My Past Life Simulator - Chapter 500 499 [Surprise]

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   "You, you, you." Wang Zhao was overwhelmed with horror, and said with grief in his voice. "Sure enough. Sure enough, you have always been ruthless and coveted my body."

  He Zhao rolled his eyes helplessly when he heard the words. I am not the gentleman with English in the past. He likes to poke men's yellow flowers. Believe it or not, will you slander me with nonsense?

  Besides, how old you are, why you are so surprised, can you listen to me.

   "Don't panic, there is one more thing, listen to me."

  Hearing this, he covered his chest with his hands, like a weak "girl" old king, and secretly breathed a sigh of relief. It's not just that he wants me to warm the bed, he almost gave up, and he wants to have a more legendary forbearance than lying on fire.

  「I’m just looking at the tricks on you. Why panic?」


  Boss Wang only felt his scalp tingling, and a gust of cold air rose from his heels and went straight to the sky. It's better for you to be in love with my body, at least you have one life left.

  The strange intruder is the man who holds the head of the Mahayana Buddha. If he looks at the body and finds a substitute, he will undoubtedly declare death. You can't sit still and let others slaughter you.

   Fight back, must fight back!


  The one surnamed Wang quickly formed a seal, and the light in his hand shone, illuminating the second underground floor.


  The next second, the ceiling was smashed by a force, revealing a huge hole. Immediately afterwards, he jumped up from the floor with a bang, and jumped to the utility room on the basement floor.

   Then, like a charging knight, he shot to the door in one breath, smashing the steel-cast door. The flying fragments are all embedded in the cement wall, showing a strong determination.

  In Shangyang City, there is nothing he is nostalgic about.

  Ten years of planning will come to fruition.

  The head of the Mahayana Buddha has been lost, and the plan in the previous stage is basically in a state of abortion if nothing happens. Therefore, there is no need to continue to hide and lurk, and it doesn't matter how big the disturbance is.

  Before he left, why didn't he kill Ruthless Zhao? The crux of the problem is that there is nothing to do with the immortal body.

  The two of you can’t kill each other and wait for the family branch of the Wang family in Bufa Temple to make dumplings, right?

   Simply, start anew and leave this sad place.

   Waiting for the future, comeback, revenge.

   "I must kill you, and I will definitely have revenge. You wait for me." Wang Zhao, who was running desperately, muttered to himself, the words in his mouth suddenly stopped.

  Nothing else, he still doesn't know who the strange intruder who took over his body, occupied his lair, coveted his repression, and took away the head of the Mahayana Buddha is who it is.


  Thinking of this, I almost spit out a mouthful of old blood, and burned all inside.

   The other party who co-authored it was a disaster for him. Jiji only knew that it was another branch of Mahayana, and he didn't even know a definite location.

   One day, when you stand up again, who should you seek revenge on?

  For a moment, he fell into confusion.


  In the Xishuanglu billiard hall, there was a roar of three points of grievance, three points of anger, three points of helplessness, and one point full of sadness.

  The voice is so shrill that it makes those who hear it sad and cry.


  The wall of the billiard hall exploded, and a figure ran out of it.

  Pedestrians and drivers beside the road were all stunned.

  In the past, the scenes that could only be seen in film and television dramas were actually seen in reality with one's own eyes. How could one not be surprised.

  「What about filming?」

  「Didn’t see the crew!」

   Passers-by stopped one after another, boldly watching the excitement one by one. Some people even subconsciously took out their mobile phones, opened a short video app, and started shooting at the embarrassed figure.

  The photographers are confident that if they post it on their short video accounts, they will definitely become popular.

  Facts have proved that gossip and eating melons are the passions of most human beings

  Nature, even knowing that there is a high probability of being in danger, still can't quench my curiosity.

  「Pan Nima!

  Wang Zhao is not a good-tempered person, although He Zhao is submissive to him, and he can't wait to lick his shoes. But the ferocity of being a villain has not been worn down at all, and because of what happened this morning, the ferocity has increased sharply.

  So, when I saw a group of melon-eating crowd watching the excitement, the anger almost burst out from the seven orifices.

  Raise your hand and wave your palm.


  After the loud noise, an invisible force diffused, and a special frequency vibrated, provoking the dozen or so people standing at the front. This group of people immediately looked like dead fish, their eyes popped out suddenly, looking extremely weird and terrifying.

   What is heartbreaking is that the photographers dropped their mobile phones and fell to pieces. They couldn't control their hands one by one, and strangled their necks desperately until they suffocated themselves.


  When people came back to their senses, they saw the dead bodies that had strangled themselves to death, dispersed with a bang, and ran away, remorseful, and secretly lamented that their parents had lost two legs.

  The perpetrator fled away as early as when he waved his palm to arouse the strange power of the Mahamudra.

   After a while, Ruthless Zhao slowly walked out from the gap in the wall. Sweeping his eyes, he couldn't help but shake his head when he saw the dead who strangled him alive.

   "Huo Xin Yin is really powerful, it can be done to such an extent."

   It is well known that the human body has a self-protection mechanism. Generally, it works unconsciously. When the stability of self-concept is threatened, people will adopt self-protection measures to deal with it.

   If you strangle yourself to death, others will die laughing when they hear it.

   It's just now, it's really happening.

"Hey, old Wang, old Wang, what are you thinking? The connection between the two of us is maintained by finding a substitute. No matter where you are, as long as I don't die, you still can't get rid of me even if it's the ends of the earth. "

   Unless the surname He quit the simulation scene voluntarily, Wang Zhao would be a fish on the chopping board, ready to be slaughtered at will.

   "The two of us are old acquaintances. We have lived together for almost fourteen years. Although you have always lived the same day, you have no memory to keep. But I have a very deep memory, and I miss the old love the most."

  Before you die, let you see the ability of the head of the Mahayana Buddha, which is not in vain.

  「Oh, I’m so kind-hearted.」

   Fortunately, Boss Wang couldn't hear him, otherwise he would have to spit on him.

   On the other side, Lao Wang was running with all his might, even exposing his strength to escape.

  After that, the people of Shangyang City saw a miraculous scene.

  A person runs faster than a car, and all the things in front of the other person are smashed to pieces. Even if there are things that cannot be smashed, they can still hit the sky.

  「Super Super Superman!」

   Then, law enforcement's phone rings off the hook.

  Bufa Temple's Wang surname family biography branch received the news from the lower-level department, and his face was covered with black lines.

   Which one is not afraid of death and dares to provoke in broad daylight.


  Wang Zhao, who was galloping, suddenly stopped on his feet and fell down with a thud.

  「What’s going on. What’s going on」

  He could clearly feel that the power in his body was decreasing little by little.

  The suppressor looked for a substitute and squeezed out frantically, his body seemed to be split apart, and his consciousness was a little fuzzy.

  The next second, he knew why this happened.

  Something like a "line" appeared in the void, and the light blue color seemed to be a "line" composed of countless small light spots, extending from the direction of time and connecting to the center of my eyebrows.

   "The head of the Buddha of the Great Great Vehicle."

   Unexpected, unexpected.

  His previous plan turned out to be the culprit who was about to die suddenly.

  「Regret, regret, regret

  No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

  The voice fell, and with a bang, a small black figure was pulled out from between the brows by the light blue "thread", and dragged into the direction in which he was escaping.

   Those who were dragged away together, and his life.

   At this point, Wang Zhao closed his eyes with a "peaceful" face, and his breath gradually weakened until he stopped breathing.

  People on the street, looking at the man who was alive and raging like a superhero Hulk not long ago, suddenly fell to the ground on their backs, with question marks on their faces.

   After a while, some people bravely stepped forward. Of course, they must have hands in hand, holding the mobile phone that started the shooting.

   There are not a few people who want to be popular, and even more people are willing to die for money.

   Those who are brave, reach out to test their breath.

  「Are you really dead?」

   On the other side, the ruthless Zhao standing in front of the concrete wall of the billiard hall obviously didn't know the specific situation there. But, even if you know it, you don't care.

   Big deal, go back to a file.

   "Come on."

  After speaking, the light blue "thread" dragged the dark villain back, fell into the palm of his hand, and grabbed it. Wang Zhao, who was looking for a substitute, was naturally unwilling to be held in the hands of others, and struggled desperately.

  It's a pity that the head of the Mahayana Buddha is one-seventh of a god, so how could it be impossible to handle a mere ghost.

  The famous ruthless man stared, and a pair of golden lights shot out from his eyes, shining on the body of the substitute.

  The next moment, this creepy dog ​​was obedient and stopped struggling.

  Like a fish that accepts its fate, do what you like.


  He drank violently in his mouth, like thunder rolling in the sky, shaking the huge four-story building to the point of collapse.

  A supernatural force descended, directly involving the substitute in his eyes.

  In the spiritual space, in the eyes of the head of the Mahayana Buddha, a blurry shadow was reflected.

   So far, looking for a substitute was brutally imprisoned, and in the future he can only work like an old cow, working hard without complaint.


  A large amount of unfamiliar information poured into his mind, and he closed his eyes and meditated to digest it.

   After a long time, I finally opened my eyes.


   Gently spit out a mouthful of foul air, and the whole person looks refreshed.

  「Formidable, domineering.」

  He has already understood all the abilities and all the shortcomings of finding a substitute.

  【Advantages: Any injuries, diseases, incompleteness, and even negative buffs on the body can be transferred to the substitute to suffer instead. After the avatar dies, the remaining 1% of life will be extracted for his own use. 】

  Whether single-handedly or in group fights, they all belong to the first echelon of cunning.

  Two people are one-on-one, hitting me is like hitting yourself.

   A group of people beat him alone, and beating me was equivalent to beating an accomplice.

   Innately invincible!

  【Disadvantages: Pain is unavoidable, and the pain you need to endure may even be ten times that of the substitute. Before the substitute dies, the relationship between the two parties cannot be terminated. Moreover, the substitute must be a living body. Once the damage is huge, resulting in the sudden death of the substitute, and there is no way to bear the complete damage alone, then the remaining damage will explode on itself. 】


   When it comes to pain, He Zhao has the right to speak. What kind of death has he never experienced? What kind of pain and torture have you not endured?

  It’s just ten times as long as the stand-in, it’s a trivial matter. Even if it is a hundred times as good as the substitute, if he frowns, he will not be a man from then on.

   As for the death of the substitute, the connection between the two parties cannot be terminated.

  Hehe, how many undead are there in this world?

   Really think that everyone is like him, who can be cheated and get immortality?

  Besides, even if you are unlucky to meet one, you are still not afraid.

   Everyone is immortal, so let's compete to see who is more ruthless.

  He doesn't believe it, someone can compare with him in ruthlessness, believe it or not, saw Zhiyin into sausage slices in minutes?

   At that time, you can still use your own

  Tough and ruthless, coercing new unlucky ones.

  The last one, the huge damage can't be fully absorbed by the substitute, and the remaining damage will explode on itself.


  Or the seal of disaster relief, delaying the outbreak of damage, and canceling the rollback. Either fight with the body of immortality, whether it is a physical or mental attack, as long as there is a little bit of flesh and blood left, it can be resurrected in the future.

  「It’s a trick tailor-made for me!」

  Wang Zhao, Wang Zhao, you are a good person.

  If Boss Wang said this in the ear of Boss Wang who was lying on the ground, it might be a medical miracle. A person who obviously had no breathing, pulse, or even a heartbeat, suddenly jumped up and yelled at the bastard.

  「Find a substitute, find a substitute.」

  He stroked his chin, carefully recalling the two tricky things that Laon got into trouble more than three hundred years ago.

   Lama Shangxu's invisible and silent possession.

   As for the former, he really values ​​it. Once they cooperate to find a substitute, the enemy will guess until death, and they don't know why they died.

  The latter. It’s not about favoring one over another, He Papi really looks down on it. It is not compatible with finding a substitute, and I am not sure whether my spirit and consciousness will leave the body after ingesting the head of the Mahayana Buddha.

  「It is quite useful to lurk and mix with other factions.」

   After pondering for a long time, he slapped his thigh violently.

  Does it work?

   When I first entered the simulator, I always advocated that there are many skills without overwhelming the body.

  Deceitful, the same is true.

  It's so weird that you don't overwhelm yourself!

  Not sure when it will be available.

   "It doesn't matter, the amount, the amount, it's all the amount."

   At the intersection not far from the billiard hall, the unique sound effects of law enforcement agencies sounded.

   It is estimated that there are also people from the Wang family branch of the Bufa Temple who came with them.


  The voice fell, the whole world came to a standstill, and the surrounding scenery quickly reversed.

  The dead Wang Zhao opened his eyes again, and walked backwards all the way back to the billiard hall, the damaged wall was restored to integrity.

  When everything returned to the first save point, he got up and left the underground secret room, and walked behind Boss Wang who was working hard.


  A light blue "thread" between the two appears, and a small figure is pulled out of it. It doesn't mean anything else, but I just wanted to experiment on a whim, whether the same trick can make the original trick go up to a higher level.

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