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The "Natural Body Sect" is indeed a secret organization that has not been around for a long time. It lacks prudence in its actions, and even the old nest is not guarded.

Even if there are guards, it can never stop Louise and Emily from breaking in, but you are not willing to set up a sentry, is it too perfunctory!

The two swaggered through the gate like this, and the familiar aura they felt outside the villa became stronger and stronger, and Emily, who was also a "witch", also felt this aura.

Because this is the breath of "joy".

Different from the joy of the "Witch", the breath exuding from the villa in front of him was full of evil and strange feeling, and a kind of crazy restlessness could be clearly felt from it.

Emily couldn't help frowning and asked, "What is this place?"

The smile at the corner of Louise's mouth turned cold slightly, and she replied calmly:

"A secret organization that believes in evil gods."

After saying that, she waved the door of the villa slammed open.

But even if there was such a big movement, the enemy had already come to the door, and the members of the "Natural Body Sect" inside the villa didn't seem to notice it at all.

What catches the eye is a ridiculous and strange scene that people can't look directly at, and I don't know how to describe it.

In the entire hall of the villa, there are more than dozens of people, but all of them are naked. Men and women are hugging each other, and their movements are absurd. beautiful thing.

Even when the door was violently blasted open, no one was awakened.

When did Emily ever see such a scene, she almost subconsciously took a half step back and looked sideways at Louise beside her.

Louise is well-informed. Although she is surprised, she doesn't have too complicated feelings. After all, ordinary people have a hard time resisting when faced with the extraordinary abilities of the Extraordinary. for too.

She raised her right hand and clenched it gently. In an instant, the moans in the hall stopped abruptly, and everyone fell to the ground at the same time.

If you observe carefully, most of the men and a small number of women have already died of bleeding from their seven orifices, while the rest just passed out in a coma... The two are also very distinguishable. The dead have one thing in common, that is, their necks There is a similar evil blue tattoo on it.

Intelligence shows that this is a necessary process to join the members of the "Celestial Sect". These people have already believed in the "Mother Tree of Desire" and have no need to live, so Louise is not worried that she has killed the wrong person at all.

However, there are no Beyonders in this hall at all, so where did the leader of the "Celestial Sect", Follett Ken go?

The scene in front of her couldn't have formed spontaneously, it was more like some kind of evil ritual, so Louise just shot decisively and solved everyone.

If the ritual is destroyed, then the person who secretly manipulates the ritual will naturally be unable to hide it.

Louise heard some movement from upstairs, and immediately set off to the stairs, and at the same time gave Emily a command:


He stepped lightly, walked over a dozen stairs, and came to a secret room on the second floor. He was about to break in, but found that the door was opened from the inside, and a man in his thirties walked out with a gaunt face, but his eyes were full. Bright and scary man.

This person is the leader of the "Celestial Sect", Freight Ken, the "madman" of Sequence Eight.

I don't know what he did. It seemed that there was not much sanity left, and he was stunned for a moment. He glanced at the two women in front of him, and asked strangely:

"who are you?"

Louise naturally wouldn't answer, but asked in a deep voice:

"What did you do in the room?"

Flatter Ken laughed "Haha", the corners of his mouth grinned, looking a little crazy, and said with a big laugh:

"You are **** who ruined the ritual!"

We all know that we broke the ceremony, what are we laughing at, and our brains are not normal... Louise has no intention of entanglement with the "madman", and is about to take control of it, because she feels a presence in the house in front of her. An aura that makes one's spiritual madness warn.

However, just after she released the invisible filaments, trying to restrain Flatt Ken, she suddenly found that the latter's smile was getting more and more wild, and she even bent down with laughter.

And when he straightened his back, his entire face was beyond recognition, his eyes bulged out of his eye sockets, the corners of his mouth grinned to his ears, his sharp teeth were exposed, and a foul smell was emitted.

"Be careful, he's about to lose control."

Even if she lost control and turned into a monster, it was just a Sequence Eight. Of course, Louise would not be afraid. She waved her hand and threw a large cloud of black flames. At the same time, Emily, who was standing beside her, did the same. attack.

But what no one expected was that Flat Ken, who was about to become a monster, did not rush up, but turned around and smashed the door, breaking into the secret room he had just walked out of.

What is this situation, about to get out of control, but suddenly regaining sanity?

Louise's reaction was not unpleasant. She followed the secret room without hesitation, and ordered Emily to say:

"Stay here."

The space in the secret room is not big, probably only less than twenty square meters, so even if Louise came in two seconds late, the items in the secret room were almost destroyed by Flat Ken.

Louise could only vaguely see that a ceremony was being held in this secret room, and there was a certain wooden statue placed on the altar, but now it has been completely destroyed into powder and cannot be restored.

With the destruction of the ceremony, the sense of season that made the spirituality take the initiative to warn also disappeared.

And Flat Ken, who took the initiative to destroy all of this, seemed to finally be unable to suppress the tendency to lose control. He turned his head and showed a terrifying smile to Louise. He completely turned into a monster and rushed towards Louise in front of him.

The Beyonder that was out of control could not be channeled at all and had no value at all. Louise simply disposed of it. Even the monster that Follett Ken had turned into was burnt to ashes, leaving only a miniature. The gray blob of the brain.

The Beyonder characteristics of "Madman" are unfortunately contaminated and can no longer be used... but there may be some other uses.

Louise put it away, looked around, focused on the pile of sawdust, and found nothing of value, then walked out of the secret room.

"It's over?" Emily asked.

Louise nodded slightly and didn't speak, as if she was a little disinterested.

Flatt Ken was out of control a little abruptly, and on the eve of his loss of control, his reason should have been completely lost, but he did not attack Louise frantically, instead he rushed into the secret room and destroyed the ceremony he had prepared. Lost.

It's like he doesn't want Louise to see anything.

And once she thinks that Flat Ken believes in the "Mother Tree of Desire", this makes Louise even more incomprehensible.

Even if Follett Ken is praying to the "Mother Tree of Desire" or performing some kind of ritual, is it necessary to destroy the ritual before it gets out of control?

Is it just to keep yourself from seeing something?

This is too stingy, and people who believe in evil gods should try their best to expand their followers... Louise shook her head, unable to understand such behavior.

Then, she glanced sideways at Emily, smiled and said:

"See, this is the way to solve the problem, it's simple and fast, and there's no trouble."

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