Mystery: The Witch and the Calamity - Chapter 579 The maid understands...

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"Hey, what are you doing?"

Emily's thoughts were suddenly forced to stop, her eyes were full of shock, and she let out an exclamation.

Because Louise's hand was constantly moving under her body, during which she inevitably touched some sensitive positions, and even her dress had become half-untwisted.

"I'm taking revenge on you!"

The corners of Louise's mouth twitched upwards, her smile was bright and ambiguous, her fingers were slightly forced, and she continued:

"I'm the potion that helps you digest Joy! Just like the night before you gave me the Assassin potion, have you forgotten, dear Miss Emily?"

Emily's face blushed quickly, she wanted to break free but couldn't, she could only exclaim in a tone of grief and confusion:

"But you're a woman now!"

The movements of Louise's hands did not stop at all, causing Emily to snort and smile with satisfaction:

"That's why you can't play "Happy", it's too rigid, why can't women?"

Emily was a little flustered, and said indifferently:

"Stop, if you continue, I'm going to call for help!"

These words sound familiar... Louise suddenly got a little excited, and finally felt a sense of being a bad guy, her smile widened, and she responded easily:

"Okay, you shout, I don't mind."

"But don't forget your current posture, it seems a little unsightly, and it's all my people outside. Do you think it's any use for you to call for help?"

Emily didn't speak anymore, because she couldn't say any more complete words. She just bit her lip and looked sad, but she didn't lack the excitement brought by the long-lost pleasure.

But Louise never spared Emily at all, and continued to tease:

"How, the difference between men and women is not the same, right?"

"When I was in the stage of the Sequence Six "Witch of Pleasure", it only took me a short time to digest the potion. I believe it will be of great reference to you."

"But from the looks of you, since you became the "Witch of Pleasure", you have never enjoyed real pleasure, or else you shouldn't have such a big reaction."

"Oh, the look in your eyes tells me I guessed right."

"How about it, does the night you once in Bayam come to your mind now, but you seem to be more excited than then, is it because you are bound? Or is it your guilt towards me, Is it stimulating your heart and making you want to stop?"

Louise's tempting words that pointed directly to her heart kept coming in her ears. Emily was completely incapable of refuting, and even had a thought that made her feel ashamed:

"She seems to be right!"

As a "Witch of Pleasure", another woman completely captured her innermost thoughts, and that woman was the "little guy" who was led on the path of "witch" by herself.

The other party has changed from a man to a woman, and he has also changed from the one in control of the situation to a passive and shackled weak party. The gap and complex mood here are related to Louise's hands that are constantly straying from her body. And the invisible filaments add radiance and radiance to each other, making Emily about to reach the real "joy".

However, all of a sudden, Louise stopped all movements, and at the same time retracted the invisible filament that bound Emily, and released the latter's imprisonment.

Emily didn't want to be surprised. After regaining her mobility, she would not fall to the ground, but because of Louise's "torture" just now, she was a little weak, and she couldn't help but take a sigh of relief before standing up.

She stood up and looked directly at Louise face to face, her face still blushing, obviously shy, but she asked angrily:

"Why did it stop suddenly?"

Louise raised her eyebrows, leaned forward slightly, her face gradually approached Emily, and she could even smell the seductive aura emanating from the latter.

She blew a light breath and said with a spring breeze on her face:

"Is it possible, do you like the feeling just now?"

"It doesn't matter, as long as you answer me honestly, I will satisfy you, just like we used to be."

Only then did Emily react, her mentality was a little out of balance just now, shyness took over most of her emotions again, and she stubbornly defended in a low voice:

"I...I'm not!"

Until now, she finally found sadly that Qiao Yinsi was no longer the Qiao Yinsi she used to be, and that she was not the opponent of the woman in front of her at all. In any way, she had completely become the "prey" of her opponent.

Louise smiled at this, and stopped teasing, and instead said seriously:

"From today, you belong to me, and I need to be able to retaliate against you at any time, without having to refute, because you have no right to refuse."

Emily opened her mouth slightly, and after hearing the decisive words behind Louise, she didn't say anything at the end, and seemed to acquiesce to this matter.

But soon, she suddenly thought of something, and categorically denied:

"No, I can't do that."

Louise glanced at it, and asked in a bad tone:

"So, are you going to reject me?"

Emily shook her head, and after a moment of silence, she said in a low voice:

"Didn't you just ask me why I was in a coma? The reason is very simple, because I am being chased and killed, and the enemy is very powerful, all I can do is to escape."

Then, she spread her hands and said helplessly:

"And you also saw that although I managed to save my life from that person, if I hadn't met you, I would probably have sunk to death in that nightmare."

Seeing Emily speak so seriously, Louise also restrained her joking thoughts and asked with a slight frown:

"When you were in a coma, were you having nightmares?"

Emily nodded slightly, and she suddenly thought of something that made her already calm face turn a little red again. She glanced at Louise and further described:

"Actually, it's not a nightmare. It's just that the many unforgettable experiences that have happened to me are constantly circulating in my mind, and I can't wake up by myself."

"So, thank you very much for your help and that Miss Audience." She thanked her very seriously.

Louise's face froze, Tong Kong opened slightly, and asked:

"The nightmares you have are all unforgettable things that you have experienced personally, that is to say, the story between us is also circulating in your dreams?"

Emily was a little strange, but nodded anyway:

"The story between you and me is one of the most repeated experiences."

Louise blinked, and suddenly she was at a loss for words, which means that the maid knows her past with Emily!

Just now, in the process of treating Emily, Sophia took a long time. Louise thought it was because the problem was more serious. Could it be that the lady maid deliberately delayed it for a while?

Although it wasn't a big deal, that experience was considered a short piece of "dark history" for Louise. She didn't tell anyone else about it, but now it's the lady maid who told her about it.

Well, Sophia has always been very caring and should not damage her tall image... Louise comforted herself in her heart.

Then, she looked at Emily again, returned to the serious topic, and asked:

"Who is your enemy?"

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