My Attributes Cultivation Life - Chapter 577 577 Abyss One

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   Vaguely, Zhang Rongfang could still see wisps of mist floating slowly in the surrounding air.

  White mist, like wisps of spider webs, is the same color as suspicious clouds and mist.

  He took a deep breath, and barely felt that all the wounds on his body had healed, and there were no more **** holes, so he slowly stood up.

  「Want a girl?」

no respond.

"Blood God?"

  「Great spiritual desire?」

  He tried to contact the remnant gods on his body one by one.

   But neither answered.

"Yes, although they do have a connection with me, but...they essentially exist in their own emptiness, not in my body. It is only because they give more attention to me that I can Things like blood lotus will happen.”

  Zhang Rongfang had more contact with Bailin, and gradually became familiar with the existence of gods and Buddhas.

   At this time, I quickly found the answer in my heart.

   "It seems... I can only rely on myself..." He exhaled, and his body shrank rapidly, returning to a height of more than 1.8 meters.

  What is needed in such an unknown environment is to reduce movement and then explore slowly. If it is too tall, it will increase the noise, which is not conducive to concealment.

   With a bang, he stood up.

  Zhang Rongfang looked to the left.

  In the tall and empty metal passageway, there are black spots like oil stains on the wall, and there are words in the lock text that he is familiar with in the corner.

   He only knew a small number of them.

  Under low-light vision, although the distance is far and the light is insufficient, he can still see the contents above clearly.

   "Tai-has a soul, and its name is-Yuan."

   Some characters in the middle have been blurred, as if they have experienced too much wear and tear.


  Zhang Rongfang tentatively raised his hand and touched it to the left.


  A layer of invisible blocking power is like a thin glass, which is gently broken by a finger.

  Zhang Rongfang was stunned for a moment, the position that he couldn't enter before, but now...? He raised his hands again and touched them to the left.

   This time, nothing was touched.

   Then, he moved his hand to the air on the right side, but also didn't touch anything.

  Standing in place, paused, Zhang Rongfang took a few deep breaths to make sure that there was breathable air here. Only then took a deep look around.

   "Perhaps, the reason why I can't return to reality is because the Mo Sang Taixu just now was destroyed."

  「The disintegration of Mo Sang Taixu may have given me some special qualifications, or it may have changed a certain switch here... But no matter what, if I want to return to reality, I have to stay where I am.」

  He looked at both sides and decided to go to the left first.

   Lifting his foot, Zhang Rongfang tentatively took a step to the left.

  The soles of the feet stepped on the floor of the metal passage, and the feedback was cold and hard.

   It is determined that it will not collapse.

  He continued, step by step along the left side of the passage, walking forward.



  Subtle footsteps echoed unavoidably in such a silent environment.

  Suddenly, he turned his head sharply and looked towards the door he left.

  The place is completely empty, only gray-black metal passage walls.

  The door is missing?


  Zhang Rongfang's heart trembled, and he took only a few steps before a change occurred.

   But now there is no turning back.

   Turning his head back, he made up his mind and continued to move forward, walking slowly.

   Soon ten meters, one hundred meters.

   A semi-circular exit appears ahead.

  Outside the exit, a bright gray-white shimmer shone in faintly, printing a dividing line on the passageway floor.

  The sound of whining wind came from the outside, and the temperature was getting lower and lower, getting colder and colder.

  Zhang Rongfang is strong and strong, but he didn't care, but continued to move forward.

   Soon, he stepped out of the metal passage.

   At the moment of crossing that dividing line, the vision suddenly opened up.

  On the left of the passage exit, there is a dark and steep rocky mountain wall.

  Zhang Rongfang raised his head and looked up, but he couldn't see the side.

  At the end of the field of vision is a subtle gray light, constantly releasing the only light here.

  On the left side is a gray-black mountain wall.

  He lowered his head, reached out and touched the mountain wall on the left.

  The stone is hard and cold.

   Then the right side.

  Zhang Rongfang looked to the right.

   On the far right side of the passage, there is a steep stone wall that is also gray and black.

  Looking from a distance, the opposite stone wall is at least a few thousand meters away, maybe even further.

not measurable.

  He pondered for a while, then raised his feet and walked towards the opposite stone wall.




  Suddenly, Zhang Rongfang stopped.

   He looked down.

  The metal ground under his feet has come to an end.

   One step ahead, there is a dark and boundless abyss. Here, it seems to be a canyon abyss.

  Zhang Rongfang stood on the edge of the passage, looking down.

   There is only darkness below.

  The two mountain walls extend straight down into the endless darkness until they can no longer be seen clearly.

  At this time, he realized that the metal passage he was in was actually a short passage embedded in the mountain wall.

   It's as if someone cut out a section of the water pipe and embedded it in the cliff wall.

  「This place...where is it?」

  Zhang Rongfang returned to the left side close to the mountain wall, and carefully checked whether there were any clues on the mountain wall that had not been discovered.

  But after groping, there was no trace of the short mountain wall that was only one meter long outside the passage.

   Soon, he returned to the mountain wall and patted the mountain wall for hardness.

   "It seems that we have to use some extreme measures."

   After thinking for a while, Zhang Rongfang suddenly stretched out his right index finger, and tapped lightly on the metal surface on the ground.

   Suddenly there was a blood spot on the ground.

   Then, he started going around bleeding spots around.

  His blood cells can survive outside the body for a long time, and with the blood tracking ability, it can be used for positioning at this time.

   Soon, after marking a blood spot at the entrance of the passage, Zhang Rongfang took a deep breath, returned to the mountain wall, and stabbed his finger suddenly.


  The fingertips did not leave any marks on the mountain wall, but they just slid to the side, bringing out a stream of yellow sparks.

  「Very should be fine.」

  He pointed out his hands like lightning, and pressed on a steep protrusion on the mountain wall, borrowing his strength.


  Others have quickly climbed towards the top.

   Looking from a distance, it looks like a big dark red gecko, climbing up quickly.

   Soon, the passage below was submerged in a faint mist, making it impossible to see clearly.


  Zhang Rongfang did not stop, and kept going up


   One hundred meters, two hundred meters, three hundred meters.

  The top is still gray and white.

  He paused and looked down. It was pitch black below, and the shadow of the metal passage could no longer be seen.

  Heaved a sigh of relief, Zhang Rongfang speeded up and continued to climb.

  Although he couldn't pierce the mountain wall, he could use his delicate and diligent manipulation to take advantage of any little bump on the rock wall, and then go up quickly.

   Time passed by every minute.

   I don't know how long it has passed and how high I have climbed.

  Finally, Zhang Rongfang found an identical metal passage on the upper right side.

  He looked through the mist, and could only see that the passage was embedded in the stone wall abruptly, alone, without any connection between the top and bottom.

   Feeling relieved, he quickly turned and crawled over there.

   Soon, he was getting closer and closer to the passage, getting closer.


   With a leap, he landed on the ground of the tunnel with precision, and landed in a half-squat.


   After taking a long breath, Zhang Rongfang stood up and looked around. This is different from the passage just now.

  The surrounding metal walls are engraved with various characters everywhere. Many of them were Suowen who Zhang Rongfang knew.

  Seeing Suo Wen, he immediately lifted his spirits.

   "It seems that this lock text is far more than just used for sacrifices..."

  He didn't go into the passage immediately, but started to **** along the metal wall to identify Suowen.

  Different from the last passage of Sangshen just now, this passage looks newer, and the metallic luster is also slightly brighter.

  The lock letters and other symbols on the wall are also updated a bit.

  He recognized along the wall little by little.

   I can't remember how many years...I'm going crazy...I don't know if anyone has come here...What the **** is this place? Why am I here! ? "

  「Very hungry...」

  Is this my final punishment? why…"

  「Die...hahahaha, go to hell!」

  The paragraphs of words left behind slowly made Zhang Rongfang's heart heavy.

  On the metal wall here, there are messages left by some desperate people.

   "It seems... there is no way out here."

  He raised his head and looked deep into the passage.

   "But God Mo Sang can have a Taixu Gate on his side, and there might be one here too."

  Thinking of this, Zhang Rongfang speeded up, moving his body lightly against the wall.

   I am afraid that the ground under my feet will suddenly fall.

   It is better to be careful in everything, after all, no one knows what is going on here.

  Zhang Rongfang has been bending hundreds of meters into the tunnel.

   Soon, the same silver-white metal gate appeared in front of him.

  He was overjoyed, and approached the past, and walked to the door.

  But soon, when he saw the door, the joy on his face quickly faded.

   Instead, there was a trace of solemnity.

  This metal door is only three meters high.

  Although the surface is also silvery white, it is not as smooth as a mirror like the Taixu Gate of God Mo Sang.

   On the contrary, the surface of the door leaf was covered with reddish rust, some places had begun to blister, and a little iron sheet had fallen off.

  The door handle is also covered with raised rust.

  The most important thing is that there is no pattern in the middle of the door.

  「If the patterns on the door represent the gods and Buddhas living inside, then there is no

  The pattern means that there are no gods and Buddhas in this door? "

  Zhang Rongfang stretched out his hand, gently held the handle, and twisted it tentatively.

   But unfortunately, the handle is as hard as the mountain wall, and there is no sign of shaking.

  He tried to push forward again, but the door was still motionless.

   It's just that the rust on the surface was knocked off the ground with a lot of force.


  Suddenly, Zhang Rongfang coughed lightly, and found that on the lower right corner of the door where the rust had fallen off, there was a line of small characters gradually emerging.

  The small characters just now were obviously blocked by the light red rust, so I couldn't find it.

   Looking at it now, this line of writing is deeply engraved.

   Moreover, it is also written in Suowen that Zhang Rongfang knows.

  He lifted his spirits and immediately identified them carefully.



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