Mystery: The Witch and the Calamity - Chapter 529 The 1st plenary meeting no worse than "Tarot Club"

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After receiving the "selfless help" from Hermes, Louise woke up from her sleep, her eyes full of contemplation.

This angel who has existed since ancient times, one of the founders of human mysticism, an angel of the Sequence Two of the "spectator" pathway, what exactly does he want from him?

Hermes claimed that she couldn't read my mind. At this point, Louise was actually not too suspicious. After all, she had already proved her speciality.

But Hermes repeated the question three times: "Do you remember anything?"

This is very worth considering.

It seems that He wants to wake up some memories that I have forgotten... Louise has no clue about this. Since the memory has been forgotten, how can she remember it?

She was almost certain that the memory that Hermes wanted to obtain could only be about the secrets of Adam the "Imaginary Angel"... This made sense. The reason why she forgot the memory was naturally Adam's handwriting.

Louise frowned slightly, and the only two exchanges she had with Adam appeared in her mind.

The first time was when he assassinated Duke Negan, Adam controlled the mind of the maid and had a conversation with himself.

The second time was on the day of attending the "Twilight Hermit Society" meeting, Adam made a deal with himself, he provided himself with an opportunity to be promoted to a demigod, and he needed to deal with him an unknown book of "No Words" Book of Heaven".

The memories of these two times are very clear. In addition, Louise does not remember that she and Adam had any other interactions, let alone the memory of being sealed.

But Hermes didn't want to come out of nothing. Since He opened his mouth, it means that things did happen, only because he couldn't recall it.

Sure enough, avoiding contact with Adam was the right thing to do... Louise sighed silently, she didn't even know when her memory was sealed, let alone remember what the sealed memory was!

However, Louise is very clear about the secrets about Adam that Hermes wants to know. Perhaps, she can make a deal with Hermes based on this.

"Fucking" an angel, let alone an angel of the "audience" pathway, is more exciting than fooling Bernadette. Louise analyzed the feasibility of this matter, and she was looking forward to it for a while.

After thinking silently for a while, she suddenly remembered that she should pass the news that the danger has been lifted to Mr. Hunter!

At this moment, that boat is still wandering at sea!

She smiled dumbly, then picked up the pen beside the table, wrote a note saying "Danger removed, return quickly", summoned the messenger Miss Alice, and asked her to hand over the news to Mr. Hunter.

Louise carefully observed it, and found that the expression of the messenger Miss Alice was the same, still the same icy expression as usual.

It seems that the pleasures in the boudoir between me and the maid are probably nothing in the eyes of Miss Alice, and yes, although Miss Alice is extremely mysterious, she is only a spiritual creature after all, and she has feelings for human beings. Should be very indifferent.

After thinking about this, the grudge in Louise's heart disappeared, but next time she "enjoyed pleasure", she must be more careful!

This time it's just Miss Alice, but if Bernadette suddenly appears next time, her image as an "aunt" will be completely ruined!


The next day, Mr. Hunter returned to Bayam smoothly.

Louise briefly told him the general process of the matter, of course, omitting high-level information, and Quan should enrich Mr. Hunter with some extraordinary knowledge.

After the conversation between the two was over, they walked into a spacious parliamentary hall one after another.

There are several Beyonders gathered in the hall. Sophia, Katrin and Rebecca are sitting on the left, and Holker and Gattuso are on the right. Mr. Hunter has a calm expression, and he took the initiative to sit and was deliberately swayed. Leave the right hand on the first seat.

Louise naturally took the seat of the throne. She looked around and saw that these people were all her current team. As for some Sequence Nine Beyonders on board, she still needed time to grow.

Although everyone's sequence is not high, the Extraordinary who are present together do not seem to be much worse than the "Tarot Club"...

Hehe, Klein's only advantage is that he has "Origin Castle", and he can turn the "Tarot Club" into a "Council before God". Although Louise has mastered the "City of Calamity", she cannot take the initiative to use it.

Then, the first all-hands meeting led by Louise kicked off.

"The topic of today's meeting is only one, and that is to discuss how to hunt Lieutenant General Tracy." Louise said loudly.

When the words landed, the three ladies on the left were inevitably a little surprised, but their full understanding of Louise made them appear calmer, while the three men on the right had obviously different expressions.

Mr. Hunter is the most calm. After all, she knows that her young lady even dares to lick the tiger's whiskers of an angel. Hunting a "disease lottery" has been considered very restrained.

Gattuso has been focusing on this matter for a while, and there are some speculations about it, so he behaves calmly, while Holke is much simpler. He was shocked by the news, but when he saw the people around him watching Going up is calmer than That's why I didn't exclaim.

Looking at everyone's performance, Louise smiled and said:

"Now, everyone can express their opinions. Our philosophy is to speak freely and talk about everything."

Holke was the most frank. He glanced at Mr. Hunter and said directly:

"With our strength, to hunt a pirate general, isn't that just killing him?"

Hulk felt that his doubts would be echoed by most people, but unfortunately, he accidentally found that no one agreed with his ideas.

He turned his head to look at Gattuso beside him. The latter slowly turned around and gave him a calm look. Then he turned upwards and asked curiously:

"Miss Louise, do you want to replace Vice Admiral Disease and become the new pirate admiral?"

Louise smiled and responded, "Why not?"

Gattuso glanced at the unusually calm Mr. Hunter out of the corner of his eyes, then smiled faintly and said:

"Nothing is impossible, I believe in your strength."

Hearing this, Hulk suddenly widened his eyes. He had been staying on the boat for a while and had little contact with Louise. He only knew that the latter was a good friend of Master Joyce, but he did not expect her It turned out to be a powerful Beyonder with the strength of a "pirate general"!

At this time, Mr. Hunter asked:

"Miss, do you want to hunt Lieutenant General Disease alone, or do you want to destroy her entire fleet?"


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