My Past Life Simulator - Chapter 388 387 [One-sided beating]

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   A punch with all his strength hit the tiger's jaw.

  He Zhao could clearly see the huge head like a tiger, and the right side of his face sank sharply.


   A crisp cracking sound sounded, and dozens of sharp teeth the size of an ordinary person's thumb flew out from the beast's mouth.

   Then, with its huge size, the whole beast swirled and flew horizontally, smashing the cage with a bang, rolling frantically on the ground, knocking over countless obstacles along the way.

  Don't say that the injury has not yet fully recovered, even if it is a thunderstorm in its heyday, it is still uncomfortable, let alone at this moment.

   The evil beast was dizzy and dizzy, so he could only stand up and stand up, trying to resist.

  Unfortunately, it's like drinking fake wine, its body is swaying, and it can't stabilize.


   As early as he flew out of the cage, the ruthless man moved his feet and caught up like a shadow.

   Taking advantage of the instability of the beast, a pair of iron fists slammed down one after another, and came up with a combined punch, which made the opponent retreat again and again. With every punch, it must be accompanied by several sharp teeth flying out.

  Therefore, a continuous bang sounded in the [Animal House].

  Some members of the disciplined team who were on duty at night heard the abnormal noise and hurriedly pushed the door and came out, wanting to check, who is ignorant and dare to come here to be presumptuous.

   As a result, when they saw a shirtless sturdy man, he threw a heavy hand on a strange beast, and his fists did not leave his face. Subconsciously, he rushed back, closed the doors and windows, and pretended that I didn't know what was going on.

   "Bang!" "Bang!" "Bang!"

   He hit the evil beast all the way from the [Beast House] to the central area. Then from the central area, all the way to the edge wall. In short, hit a pair of wear.


   With the last punch, the evil beast, like a spinning top, drew a perfect arc in the air and fell ruthlessly.

   "Doesn't your strength feel good?"


  The strength of the beast was not at its peak. Being injured made him a monster. He seized the opportunity to strike a stormy combo, and it didn't catch a breath in the middle.

   "It's quite resistant to beatings. It breaks your teeth and doesn't spit out a mouthful of blood. Isn't it a little disrespectful to me?" The surnamed He looked at the big tiger in the pit not far away, and muttered in his mouth.

   He stepped forward, only to see the beast's limbs facing the sky, with a blurred look in his eyes, obviously bewildered by the beating.


   jumped down, and the whole person rode on the chest of the beast.

   "Give me blood."

"have you understood?"


   Seeing that there was no response from the other party, he slammed down with a brutal punch.

  The nose of the evil beast shrunk immediately, and you could even hear a crisp fracture.


   His nose was broken, but there was no blood at all.

  Mad, Master Cheap didn't mention the blood of the beast, it's so hard to deal with.


   Don't care, fight to the death.

   He didn't believe it, not even a drop of blood could be squeezed out.

   Then, the evil beast was miserable.

   A man with a strong body, riding a beast under him, like Wu Song fighting a tiger in ancient times in the Central District of the Reality Alliance, his huge fists fell like raindrops.

   "Bang!" "Bang!" "Bang!"

   Every blow will inevitably cause the surrounding earth to tremble. Along the way, the range and depth of the pits smashed by the beasts gradually expanded, and cracks like spider webs spread in all directions.

  The evil beast, which was in a state of confusion at first, has now been attacked by continuous heavy punches, and it is almost as difficult to wake up as it is to the sky. Can only be passive, let people ride a beat.

   The base camp of the disciplined team is surrounded by bustling commercial streets. A group of people who stayed up in the middle of the night and enjoyed the nightlife recklessly felt the earth shaking and the sound of **** to the flesh. The eyes suddenly lit up, and in twos and threes, they rushed to the source of the sound.

  Longshoufang is the first city in the north, how many dare to make trouble here?

   Even if the shaman is tempered, he will not use spells easily, and can only use fists and kicks to fight with the opponent. When the disciplinary team arrives, the person caught will at most be sentenced to a brawl and a fine of money.

   And they can hear from the sound, it is definitely not a movement that can be made by ordinary fists and feet. There must be one of the two sides, using spells.

  Movement, things are going to be big!

   Lively, enough to see.

   "Where's the people?" The people who arrived at the destination first looked around with a curious look on their faces. They were full of anticipation, but they didn't see the **** battle between dragons and tigers.

   "What are you looking at? I saw the hole in front of me, so I'm guessing I'm going to fight in it." The people who came later heard the doubts of the person in front of them, rolled their eyes, and reminded them to step forward.

  When everyone saw this, they scrambled for each other, for fear that they would not be able to grab a good position and delay themselves and others looking for fun.

   When everyone surrounded the deep pit, stretched their necks on their feet to look inside, and immediately took a breath of cool air.

  Without him, a shirtless man is riding a beast hammer that the disciplined team often leads to patrol and search.





   The power of each punch can be described as a landslide.

The sound of    **** to the flesh sounded, and the ground under their feet shook.

   "Something's wrong."

   Some people frowned, and gradually saw the doorway.

  The fist of the macho fell on the Vein-Building Realm, fearing that it could beat people into a cloud of blood and smash their bones into slag.

   But with such a vicious punch, it hit the alien beast repeatedly, but there was no sign of injury at all.

  Some smart people realized that there was something hidden in it, maybe it was something that they and others could not afford to mix.

  So, he pushed the crowd away without a trace, and quietly stepped back.

  Some people are different. They come forward with joy when they see that there is a more convenient place to watch the fun.

   Longshoufang has not been lively for a long time!

   It’s been a while since the last time the cultivators fought, destroyed many houses, killed many mortals, and even implicated many aliens, seems like more than a hundred years ago?

   A group of people watched the excitement "greedily" and felt that visiting the brothel was not so exciting.


   Above the night sky, a huge treasure boat appeared.

   On the deck, the disciplined members in black armor saw the scene below, took a small flying boat, and hurried away.

  Fang City's three major treasure ships, one of which is suspended in the air at all times, observing the abnormality of the entire city.

   Whenever they find that there is an invasion by foreign enemies, or the destruction of buildings in the battle of shamans, they will arrive at the scene as soon as possible, either to defend or control them, which is regarded as the Fangshi version of the quick reaction force.

   "Get out of the way!"

  The small flying boat landed, and seven or eight people descended, shouting angrily.

   When everyone saw that they were members of the disciplined team, they hurriedly made way for a road leading to the deep pit.

   In Longshoufang, don't offend anyone who is responsible for managing the security of the city. Otherwise, it will definitely become your next life path.

   "Tap Ta Ta"

  The eight people walked in unison, and quickly approached the deep pit.

   When they saw He Zhao's performance, they were also shocked.

   "Captain, our alien beast."

   The team member next to him reminded in a low voice.


  If two evil spirits are fighting, if they can't beat them, they can stand by and stare.

  Yes, one of them was beaten by their own beast.

  Standing aside and watching the play, waiting for the boss to know, at the least, you have to get out of the disciplined team. To be more serious, simply expelled from Fang City, it would be as difficult to come in in the future.


Although    is captured by someone's fierce power, the future money is obviously more important.

Captain    still didn't believe it. Someone who dared to kill someone from their disciplined team in Fangshi would at most be beaten up, and it would only hurt for a few days.

  Eight people descended the pit and ran towards the beast-subduing macho man.


   The ruthless man who was on the rise, shouted angrily without looking back when he heard that someone dared to disturb his Yaxing.


The sound of    sounded like a thunderstorm, making the eight people dizzy, so that they didn't fall to the ground.

  Anyone who can board a treasure ship, can their strength be average?

   They couldn't bear it, let alone the people who stood on the pit to watch the play.

   One by one, the seven holes bleed, just like dumplings in a pot. The person on the edge didn't hold back and fell in with a thud.


   Most of them fell to the ground, subconsciously took out the healing medicine from his arms and stuffed it into the mouth, and then he rolled away.

   You can’t watch death just because you watch the fun, it’s afraid that it will spread for thousands of years and become a big joke for future generations.


   The captain calmed his mind. Seeing that he couldn't make sense, he could only take out the magic weapon and follow the team members to start.

   "Dang!" "Dang!"

   Eight people, eight instruments.

   The strength and cultivation base is not weak, and the magic weapon on his body is naturally not a low-level thing.

   The captain has a high-grade magic weapon in his hand, and the rest of the team members are all medium-grade magic tools.

   As a result, the eight-handled magic weapon didn't even break the golden skin, as if it hit a tough rubber product, it all bounced off.


   was grabbing the neck of the beast, and the famous ruthless man who was full of old fists turned his head.

   Who is this subordinate, who dared to attack him bravely.


   A louder roar sounded than before.

   "Bang!" "Bang!" "Bang!"

   The eyes of the eight people quickly congested, and then their heads grew rapidly, and then exploded violently, splashing red and white things, and scattered on the ground.

  The person above the treasure ship saw it and almost didn't get his eyeballs out.

   grass (a type of plant).

   A roar screams people to death, perfect pulse building is absolutely impossible.

   "Serve Dan, serve Dan!"

   "Hurry up, quickly push out the shock cannon. Boom him, and inform the owner of the old man that there is an invasion of foreign enemies who have served the Dan realm."

The voice of    fell, and the people on the treasure ship suddenly became busy.

  A hidden identity infiltrated the service pill realm of Longshoufang, and there may be some shocking conspiracy brewing.

  Don't think that the service pill realm is the main thing, they usually have a territory, and usually don't go out, let alone invade other people's territory.

   Even if there is really important thing to enter Fang Market, he will show his identities generously, indicating that Fang owners don’t need to worry, and that he has no malicious intentions in coming this time.

  Conversely, those who conceal their identities are not good birds at all.


   A dazzling cannonball lasing fell into the deep pit that was madly shaking and expanding.


  The rays of light overflowed, and the shock wave swept all directions.

  The surrounding buildings collapsed and the ground cracked and rolled.

   Taking a single blow from the pill realm is nothing more than that.

   A group of people who had left early saw this, patted their chests and whispered the word "lucky".

   If they didn't shout angrily before, they would scram and run away, and now I'm afraid they will continue to watch.

When    suddenly, the cannonball landed, and everyone played together.

   When the light dissipated and the smoke was lingering, a strong man rode on the beast unharmed.

   "Ah this."

   Not to mention the dumbfounded bystanders in the distance, the treasure ship was in charge of firing the cannon, and all the team members showed expressions of amazement.

   Are you kidding me?

   Shocking the cannon, one cannon down is equivalent to a blow from the pill realm.

   "Is there such a big gap between serving Dan realm?"

   The person who shouted to fire the cannon earlier was dumbfounded and looked like he had been played badly.

   "I haven't troubled you yet, yet you dare to trouble me first."

   He Zhao grabbed the beast's neck with one hand, straightened up and looked up at the treasure boat in the sky, muttering in his mouth.

  Although he is 1.85 meters tall, he doesn't look very scary, but the substantial pressure makes people sway, and their hearts and livers tremble.


   rose into the sky, like a galloping arrow, heading straight for the treasure boat.

   "Fire! Fire!"

The person above    reacted and hurriedly reloaded the cannonball, aimed at the galloping person, and shot down.


   Seeing this, the ruthless man is happy.

   He raised the evil beast in his hand, and when the cannonball touched it, it melted in an instant.

   is like a sketch, wiped clean by an eraser.

   The evil beast can disrupt the normal operation of the surrounding evil spirits.

   Previously, the reason why he stayed in the pit with a calm face, without any intention of dodging, was precisely because of these characteristics.

   The shocking cannon's seemingly unparalleled cannonballs actually landed around one person and one beast, and suddenly lost its original power.

The    pit seemed to expand, and the ground seemed to crack, but in fact he didn't even force a drop of blood.


  The people on the treasure boat suddenly looked confused.

   Spend countless money to create a fancy thing?


   When they came back to their senses, the famous ruthless man had already arrived in front of the treasure boat, and then his right arm charged up, pulled it behind his head, and punched out an earth-shattering punch.


  The indestructible treasure boat suddenly opened up with cracks.

   Unparalleled divine power erupted, and the huge ship flew sideways from high in the sky.


   The audience who saw the whole process with their own eyes were once terrified and their breathing stopped.

   Destroying the treasure boat with human power, is that still a person?

   "Hu Chi—"

   "Hu Chi—"

   He Zhao, who was about to throw his second punch, heard a slight gasp.

   He turned his head to look and saw a trace of clarity in the eyes of the evil beast.



   In this regard, he gave the opponent a hard punch, let's continue to be stunned.

   The next second, the evil beast fainted again.

   After hitting someone, it escaped from a different space, but it didn't have any counterattack, and was passively beaten all the time.


   After solving the evil beast, the second punch hit the treasure boat again.


   The cracks in the hull became larger and the number increased, and the speed of horizontal flight became faster and faster.

   From the ground, he looks like a monster, pushing the huge treasure boat forward.


   When the surnamed He raised his right fist and was about to strike again, an angry scolding sounded.

   turned his head and looked.

  I saw an old man with white hair and beard, flying in anger.

   In his hand, he was holding a red-red, blood-like, strangely shaped sword.

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