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After waiting for a few seconds, nothing strange appeared, the air was filled with a speechless and embarrassing atmosphere, Louise could even feel a crow flying slowly above her head, leaving a series of question marks.

"Should be, it's hard to guess wrong?"

Whispering softly, he picked up two books with a puzzled expression, and weighed each of them in his heart, but he did not find anything unusual.

For the two books, Louise's exploration methods can't work, even if she wants to study one or two, she can't do it unless she chooses to enter the story of "Grossel's Travels".

But since arriving on Olavi Island, there have been enough troublesome things to look at, and they are basically difficult to deal with. It is obviously suitable to carry out risky things at a cost. If you spend 8,000 pounds on a book, it is useless. If you can only press the warehouse, it will be a loss.

As for another more serious reason, Louise felt that her guess was a problem. As an Extraordinary, and an ordinary Extraordinary, she was very confident in her "spiritual intuition" and could absolutely aimlessly.

"What opportunity do you need?"

Standing with his elbows on the table, pushing his hands against the bar, he lowered his head and looked back between the two books.

Suddenly, Louise's expression changed slightly, her eyes fixed on the "wordless book" without a name on the left hand side. At that moment, I felt that the book seemed to have some subtle changes, that kind of very slight inexplicable. fluctuated, and seemed to resonate with himself in some way.

Yu, after a brief hesitation, released a spiritual flame and slowly dropped it onto the cover of the book.

Unexpectedly, the "wordless book", which had no response to spirituality at all, has now absorbed the entire spiritual flame.

Louise stared, staring at the changes that were about to take place, and staring at it, the spiritual flame seemed to turn around in the book, suddenly emerged from the cover, and quickly spread to the entire surface of the book, including the stickers. The title page of the desktop.

Then, without any control, the "Book of No Words" actually turned the page on its own, although there was still no word on the face.

Then, a miraculous thing happened. As its pages were broken and opened, "Grossel's Travels" on the right hand side seemed to be outdone, and even took the initiative to open its own cover.

In the same way, a book has no words, and a book is full of handwriting, and the two books seem to be in direct comparison.

But how thick can a book be, not to mention that "Grossel's Travels" doesn't even have an ending, so without much effort, the two books turned to the last page.

The difference was immediately revealed. Because "Grossel's Travels" has no ending, the last few pages are glued together and cannot be separated at all, while "Wordless Book" has no worries.

Louise suddenly felt that the "Book without Words" wanted to turn the last few pages too. Unfortunately, it tried hard for a while, but it couldn't even shake the foot of the book.

Although a little polite, but in the scene, it seems that one is desperately pursuing the other, but in the end, he finds that he has only been doing useless work.

"Does a book even give a sense of decadence?"

Louise looked back at the two books with interest, and they were only a few pages away from turning to the end. Even though the pages of the "Wordless Book" were not glued together, it was because of the last few pages of "Grossel's Travels". Can't be flipped, so it can't be flipped anymore.

It persisted for a few seconds, and the "wordless book" gave up, or because the spiritual flame that belonged to Louise that covered the surface of the book dissipated. The wave resonance also disappeared.

In the same way, "Grossel's Travels" also stayed on the page of the last word, as if there had been any change.

Louise probed for a while and found that the two books had indeed returned to normal, and their magical performance had not reappeared.

"Sure enough, my guess is correct. There is some mysterious and close connection between "Grossel's Travels" and "Wordless Books"."

He muttered to himself, raised his hand and closed the two books, silently analyzing:

"The changes just now show that if you want to figure out the hidden connection between the two books, you should complete the ending of "Grossel's Travels"."

Only, Louise didn't have time to finish something.

I know that once I enter the story of "Grossel's Travels", there will be some unexpected changes and an expected ending because of the "wordless book".

The mysterious enemy who was chasing Emily can be found everywhere. If Louise happened to be trapped in "Grossel's Travels" at that time, it would be difficult to get the answers she wanted, the unacceptable things.

"Well, anyway, I just didn't give the "Wordless Book" to Adam, and I was researching things myself, eager to get one."

Louise figured it out a little, so she didn't continue to struggle with the matter, and solemnly put away the two simple books, and, since Follett Ken's tainted "madman" characteristics.

Things that are useless to the eyes do not mean that they are useless forever, a Beyonder characteristic that can be polluted by the past, and it will be useful at a certain moment.

After packing up, Louise suddenly thought that since Klein had already handed over "Grossel's Travels" to herself, it meant that he had reached Olavi Island?

"The messenger sister who still wants to borrow one, don't run away!"


In the "Sweet Lemon" bar, after Klein showed his identity as a Beyonder adventurer, he was naturally invited by the "Adventurer Mutual Aid Association".

After temporarily walking away from the shadow of Louise's belt, Bilt Brando regained his former demeanor and self-confidence, got up, and stretched out his right hand:

"Welcome to Oravi, adventurer friend."

Klein kept Gehrman's design, his face was grim, and he simply reached out and touched the opponent.

Bilt Brando also agreed After inviting the other party to sit, he opened his mouth to tell a familiar set of rhetoric, and finally invited the other party to join the "Adventurer's Mutual Aid Association", and routinely expressed goodwill:

"There are few good things here, what do you want to buy?"

Klein asked for some auxiliary materials, but it was difficult to find, so he didn't take the opportunity to ask for it, and asked the question he was most concerned about:

"Need a piece of information."

Bilt Brando smiled slightly, leaned back on the soft sofa cushion, took a leisurely sip of a cigar, and said confidently:

"It's a coincidence, and I know little information, so please tell me."

Klein glanced at the other party, his eyes swept away from the bodyguard behind the latter, and then said:

"Want to know, whether the latest information on Agaritu the "King of Death" is still staying in the nearby waters?"

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