, the faintly transparent faint blue dragon of the four darkness appeared urgently.

There was severe pain on the side, which made the consciousness of the victim a little slack.

Instead, it turned back into a stick.

"Let's spare his life today, let you see if he is not qualified to bring you some new fun."

A spear went towards Zhi Qi.

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The arrogance soared violently, and the left hand stretched out, and it turned out to be covering the deity of Chaoshi Dou Zhan and You Fuyi at the same time. War is my goal.

That sentence was almost as special as Hong Zhong and Xiao Lu, and it exploded in my ears and went straight to the bottom of my heart.

"Candles illuminate the dragons of the surrounding world, the power of time."

After all, he turned his eyes away from Fu Yi's vital body.

"Emperor Wa's accident in Longhu Mountain is not the responsibility of the veteran, so he took action, right?"

That's why you absolutely can't get rid of You Fuyi just now, and you will definitely be locked in by me! Then he understates and advances half a step.

Domineering, weak, overwhelming everything, Yin and Yang at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty!

"Because of Wei Yuan."

Zhang Ruosu's mouth twitched.

"Brother, what is he doing?"

When did the power of the stars disappear?!

There are waves of his own, just standing with his hands behind his back, and said lightly:

Zhang Ruosu's forehead twitched.

Why do you, such a powerful beast, want to participate in that level of battle.

And before it emerged, this kind of love from the bottom of my heart.

Zhi Qi sneered, "I'm just being selfish."

"Ahwa's incident back then, Gonggong, your incident is over."

The end of time gradually flows, the vastness and majesty, the sense of change over time, accompanied by a feeling of being "watched" appears there.

At the last moment, Zhi Qi's yin and yang seven energies were in his hands, wonderfully backwards, and Lei Lu hadn't been crushed yet.

Then there was no clear and pleasant voice, but the voice that suppressed the anger sounded hastily:

The woman in white stretched out her hand in an understatement, and held the spear in her hand just right.

Zhang Ruosu let out a long breath, cupped his hands and said, "Thank you, junior, for your guidance."

[Gong Gong] The long spear in the palm turned into a dragon, with thousands of vigor above the oppression of Zhi Qi, and finally took a step back, first simplifying to complicate, and finally turning all methods into one, completely turned the momentum into agglomeration and penetrated The strength of the company has enabled the accumulation and foundation of thousands of years to take a key step.

Layers of fear piled up to the limit almost instantly, and at the next moment, the psychological defense line of the troubled world was crushed. Zhang Ruosu, Gonggong, and Wuzhiqi were doing their best to resist the increasingly turbulent storm ahead. When he was murdering, he suddenly heard a scream.

"Do not kill me!"

Its seemingly impenetrable penetrating energy is also known as the cycle of yin and yang, which is resolved layer by layer on top of the entanglement of changes, and finally dies, but in it, it is just a stream of wind , causing Zhi Qi's sleeve robe to rise and fall slightly.

The seven yin and yang energies bursting up suddenly turned into a roar that swept across the galaxy.

"And it never ends."

Just as he was about to make a move, suddenly layers of ripples appeared in the void here. Zhi Qi’s Yin-Yang realm still existed, and still deconstructed the rules of that world, but it was not at all the same as the Scarlet Thunder of the Chaotic World, and the Qingzi Taoist Heavenly Thunder. Qiqi exploded, and in the cosmic starry sky, arcs of blood-colored deep, or dark and noble arcs were outlined, which involved and turned into small seas of thunder and fire covering the cosmic galaxy, domineering and mysterious.

"My old friend, has he also come to you for the past?"

Tears are about to burst.

Zhi Qi withdrew his left hand, raised his eyes and said wonderfully: "Open your eyes for day, close your eyes for night."

Leave the body of the past, improve the realm, and approach the Tao fruit.

"What he possesses is just your lower limit."

The momentum of the gun, which condensed the momentum of thousands of changes in water flow, has not been stopped in a short time.

What kind of monsters are those in the human world!

I feel that that guy seems to be more difficult to stimulate the heart than Wei Yuan.

You Fuyi let out a small laugh, and fought against the Chaotic Fighter again, but that time, Gong Gong and others could tell that You Fuyi was almost completely suppressing the opposite Chaotic Fighter, as if he was supporting Qi. With the oppressive force, on the burning heart of willingness, once again in the desperate situation, I took another step back.

"He has no qualifications, let me give advice? Get lost!"

A trace of surprise flashed in Zhi Qi's eyes.

"Another step weaker?"

"And these are your upper limit."

And under Zhu Siyin's mount, there was not a white-haired man with a neutral and ugly face, who seemed to be scared, shivering, his eyes were red, and there were two small bags of tears in his mouth, but also because of the fear and the beauty The tearful gesture became more and more moving.

Xuanyuan, save you!!!

Chaotic Dou Zhan sensed this terrifying arrogance, and he dared to turn his head back as if he was insane. Feeling a pain in the front of my back, Star

The sticks gathered by the light haven't been hit hard yet.

Overlooking all the weak enemies in the dust, they are all dust on the feet and bones in the palm.

Zhi Qi lowered his eyes, paused for a moment before looking away from the neutral and ugly creature.

Immediately lowering his eyes, he was silent for a while.

Step back.

"After all, the Milky Way is also a river."

"The fruit of the Dao is the end of my journey."

"He puts the comprehension of others behind his own, and claims to be a Taoist with no face. You ask him, [you] are already there, who is the one who cultivated it?"

Standing with hands behind their backs, hair tied with wooden hairpins, the temperament is distant and indifferent.

You Fuyi's strength is exactly the same as Bei's.

Immediately, Kang Mei, the enemy in the rear, was abandoned, Xiao Bu rushed towards the fleeing Chaotic Dou Zhan, and he shook his left hand. At this moment, under the sky, energy flowed, faintly and weakly pulling the stars and everything gathered in the palm of his hand In the middle, because Zhi Qi covered up the outer law, the outer stars escaped from the hands of the Heavenly Emperor for a short time.

So I feel that I will be sweating all over my body.

Faintly, it is no longer possible to see the direction of the first step of the Dao fruit level.

Zhi Qiyihui took the lead, and immediately glanced at You Fuyi, who broke free from the core of the stars, Zhang Ruosu, who was surrounded by thunder, and Gonggong, who was holding a spear and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and came on the dragon, dabbling in the years. Candle Siyin, watching us surround ourselves.

The whole body is clear and bright, which is achieved by the weaving and gathering of countless starlights. It is vast and magnificent. It seems that there is no limitless power to swell with just a wave, showing the teeth of the ape, and rushing towards this troubled world. The arrogance is extremely powerful. vulnerable.

Fuck, you want to come, you want to come!”

Spare him today.

"Even if he is weaker by Baibu, Qianbu is still your opponent."

The voice became indifferent: "Have you forgotten, this seat is still there?"

Kang Meifei's pupils contracted, as if waking up and turning his head.


The three were astonished.

Can't hold the Jade Emperor's Talisman, control the clear and turbid thunder, and the arrogance that is the weakest shoulder to shoulder dissipates as soon as it goes up.

The old Taoist smiled wryly, and sighed:

Zhi Qi's sleeves were slightly rolled up, his eyes were respectful and indifferent, and his palms were pressed upwards slightly.

Zhi Qi's face froze.

Fu Yi's blue veins took the blame, even if he hadn't been driven into the star core, he still roared angrily when he heard the words, wishing he had to smash the stars, picked up all the stars, and smashed viciously at the top of Zhi Qi's head behind his eyes , but was bound up by the chains formed by the seven yin and yang qi.

"It's okay, you can't go down together, or in other words, whoever has no enmity with you in the clear and turbid worlds can't come, I'm waiting for them."

Kang Mei knew how to ridicule.

"Either live, or die."

You Fuyi came step by step into the void, and said with a small smile: "It's ridiculous, it's ridiculous, can he only show that level with the same power as you?"

Is his mother the River God of Huai River, Lord Shui?

"You! Don't kill me!"

"His power, [knowledge]'s ability to know everything, really can't do that."

It is the dragon that illuminates the surrounding world with candles.

Pressed under Zhang Ruosu's shoulder, causing the old Taoist's pupils to shrink.

Even Gonggong, the water god, was pale at the moment, and opened his mouth to spit out golden blood, but he made a sound, but his eyes were fixed on Kang Mei, which seemed to be burning with flames.

Youkang Mei was startled.

"You said how he broke the seal of your years."

"He understands, fake."

"how is this possible?!"

[You] are already there, who is the one who cultivated it?

Better at mocking.


Kang Mei said lightly: "Zhuo Lei died by fate, and Qing Lei died by my dark hands. They are both wastes. If the paths of the two wastes come together, they are even more wastes among wastes! Who will he die at? "

"Not long back."

At the last moment, Zhi Qi hadn't appeared behind Zhang Ruosu.

It is possible, with Fu Yi's strength, it is possible to break through that defense!

Clasp the seven fingers together and press upwards.

That's right.

Zhang Ruosu froze.

"A curse that must be defeated!"

crashed into the core of a star. UU reading

Immediately in his consciousness, he glanced at the one who was exactly the same as Wu Zhiqi, with the same temperament, the same appearance, and even the same aura [Dou Zhan] There was an expression of extreme fear and panic on his face, and it was Gu The enemies in the rear turned around and ran away on the spot.

"It's trash."

And there is fear, and there is no so-called heroism, just wonderful.

You Fuyi was pressed down heavily.

Yes Yes…

It's Bai Ze.

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