My Attributes Cultivation Life - Chapter 578 578 Abyss II

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  「Chen, Jun, Shen, are you here for a visit?」

  Zhang Rongfang read out the contents of the small print word by word.

  “…” He was speechless.

  The first person of Confucianism, did he also come here and leave behind such a line of unnutritious things?

  Zhang Rongfang thought for a while, and quickly wiped off all the rust on the entire door with his hands.

  Even if he was severely injured, the hardness of his skin was still far stronger than ordinary metal.

   At this time, just wipe it with your hand, and it will wipe off a large area like a rubber.

   Soon, he also found a line of small characters in the lower left corner.

   "Di Kun, come here for a visit."

  Di Kun?

  Zhang Rongfang frowned, isn't this the number one magic soldier in the world, the name of the powerful weapon in the hands of the emperor?

  He continued to search on the door, but found no new clues.

  But outside the door frame, on the gray-black metal wall, I found a new message.

   "Three days... There is no clue. If someone comes to Taiyuan like me, remember, don't go down. — Di Kun."

   There is another line below.

   "Okay, then I'm going up. - Chen Junchen."

   Come on, these two seem to be chatting.

  Zhang Rongfang was speechless.

   It seems that this suspected first person of Confucianism has a completely different personality and name.

  He continued to feel around the door frame.

   Soon, I found another message for him.

   "There is no food or drink here. I may not be able to last long. The gate of emptiness is closed. Where is the way forward? Isn't this really the legendary gate of longevity?"

  No name was left this time, and Zhang Rongfang also recognized Di Kun's handwriting.

   Then he looked down, and sure enough, there was another line.

   "The name of this place is Taiyuan, which is the place of eternal life recorded in ancient books. Brother, the ancient books say that this place is eternal life, not your eternal life.—Chen Junshen."

  Zhang Rongfang couldn't help but smile when he saw this.

  This Chen Junshen is a bit interesting.

  Following this line of messages, he found that on the passage wall on the other side of the door, he could vaguely see new messages at a glance.

  He fumbled slowly, identifying the past along the way.

   Soon there was another line of text.

   "Very hungry... so hungry..." is Di Kun's handwriting.

  The following is the corresponding message.

   "Fortunately, I brought something to eat, it's so delicious!—Chen Junchen."

  Zhang Rongfang shook his head slightly and continued to move forward.

  「I ate my own palm, and it seems to be fine after acupuncture to stop the bleeding. It should last for a while.」

   "Brother, I went up, it seems something is wrong, it's full of that kind of stuff,—Chen Junchen."

   That kind of thing?

  Zhang Rongfang frowned, and it seemed that Chen Junshen's relaxed attitude had begun to disappear.

  He followed the passage all the way and started the next message.

   "I can't hold it anymore... Maybe, I can only try to go down... There are too many things like that, only the passage can barely hide."

   "I probably know how to get out of here, and I also know where this place is... Taiyuan... It really lives up to its reputation."

  Chen Junshen did not leave his name this time, but the messages of the two can still be distinguished from the handwriting.

  Di Kun's scribbled and crooked, Chen Junshen's neat and powerful, with a touch of beauty.


   Obviously not a grade.


  Zhang Rongfang chewed the name carefully, and then continued to explore


   Soon he found a new message on the wall of the opposite passage.

  「Don’t touch it...Unfortunately, I understand it too late.」

   "Thank you, brother, you died so badly, I can only push you down, so take a step first."

   Still in a fixed format, with Di Kun on the top and Chen Junshen on the bottom.

  When I got here, I didn't have any other messages.

  Zhang Rongfang checked the rest of the passage, but found nothing new.

  The key points are obviously concentrated in the last message.

   "Don't touch it? What do you mean?" Zhang Rongfang frowned and stood there thinking before leaving a message.

  The brain that has been strengthened for a long time is also running fast at this time.

   Don't touch...

  The things that can be touched here are...

  Zhang Rongfang reacted instantly, and listed several guesses in his mind.

  He subconsciously glanced at the intuitive warning on the attribute bar, there was no warning there, obviously there was no danger threat here for the time being.

  「Let’s try one by one.」

   First, he chose the one with the highest probability.


  He jumped up suddenly and jumped out of the side Mi Gao


   Soon, he fell down again and hit the ground of the passage heavily.

no response.

  「Is it because of my blood?」

   Without saying a word, Zhang Rongfang quickly left the passage, took a deep breath, and climbed down the mountain wall quickly.

   Soon he followed the **** tracking ability, and easily returned to the previous channel of God Mo Sang.

   Quickly take back the blood spots in the passage.

  He returned to the middle of the metal passage, which was in front of the Taixu Gate of God Mo Sang before.

   This place is already empty, there is nothing.

   Without hesitation.

  Zhang Rongfang walked outside the passage and stood near the edge of the ground.

   Start the second test.

  He bent over, accumulating energy.


   There was another light sound, and the person had already jumped several meters into the air again.

   Don't touch it... Zhang Rongfang looked down.

  When he was at the highest stagnation point, he suddenly closed his eyes, and his mind became clear.


  He felt himself falling.

   One second.

  Three seconds.

  Five seconds.

   Ten seconds!

   Obviously, the height of his jump should have landed long ago, but this time, his feet didn't touch anything.

  He seemed to be falling, falling.

   I don't know how long it has passed.

  Suddenly a gust of wind blew on Zhang Rongfang's face.

  The wind carried the fragrance of green grass, a touch of dampness, and a hint of earthy smell.


  His feet finally hit the ground, but they felt soft to the touch.

  Opening his eyes, Zhang Rongfang was stunned.

  He is no longer on the abyss passage just now.

  The surrounding area is dark green, and everywhere you look, there are lush forests and traces of burnt scorched earth.

  Puff puff puff.

   Not far away, a fat black bird seemed to be frightened by him, and quickly flapped its wings and flew away.

"I am back!?"

  Zhang Rongfang carefully stepped on the soil under his feet to make sure that he had really returned to reality.

  This kind of real touch

   Feeling, made him feel more at ease than before.


  Suddenly, blurred waves spread from the blood lotus pattern on his back.

   "You are finally back!!" Bai Lin's voice sounded in his mind again.

  The tone was anxious, as if he breathed a sigh of relief.

   "What happened just now?" Zhang Rongfang asked in a deep voice.

"I should be asking you this question. Just now you suddenly cut off contact with me, and then my Taixu began to shrink rapidly. Until just now, the entire Taixu has only two-thirds of its original size! You If I don't come back, I'm going to die!!" Bai Scale was clearly terrified, and his tone was agitated.

   "Taixu shrinks..." Zhang Rongfang's heart moved.

  He thought for a while, no, he was hiding something, and directly told the situation just now.

  " Do you remember that there are empty passages on both sides of the gap? "

   "Of course I remember, what's wrong?" Bai Lin asked.

   "Just now, I followed the gap and went to the depths of the passage, and came to a large canyon abyss. Some people call it the Great Abyss."

  Zhang Rongfang didn't say who said it specifically, but he thinks the name should be the key. Maybe the well-informed and ancient Bailin should know something.

   "Taiyuan...!" Bai Lin was silent for a moment, then suddenly his voice became high-pitched, screaming.

   "You went there?! Are you crazy!?" She became more emotional.

   "Fortunately, you are fine! If you stay a little longer, I am afraid that we will all be dead in the future!"

  Zhang Rongfang was a little stunned, and he didn't expect Bai Lin to be so emotional.

  「Do you know where Taiyuan is?」

   "Of course I know! That not right! How could you go there? You shouldn't?!" Bai Lin suddenly voiced a strong doubt.

   "Tell me first, what exactly is Taiyuan? Let's find out the reason together." Zhang Rongfang asked seriously.

   " the place where countless people dream of, the place that countless people want to pursue. It is also the place where countless people fear and fear..." Bai Lin sighed.

   "So what exactly is there? What does it mean to be able to go in?" Zhang Rongfang asked in a deep voice.

  「There...if you are lucky, you can get unimaginable benefits, but if you are not lucky...」


  The surrounding area of ​​Daling, vice country—Ying Rong.

  The land of Yingrong is slightly larger than that of the United Kingdom, and there are four major provinces in it.

  The capital city is named Xu, located in the middle of the entire country.

  At this time, it is inside Xudu City.

  The top floor of a nine-story wooden tower.

  A tall old man in a luxurious blue robe was standing quietly in front of the fence of the terrace, looking at the bustling scenery of Xudu.

  The houses in the distance are like boxes, the flow of people is like ants, the cars and horses are like beans, and the smoke is everywhere.

   "How old is Yue Dewen?" the old man suddenly asked softly.

  Behind him, a man in a blue robe with long hair sitting cross-legged on a wooden couch, lowered his head slightly.

   "According to the time, it should have reached the point where Damir was dying." The long-haired blue robe replied solemnly.

   "He can still hold on, he's a man." The old man smiled mockingly.

   "It's a pity... From the very beginning, everything was already doomed when he dared to sit in that position. In the end, once this node is over for him, it should be the day for me to come forward and reap the harvest."

"I also thought that he wouldn't last long. According to calculations, he should have reached his limit half a year ago. Now he is just relying on pure will and various small means to procrastinate. The pain is like digging flesh and bones, even in extreme conditions, I’m afraid it won’t last long. But I didn’t expect... He not only survived for half a year, but also suppressed several gods for so long.” The long hair in the blue robe shook his head and sighed.



   "He is indeed an admirable opponent, whether it is scheming, strength, or will. Therefore, I also prepared the most grand fireworks for him." The blue-robed old man laughed.

   "What about the timing? Just wait like this?" the blue-robed leader asked.

   "Don't worry, his method is just a trick, and it won't last long." The old man shook his head, "Also, don't forget, there are still many little mice waiting."

  "Sir Saint Xun, what do you mean...?" The blue-robed long-haired man responded.

   "Reverse Time Club." The old man smiled, "The Yimeng was created by them. This group of little mice also want to wait until the end."

"Reverse Time Society, we have strangled them before, but their whereabouts are secretive, it is too difficult to find, they have been surrounded and killed many times, and they can always be escaped. Now this group of people should be tracking the two masters of Xizong Yuanshi." The blue robe replied.

   "Give them a chance." The old man narrowed his eyes, "Yue Dewen doesn't know what they are looking for."

   "Di Kun? I understand." The long-haired blue robe bowed his head.

   "Di Kun... At the beginning... It's a pity." A trace of pity and helplessness flashed in the old man's eyes.

   "If it hadn't been for falling in Taiyuan, perhaps the current Emperor Kun should have taken your place?" The long-haired blue robe also sighed.

   "We can still remember him, which means that he has never fallen. Maybe...he is still quietly living in a corner of this world." The old man said in a low voice.

  「After all...that is the ultimate place that even gods and Buddhas fear...the abyss of oblivion...」



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