My Past Life Simulator - Chapter 501 500 [Development of a new style of play]

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  The one who was dragged out of Lao Wang's body looking for a substitute looked dazed, completely unaware of what happened, and was directly caught in the golden eyes.

   At the same time, Wang Zhao, who was holding the formation map in both hands, was shocked immediately, and then fell to the ground in convulsions.

  The sound of breathing and heart beating, slowly...slowly and slowly weakened until he stopped breathing, his heart stopped beating, and he was waiting to die in a daze.

  He, the remnant leader of the Mahayana sect branch in Shangyang City, couldn't figure it out. Why did the strange intruder suddenly kill me? Obviously, I still need to improve and optimize the array.

   The lightning flashed in my mind, and one picture after another flashed, and then I came to a conclusion.

  Casual and careless, it turned out that everything was just to stabilize himself, so that he felt that there was still a way out, and he didn't dare to die. I am afraid of being exposed, and the other party is also afraid of attracting the attention of the branch of Wang's family. Everyone is really afraid of being beaten by a wolf.

   Hateful, why didn't I think of it earlier?

  Fish death and net breaking, at least it is better than just one death. At worst, they were locked in a small black room together and endured severe torture. Ten times the pain of the substitute is a bit painful, at least it can drag the intruder to suffer together.

  Actually, it's not that he didn't think about it early, but he just had a fluke mentality, or he was overconfident in the plan to send a few, which caused his horse to stumble.

  「Despicable and shameless villain, sooner or later he will go to **** like me.」

  Before he died, he let out a desperate cry from his throat with an indiscernible and hoarse voice.


  A well-known pickpocket contestant had question marks all over his face. He obviously didn't know what was going on in Boss Wang's mind, and he made up a conspiracy drama out of nowhere.

  「What the **** are you talking about!」

  He Zhao looked at the old Wang who opened and closed his upper and lower lips, but couldn't hear any sound, and was full of doubts in his heart.

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah."

   "Uh uh uh uh uh uh."

   Then, completely smacked.

   "Forget it, it doesn't matter what you say."

   At most, it was some swear words, did he get scolded less often?

  At least those two ancient gods, as well as the evil **** of Howling Abyss and the Maharaja, might have recited the swear words they learned and experienced from birth to now one by one.

  A small villain leader in a simulated scene, what a ball!


  He even felt that if Wang Zhao heard about his experience, he should be full of gratitude in his heart. At least he would give him a chance to compete with such fierce and terrifying figures as ancient gods, evil gods, and maharajas.

  「Oh, I’m so kind.」

   Simulator: "."

  The odd person likes: "."

  All the victims who were brutally framed: "."

   Smash it, Smash it in your mouth, feel carefully and find a substitute for the second intake.

   After a while, he rubbed his chin and said disappointedly.

  「Why don’t you feel nothing?」

  In the skull of the Mahayana Buddha in the spiritual space, the dark shadows in the eyes are still the same as before, without any change.

  「Can’t stack?」

   "Returning back to the file means going back in time, and everything returns to the original position. Logically speaking, if you take the second one and find a substitute, and the first one finds a substitute, it is more or less nourishing, right?

   After all, the essence of the two is exactly the same, exactly the same. Superimposed on each other, not to mention twice as strong, how can there be a little improvement. "

  After thinking for a long time, I couldn't figure it out.

  「Why don’t you try a few more times?」

  Anyway, opening the first save point doesn’t cost anything, at best, you can say a few words.

   "Well, give it a try, what if the quantity is not enough? First set a small goal and go back ten times. If it doesn't work, let's talk."

  After speaking, He Zhao paused.


  The world suddenly pauses, like a DVD in reverse.

  Wang Zhao, who had fallen to the ground, straightened up again.

  He stepped back quickly with both feet, and returned to the secret room on the third floor underground.

   Stepping out of the underground secret room, he walked behind Lao Wang who was working hard.

  Hearing the footsteps behind him, the other party couldn't help but work harder, hoping that the strange intruder would see his hard work and let him go temporarily.

   If you want to kill, why wait until the array is optimized, okay?

  Just the next moment, a word rang in my ear.


  Boss Wang trembled when he heard the words, and four words came to his mind——I'm done.

   Between the two, a "line" composed of countless small light blue spots appeared, and the next second a villain covered in black was pulled out from the desperate Wang Zhao.

   With a chirping sound, he entered between the eyebrows of He Papi who was standing behind him. Just like the last fileback, it can be called a perfect replica, and the whole process is no different.


   Immediately afterwards, Pharaoh began to chatter, but unfortunately he couldn't hear what he said specifically.

  「I still don’t feel much, not even a little bit.」

  The third retracement, open!

  The fourth rollback, open!

   Until the tenth retracement, there is still no change.

   "Maybe ten times is not enough? One hundred times, one hundred times."

   Make up your mind and start to file again.

  Poor Wang Zhao, he quaked ninety times.

  Black-hearted capitalist He Bapi, the truth is not a thing.

  The practice of opening an altar, acting as a tool for seventy-two times, giving people seventy-two hopes and ruthlessly extinguishing them. Improve and optimize the formation map, backtrack a full 5,000 times, light the lamp and boil oil for 5,000 days and nights, until one glance at the formation map desperately shouted that the concubine could not do it.

   Now, he has killed people a hundred times. In terms of inappropriateness, he is a real dog. No, no, the dog saw it, and probably shook his head anyway.

  The ancient gods and evil gods, the two cosmic overlords, would probably lower their heads in shame if they saw what they were doing.

   "No, I don't feel it, or...a thousand times. I have a hunch that after a thousand times, there will be almost a change."

  The second hundredth time...the third hundredth time....the four hundredth time. Until the thousandth time is full.

   After a moment of silence, he sighed.

  「Ten thousand times, ten thousand times will definitely do.」

  Dead Wang Zhao: "Are you polite?"

  One time, ten times, one hundred times, one thousand times, ten thousand times, successively.

  Even if you have the revenge of killing your father, is it enough to pay off dozens of times?

   There is no reason to catch a sheep and kill it.

  Two thousand times...three thousand times...four thousand times...five thousand a full ten thousand times.

  Wang Zhaolei, every time he is dying, he needs puffy lips.

  After the 10,000th retracement was completed, someone who could be called the king of the skinning world immediately shuddered.

  At the same time, the head of the Mahayana Buddha in the spiritual space, and the blurred and dark shadows in the eyes all turned blood red.


  Golden eyes bloomed, and a phantom figure appeared.

  This trick is exactly—find a substitute!

   Today, it's very different from what it used to be.

  The whole body was dark and turned into blood red, and a faint blood mist drifted from the body to the surroundings.

  「Has the quality changed?」

   As a result of his painstaking efforts, he knocked off Wang Zhao 10,000 times.

  With the accumulation of a huge number of times, we finally ushered in a qualitative transformation.

  Boss Wang is wronged!

  He Zhao took the substitute back into the skull of the Mahayana Buddha again, thinking about trying it out, the ability of the cunning after the qualitative change.

  So, involuntarily, his gaze returned to Lao Wang who was lying on the ground without breathing.

  To be honest, he personally felt a little bit unbearable. Did he go too far?

  「Forget it, no matter how hard it is, the king of suffering

  Boss, I believe he will understand me. "

  Polite Wang Zhao: "Damn!"


  The voice fell, the world temporarily paused, and then quickly reversed.

  He once again stood in the secret room on the third floor of the basement, stepped out of it, and came all the way to the back of the hard-working old king.

  Raising his hand, a wave of yin energy that was hard to detect and was many times more powerful than that of Wang's suddenly invaded the opponent's whole body.

   "Well, in comparison, the metamorphosis finds a substitute, which is faster, fiercer and more silent."

  Old cow holding a map, no. It should be said that the person with the worst simulated scene had a confused look on his face.


  He took out the vajra pestle, the magic weapon of the Langshan Temple, and stabbed it into his lower abdomen.

  A tyrannical and powerful oppressive force instantly fixed him in place.

   Bloody's ability to find a substitute is activated, and the negative BUFF is immediately transferred to Wang Zhao.

  「Why can’t I move?」

  Footsteps sounded behind "Tadata".

  He Papi nodded, it really works.

  In addition, the vajra pierced into the lower abdomen did not cause pain.

  「Ten times the pain of a substitute, it is perfected by the metamorphosis of finding a substitute.」


  Although he has a strong tolerance for pain, and even fights and counts, there are not many people in the entire universe who can match Ruthless Zhao. But except for some perverts who have a pleasure in pain, who wants to be in pain every day.

"Not bad."

  He nodded again and again, 10,000 retracements were finally not in vain, nor was Wang Zhao's hard work and contribution wasted. Not to mention anything else, just being immune to pain is worth it.

   Alas, the ruthless Zhao also bullied Lao Wang after resetting and had no memory.


   After speaking, return to the secret room on the third floor underground.

   Walking to the second floor, he ordered Wang Zhao to summon his men.

   In this regard, the other party naturally complied.

  Afterwards, some people from the remnants of the Mahayana religion will suffer.

  Anyone who showed up at the school received special care and became experimental subjects one after another.

  Being able to attack a group of students who are powerless can be imagined to be a stalwart in the Mahayana teaching. There is no need to show mercy when dealing with villains, just use it to death and you will be done.

  Back and forth to start and roll back under Dafa, he finally figured out thoroughly, Bloody's specific ability to find a substitute.


  First of all, finding a substitute is no longer limited to one person at a time, but can be multiple people at a time.

  At that time, facing many remnants of Mahayana, he did it subconsciously.

   It turned out to be unexpected, and successfully contacted everyone at once—a total of thirty-six people.

   But it's not without cost, the whole person's spirit is extremely exhausted. Even if it is the sutra of "Thus I Hear" by an unknown Buddha, at most it can restore a little bit, but it can't be restored instantly.

  Secondly, any attack, injury, disease, mutilation, negative BUFF can be evenly distributed to every connected person.

  For example: A knife penetrated into the lower abdomen and pierced through forcefully, but when assigned to 36 people, the injuries that were considered serious injuries to ordinary people turned out to be only skin traumas.

  I won’t list the rest one by one, anyway, the more people find a substitute, the more domineering the effect will be. It is worth mentioning that exhaustion can even be allocated.

  With enough people, He Zhao is like a perpetual motion machine.

   In addition, when the substitute suffered more damage than he could bear, the so-called remaining damage did not break out on him.

   In other words, the shortcomings have been perfected.

  Finally, he can break the connection with the substitute anytime, anywhere with one thought. It will not be encountered, similar to the situation where Boss Wang is controlled by others.

  As for the 1% of life plundered by the death of the stand-in, it is transformed into plundering all the remaining vitality.

  This point he fell

   I don't care, how surging my own vitality is. Although it can't stand the absorption of Mahayana Buddha, compared with other practitioners, it can be called a lake.

  Unless it is the vitality of Mahayana Buddha and other figures.

   "If you want to go to the next level and break through the limits of the human body, I guess only Bodhisattvas can meet the requirements."

  Of course, meditation seal can still increase vitality. But growth does not mean breakthrough. One is at the level of human beings, and the other is at the level of gods and Buddhas. They are essentially different.

  Finally, based on Bloody's ability to find a substitute, he developed a new style of play, a super reckless style of rushing and fighting, fearless.

  Find a substitute + Seal of Disaster Relief!

  He does have an immortal body, but that doesn't mean he won't be hacked into 10 or 8 pieces, and his combat effectiveness won't be greatly reduced due to mutilation.

   Yes, losing a substitute for every huge injury seems a bit extravagant.

  Then, with an idea, use the seal of rest and calamity to cooperate with the substitute.

   When a large amount of damage has been accumulated and all the damage explodes in the next time period, choose a substitute to solve it perfectly!

  When faced with a person who ignores the damage and any attack does not work, it feels hopeless to think about it.

  During the period, it took a lot of effort to accurately transfer all the burst damage to a person's body. Anyway, the remnants of the Mahayana religion, including Boss Wang, suffered a lot, and they said it would be better to be arrested by the branch of Wang's family.

   Backtracking again, he is ready to return to another timeline.

  The reason why he didn't leave immediately was because he wanted to say goodbye to Lao Wang.

   After all, their contribution is not small.

   More than 15,000 retracements, but a sheep was pulled hard, and the black-hearted capitalists burst into tears when they saw it. From then on, street lamps are only suitable for hanging up skins. Others who want to hang street lamps are not qualified.

   "Old Wang, goodbye."


  Wang Zhao looked disbelieving that the strange intruder actually chose to let him go.


  When he got excited, he knelt down on his knees, wishing to give the person in front of him a hundred slaps.


  Someone who was about to return to the first timeline and wondered for a moment if they were going too far.

  Continuously changing ways to deceive people, and those who are deceived have to kneel down to express their gratitude.

  He, can't say thank you?

  The next second, Boss Wang's voice sounded.

"thank you.

  The tone is full of sincerity, and the hard-hearted people have to nod in agreement when they hear it. The gratitude in the other party's words is definitely not fake, but from the heart.

   "You're welcome, who told me that I am kind!"

  The famous papier helped Lao Wang up, with a shameless expression on his face.

  「You are really a great kind person.」

   "Goodbye. After finishing speaking, I plan to file back.

   "Goodbye, if you are free, come and play anytime."


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