Mystery: The Witch and the Calamity - Chapter 538 The purpose of the "Tarot Club"

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Sure enough, history is written by the victors. In the Fourth Epoch and beyond, there are still a lot of mists hidden, even the secrets deliberately created by the gods.

Klein silently scattered Roselle's diary in his hand and announced aloud:

"You can communicate freely."

With Louise's role in the "Tarot Club", she did not speak in a hurry, but silently watched the transaction between everyone.

Unlike last week, Emlyn the "Moon" today seemed very excited. He was the first to ask for a request, and said to Alger:

"Mr. Hanged Man, I have enough gold pounds. When will you get the blood baron's legacy from that great pirate?"

Alger's face was slightly stiff, and he glanced at the thoughtful "Hermit" out of the corner of his eyes, and then agreed:

"Very good, wait for my reply."

Miss Justice is always curious about new members, but instead of asking directly, she looked at Mr. World at the head of the long bronze table and asked with a smile:

"Have you got the Beyonder characteristics of the 'psychiatrist' we mentioned before?"

Audrey had already become a Beyonder of Sequence Seven. She bought the trait to give it to Susie, but Cattleya the Hermit didn't know about it, which caused her eyes to fall on Justice. surprised.

The "Psychiatrist" was very keen on this kind of gaze, so Audrey quickly turned around and looked at her, only to meet a pair of lavender eyes, and then she found that the "hermit" seemed to be more than expected More powerful, did she see something from herself?

At this time, Klein controlled The World with a hoarse voice and said:

"If you book, 1,800 pounds, I will deliver the Beyonder characteristics to you as soon as possible."

Audrey has no objection to this. Although she also knows that there is a slight premium, she doesn't care that she is currently in a good financial situation, and then agrees in a brisk tone:

"Ok, no problem."

Although he has seen it many times, he is occasionally stinged by Miss Justice's attitude of treating money like dung. Klein couldn't help but pause for a while, and said nothing.

Afterwards, Derrick the Sun continued to ask with anticipation:

"Do you have any clues to find the 'red crown of the rooster of dawn, and the fruit of the 'Brilliant Qiling Tree'?"

Unfortunately, there was still silence in the hall.

However, unlike in the past, Cattleya joined the "Tarot Club" today. She looked around and found that no one spoke, so she tentatively said:

"I have channels to get the materials you want, but what can you exchange for it?"

Derrick, who had failed two "Tarot Clubs", was inexplicably surprised. He looked at the new member "The Hermit" with a bright smile, and replied happily:

"The history of the City of Silver, or extraordinary materials of equivalent value... Oh, yes, I almost forgot to tell you that the City of Silver I am in is the 'land abandoned by God' in your mouth."

Cattleya finally showed a shocked expression. She never imagined that this young looking Mr. Sun actually came from the legendary "Land Abandoned by Gods"!

It's like you grew up listening to a fairy tale, and one day after growing up, you found out that the protagonist of the story suddenly appeared in front of you.

This may sound absurd, but the other members around are indifferent, obviously already aware of this fact, not to mention, the organizer of this "Tarot Club" is Mr. Fool who is suspected of being a god... Could it be that he Did he just wake up from the "Land Forsaken by God"?

For a while, Cattleya's thoughts were flying, but it was obviously not the time to think. She quickly regained her composure and simply replied:

"In exchange for the history of the City of Silver."

Immediately after, she asked seriously:

"Can I pass this history on to others?"

Of course, she was thinking of telling Bernadette, hoping that this information about the "Land Abandoned by God" would be helpful to her, and perhaps she could return to her side...

However, Cattleya's question stumped Little "Sun". He had never been in contact with the human world other than the "Tarot Club", so he didn't know how to answer for a while.

In fact, Derrick didn't care about the "Hermit"'s request. After all, even if someone knew the history of the City of Silver, he would not be able to cause any loss to the City of Silver... If someone could really come from the outside world To the City of Silver, then Derrick should be more than happy!

What he was worried about was, if he agreed to the "Hermit" lady, would he break the rules of the "Tarot Club"? Will it cause Mr. Fool's dissatisfaction?

However, Mr. Fool said nothing, as if he didn't care about these little things at all.

So, Derrick turned his eyes for help to Miss Power, who was sitting opposite him. The latter smiled and made a skillful decision:

"The purpose of the 'Tarot Club' is equal exchange. Since you have paid the price and obtained knowledge, the right to deal with this knowledge will naturally fall into your hands."

"However, I need to remind you that another purpose of the 'Tarot Society' is to be secretive, which is the premise for Mr. Fool to call us here."

Hearing this, Alger suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. It was clear that he and Justice were the first members of the "Tarot Club"... But after thinking about it, As Miss Power, as Mr. Fool's favored person, it is reasonable to say this.

At the same time, Klein felt a little weird in his heart. The purpose of the "Tarot Club" should be established by me, right?

However, Miss Power's statement is also in line with his own wishes, so forget it.

Afterwards, Louise changed her conversation, looked at the "hermit" beside her, and said casually:

"The history of the City of Silver is of no use to her at all. You are just doing nothing."

Cattleya's pupils shrank, and her scrutinizing eyes fell on the "power" who was speaking. The purple in her eyes gradually deepened, but she still couldn't see more through the gray fog... So, she After a moment of silence, he pretended to be ignorant and said:

"I don't understand you."

Louise smiled lightly, and didn't mean to expose her identity in public, but just said something noncommittal:

"As you please, I just remind you, don't try to challenge the "Tarot Club" and the authority of "The Fool"."

"The Hermit" Cattleya suddenly had an illusion, the tone of the "power" in front of her when speaking, sounded very similar to Bernadette!

Quickly dismissing this absurd thought in her mind, she turned to the head of the long bronze table and asked:

"Mr. Fool, please allow me to share the history of the City of Silver with a very important person."


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