Mystery: The Witch and the Calamity - Chapter 4 speculation about crossing

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The grilled fish with just the right heat is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The fishy smell of the sea fish itself is covered by the unique spices of Bayam, which makes the fish more delicious.

The special pie is rich in gravy and seems to be mixed with a little fruit. It is fragrant but not greasy when you bite into it. The dessert after that is exquisite in style and tastes even better. Finally, a cup of refreshing and delicious iced tea is perfect.

Joyce leaned back in his chair contentedly, sighing at the luxury of aristocratic life, and accidentally hiccupped. He glanced at the maids who were cleaning up the mess, and found that no one noticed this rude behavior. .

"Sophia, help me prepare hot water, I'll take a bath in a while."

"Okay, Mr. Baron."

Sophia is his current maid, blond, blue-eyed, and sweet-looking. She once rejected the request beyond friendship that the original body made when she was drunk.

This incident once made Joyce, who was a believer of the Lord of Storms, angry and angry, but later, in order to show the tolerance of men, she became his personal maid in a fit of anger.

However, after meeting the "Witch" Emily, she was immediately fascinated by her.

This is a rich second-generation bear child!

Joyce recalled his previous absurd and immature behavior, and walked upstairs slowly.

As the sole owner of the manor, his bedroom is very spacious and decorated quite gorgeously. There are incomprehensible art paintings hanging on the wall, and the sun shines on the carpet through the floor-to-ceiling windows, exuding an expensive atmosphere.

Sitting in front of the desk by the window, he picked up a book called "The Collection of Roselle's Fairy Tales", he smiled knowingly, raising a sense of absurdity that illusory into reality, and at the same time teasing in his heart: Master Luo still It's everywhere.

Joyce was long past the age when he liked fairy tales, so he picked up this book not to read it. He skillfully opened the middle layer of the book and took out two letters of different materials.

The two letters have a common owner, his father, Lieutenant Colonel of the Ruen Kingdom, William Best.

He was the first to open the letter enclosed in the white envelope, which was a "suicide note".

As a lieutenant colonel, William Best had the right to be allowed to write a letter to his family before taking part in a more dangerous war mission. If he returns safely after completing the task, the letter will be returned intact. If he is unfortunately sacrificed, the letter will become his "suicide note" to his relatives.

The letter was indeed his father's handwriting, and the tone was rather relaxed and casual. He seemed to think that the mission was not very dangerous, it was just a routine matter, but unfortunately, he did not come back alive.

This doesn't seem to be anything to blame. In wars involving Beyonders, the death of a lieutenant colonel is not uncommon. But, perhaps because of the bystanders, Joyce is now keenly aware of the unusualness behind the incident.

What was William Best's death in exchange for?

A large pension, various condolences from the military, government and the church, including many big figures, even more incredible is that the Emperor Ruen George III actually posthumously named William a baron...

Is this the kind of treatment a lieutenant colonel should have? Lieutenant General is almost there! Don't talk about the descendants of nobles, a family with only two people left, a family that has been deprived of even the last title? That is civilians.

Moreover, at the end of the "suicide note", William used a "stalk" that only the father and son could understand to prompt Joyce to find the second letter - the one that had been hidden in the mezzanine of "Russell's Fairy Tales" by an unknown Letter made of leather.

The reason why Joyce left Bayam and returned to Rose Manor was not only because of sadness, but also because of this letter.

The letter contained very little:

Dear Joyce, when you read this letter, I have returned to the kingdom of storms, which is a gift from the Lord and a destiny chosen by myself. The only regret is that I have to miss your adult life, but I believe that it will be as magnificent as the sea. Finally, let me give you a word: insisting on fairness and justice is the most noble quality of a person, not the status of aristocracy.

Remember the game of hide-and-seek we played when we were kids? How I wish to play with you again!

Signed: Always Love Your Father William Best


It seems that he has already anticipated his own death... What does the "hide and seek" that he deliberately mentioned at the end mean? Implying a suspended animation? Or is there another meaning?

Finding the truth about William's death with the only scattered clues gave Joyce the illusion that he was playing a detective game, a real dangerous game, and he had a hunch that when the mystery was revealed one day, the meeting that awaited him. It's a monstrous vortex.

"Dong Dong"

There was a knock on the door, and the cold voice of the maid Sophia came from outside the door, breaking the illusion of Joyce, who was possessed by Sherlock Holmes.

"Mr. Baron, the water is ready, you can take a bath."

"Okay, come right away."

Joyce responded first, then put the two letters back in the mezzanine of the book. After opening the door, he found Sophia still standing in the corridor, wondering:

"Why are you still here?"

Sophia looked up at him, and quickly lowered herself again, without a word.

Why is there a bit of resentment in this look? I didn't think anything about you, er, although I had that kind of thought before... Wait, Joyce didn't know what to think, the corner of his mouth twitched, and he said righteously:

"Why don't you leave, is there nothing else to do?"

Sophia's eyelids twitched. She didn't know where his anger came from, but she didn't dare to ask, so she said aggrieved: "I see, Mr. Baron."

Looking at her back as she turned and walked away, Joyce breathed a sigh of relief, and couldn't help complaining in his heart: You kid has finished enjoying the blessing and left, but you want me to pay the debt for you, this blood loss.

However, it's nice to take a hot bath.

In the misty bathroom, the temperature of the water under him was just right, some unknown petals were floating on the water, and there seemed to be a smell similar to essential oils in the air.

It would be even better if there was a projection on the wall to watch movies... Joyce lay in the bathtub with his head resting on the groove on the edge, and fell asleep unconsciously with his eyes closed.

He had a dream.

In the dream, Li Weiping did not travel, and was looking forward to going to a jade carving shop to pick up his custom jade pendant.

This is one of his little hobbies.

I remember that every time I read Journey to the West when I was a child, I would buy a golden hoop stick and go home to play with it. After reading Romance of the Three Kingdoms, I bought a feather fan to play Zhuge Liang, who is a feather fan.

I believe that most people have this habit, but Li Weiping kept it until adulthood. UU reading www.

Later, he liked online novels, and when he first read Doubaqiong, he bought a Xuan Chongqi. A few days ago, I finished reading the Lord of Mysteries on the recommendation of a friend, so I customized this jade pendant and asked the store owner to carve some complicated patterns according to his requirements. .

Half symbolizes the secret "eye without pupils", and the other half symbolizes the changing "twisted line", and the two overlap each other.

The craftsmanship of carving is quite good. Li Weiping likes it very much. After playing with it for a while, he even put it by his pillow when he was sleeping.

In the end, he had a spring dream, and when he woke up, he found that he had passed through.

Time travel... Joyce woke up suddenly, splashing the ground. He didn't care about these details, but asked himself: Why did he ignore such a crucial issue?

This is a mysterious world. I can't pass through for no reason. Who is behind everything?

The goddess of the night? I don't know why, the first thing that came to Joyce's mind was the goddess, but thinking about it carefully, he didn't seem to have authority in this regard.

If you consider that jade pendant, it may be a fool, but Klein hasn't come yet... Am I the second hand of Tianzun?

This is the reason why I am still alive after learning about the Outer Gods?

At this moment, the helplessness of fate and the awe of gods occupied his entire body and mind.

All the gifts of fate have already been marked with prices in secret.

Believe in the power of the gods, not in their mercy.

No matter who the chess player is behind the scenes and what the purpose is, he is just a chess piece and is completely powerless to resist.

Joyce wanted to cry but no tears: It's just a cross, why don't you make it so complicated!

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