My Classmate at Hogwarts is Voldemort - v2 Chapter 690 journal

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"Pitia, this may be the last time we meet."

In the green and quiet mountains, the pale stone pillars are dumped among the broken stone steps, the once gorgeous oil paint has long been removed, and the moss has multiplied on the relief sculptures that the stone pillars cannot be seen, dyeing the white marble into layers of mountains. The shades of green, which are as deep and shallow as the peaks, are like the fragmentary shadow of the sun shed by the gaps between the leaves of the pine forest in the distance, and fall mottledly on the grass, like an unfinished oil painting, and like a table of delicacy that is too late to taste.

Men hid their faces in the brim of their hats and raised collars, like the shady vampires that have become popular in folklore these days.

"I just came back from the UK, it's not easy, that big guy finally has his own ideas and left me, an old old fashioned man, to find himself."

The steps leading to the old site of the temple are only a small section of the top of the mountain, and they are also occupied by the intertwined vines. He finally found a fairly clean space and put a bunch of grapes beside him. In ancient Greece, the inhabitants of Delphi used to pay tribute to Apollo when they visited the temple.

"Long time no see, Mr. Riddle."

A woman's voice came from behind him. Tom didn't look back, just picked a grape and put it in his mouth.

The sour pulp filled the mouth with the broken skin, and his entire face was wrinkled together because of the acidity of the inverted teeth. When he opened his eyes again, everything around him had become the same as it was a thousand years ago, magnificent. The temple and the withered land, the immaculate steps and the prosperous city of Delphi in the distance.

"Why don't you do this," said Tom, waving his hand. "You see, after the Greeks left, this place has become beautiful again."


The priestess in a white dress walked down the steps with a cane, raised her skirt and sat beside Tom, her waist-length hair spread out on the stone steps, like the intertwined roots of an ancient tree in the forest.

"Unfortunately, I can't see it, but I still remember the appearance of the temple when it was not yet under construction. The forest is dense, the birds are singing and the flowers are fragrant. I think it is no different from what you said after the humans left."

She picked up a grape, carefully peeled off the skin, and threw it into her slightly open mouth. There was no wavering on her aging face, and she really looked like a goddess who received an apocalypse.

"I can feel that Haierbo's remaining power is weakening little by little," Pitia looked at Tom's profile and asked softly, "But why, five hundred years ago, after you last looked for me, this kind of Change stops."

"So you still remember," Tom sneered under his standing collar. "There's no need to remember so clearly. I remember that I was scolding you last time I came here."

"You deserve to scold me as many times as you want, and since the day our era ended, you've been the only visitor left here," Pitia said, staring at Tom's unwavering eyes, " So can you tell me why?"

"Because I'm tired."

Tom answered without hesitation.

"You don't look like someone who gets tired."

"Aha," Tom smiled perfunctorily, "you found it all, I just realized a problem."

"If you completely eliminate him now, who will be the supporting role to complete the adventures you are destined to happen in the future?"

"The future has changed enough, and I also hope that Haierbo can also taste the pain of a thousand years of captivity. It's better to multiply it by thirteen. Isn't this his favorite number? He seems powerful, but he is more powerful than anyone else. Weak, because he has long since lost himself," Tom pointed to his chest, "and I already have the confidence to win, waiting for the moment he returns to the world, he knows his own death better than anyone else, But I have to count the days with my fingers and endure two thousand years, this feeling, just imagining it, is enough to make me feel comfortable."

Tom said it lightly, but the expression of the priestess around him became heavy because of this. She looked at Tom's appearance. Ten years after the war, when she heard the news of a dark wizard making a scene in Alexandria, she rushed there. , In the memory of witnesses, he saw the exact same face as the man beside him. After so many years, he was still full of vitality and energy.

Tom's dress has changed a lot with the times. Every time he walks in the forefront of fashion, the only constant is that the soft felt hat on his head is still as bright as new.

"Your hat..."

"Oh, it's not my hat," Tom took it off and held it on his chest. "To fix this hat, I went to learn needlework. You see, it's the same as before."

"It reminds me of a ship, a ship that keeps changing parts and ends up being completely different than it used to be," Pitia asked softly. "Do you know it?"

"I know," Tom nodded. "I finally understand why Gnar set himself such a ridiculous goal."


"Because it's long enough, difficult enough, that it can help me spend a long time that you can't imagine."

Tom changed his position and lay on the stone steps, surrounded by Tengman swinging his body, before he lay down, the steps were covered, cushioned on the sharp edges and corners, like a reclining chair.

"Unlike ghosts with the same longevity, I don't have to be confined to a certain place, not to mention that there is no homeland enough to carry my memories, so I have been to many places over the years."

"I have witnessed the evolution of civilization from ignorance to enlightenment. The different weapons used by European wizards in their isolated histories have also been discarded and replaced with more convenient and easy-to-use wands."

"I saw the dynasties in the east expand their territory in successive conquests, and finally formed a great and unified country. I also saw the Great Wall that Gnar mentioned to me, but even if it was taken over A whole line is far less grand and long than he described to me."

"I saw that they took the lead in accomplishing something that Europeans could not accomplish in a hundred years. Everyone speaks the same language and writes the same text. The vision I once boasted to Haierbo unfolded in the distance."

"I thought that there would be no more barriers in people's communication, and his ideal world would be born."

Tom sighed and shook his head, as if he was talking about a problem that even a wise man who has spent thousands of years could not solve.

"I'm curious, what exactly is his dream?" Pitiya asked curiously, "Is the world peaceful?"

"As a prophet, do you also think that world peace is a fantasy? No, but it's not too much," Tom smiled. "He wants to build a world where wizards and Muggles live in harmony, and everyone can get it. The offering of magic, the convenience of enjoying magic, and the express train of magic."

"You've seen so much, but what have you done?"

"I sprinkled the seeds of magic in every corner of the world," Tom said. "The world is so big that most people will never leave the city where he was born in their lives. They can only know by the words of far-flung travelers except them. The stories of people in other parts of the world outside my homeland, but the world is very small, if you have enough time, it is enough to travel to every corner of the world, and it happens that the most I lack is time."

Pitia raised his head, looked at Delphi under his feet, and sighed: "It's really desirable..."

"I've spent seven years in every inhabited place, exactly as long as it takes a Hogwarts student to learn magic," Tom said. "Everywhere I go, I'm the first to look for local wizards who are passionate about education. , to help them train the next generation, you may not know, in fact, my profession is a teacher... Although I have not had time to report, I was left here. "

"They must be very lucky to meet such an excellent teacher as you."

"Really? But they all got bad grades on their exams," Tom shrugged, "but I did teach something useful, and maybe when Hyerbo returns in the twentieth century, he'll be met by wizards who are gearing up for it. With the magic that is still developing to a level he can't imagine, he won't be able to find the north."

"But what does this have to do with Nelson's ideal world?"

"After leaving Europe, the first place I arrived was Africa in the south, where the wizards were very... terrifying," he thought for a while before thinking of a slightly more appropriate term, "the Muggles there live like primitive people. The unique natural environment allows them to obtain sufficient food and basic resources without labor. In some places, they even live a life of hunting with stone tools and drinking blood, but the wizards there seem to live in another world. After people show their abilities, they will be found by wizards and enter their own paradise, the kingdom of gods on earth. They have a long culture, and everyone is a civilized person no less than European wizards. They recite epics with gorgeous words. , taste the exquisitely cooked delicacies, study the magic that helps people enjoy life, and put aside some eccentric customs, in a sense, their civilization level is even higher than that of European wizards, just from being the same Once the 'true kindred' of wizards is found, they will draw a line from their former ethnic group and completely disappear from their homeland. Wizards and Muggles are completely separated, and even our commonplace slavery and oppression do not exist."

"They're like gods in the sky, they don't care what happens on the ground." Pitia nodded and helped Tom finish the summary. "And then? What did you do?"

"I helped them improve some of their magic. Maybe the gift of nature is too generous. They are a little lazy, and they don't even bother to use a magic wand." Tom took out a heavy notebook and rummaged through the corresponding content. The vague memory gradually It became clear, "I tried to get these wizards who had broken away from the Muggle tribe to return to their tribe and help their homeland develop. I thought this would plant a seed of fusion for them, but when two hundred years Later, the wizards I came into contact with died, and when I got back there, I saw them again very quickly."

"Did they live two hundred years later?"

"No, I saw them in the temple," Tom shook his head, "these people didn't bring any change to their homeland, maybe they tried hard at first, but when time washed away some dust, they stayed there Yes, only the statues of them are left as their own tribal gods. I have to say, this is too ironic, they have changed from people in the kingdom of gods to gods in the kingdom of humans."


"I went to the East again, and the place where I first landed was the nomads who were at war with the southerners."

Tom flicked through the notes, which may have been more aptly called a "diary," but when the diary writer's experience was rich enough, it could also be called a history book.

"I can't tell who the Orientals are, I'm not as interested in history as Gnar, I can only guess blindly, but then they were beaten in half and I was really wrong," Tom said. He recalled, "I'm a shaman on the prairie... or something else? Damn it, I've written all about shamans here, so I should distinguish it in advance."

Tom turned back a few pages and quickly gave up thinking.

"I haven't given up my old job of teaching and educating people. I have tried other methods, and I have tried to guide them to integrate into Muggle society. Fortunately, no matter in the north or south of the East, the relationship between wizards and Muggles is always very close, and there are also There is no stupid religion or anything like that, maybe because of the early relationship between the unified dynasty, their society is very complete, the hierarchy and function are very clear," Tom lamented, "the users of magic are also related to The wizards we know are completely different. I don’t need to point fingers at their magic anymore, because I’m not very familiar with them. While improving the magic spell, I asked the educators of that era to accept students from different races, regions, and classes. They The dynasty and the surrounding ethnic groups have always been in constant friction, maybe this will help them ease the friction to a certain Later..."

This Delphi film based on memories has always maintained its best sunny moment. Tom slowly told about his experiences over the years. Pitia sat beside him and listened quietly. She understood that Tom had long been gone. Then there is the confused person who needs the guidance of the prophet, and he only needs to play the role of a good listener.

Tom himself does not know how long he has said, the sun in the sky is always hanging high in the same position, and his perception of time is also different from ordinary people, so that when he feels dry, and during the intermission, he finds his legs Sitting numb already.

"Actually, you don't have to confine yourself to your destiny. Your struggle has already ended," he glanced at Pitia. Under the sun's rays, the body under the priestess's translucent veil was also penetrated by the sunlight. Like a shadow imprinted in the glass, he rubbed his sore calf and said, "Look, what I should have scolded was finished a long time ago."

"It doesn't matter," Pitiya's shadow shook his head, "What you see is only the prophecy I left before, I just predicted the meeting with you, and made a relative feedback, seriously, this time It's a lot easier because I just have to listen and tell you what I found out."

"You say yes, then it is." Tom shrugged, "I don't care anyway."

"Aren't you curious what I'm trying to tell you?"

"There's nothing to get me curious about now."

"That's not necessarily true." Pitia blinked. "I also left some things for you. If you came earlier, you would have seen them earlier."

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