Mystery: The Witch and the Calamity - Chapter 595 Fight for "Gelman"

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Hearing Klein's words in a cold but flat tone, Bilt Brando almost choked on his cigar, and when he regained a relaxed state, he straightened his back straight, even in disbelief.

"Why do you ask the "King of Death" information again! Are they all afraid of death?"

Louise, who had a relationship with the "disease general" first, took a look at the mysterious and strong guy not long after, and asked the question: Is the "King of Death" still staying in the nearby waters?

The word "return" means that the traces of the "King of Death" near Olavi Island have been known for a long time, and now only the validity of the information has been confirmed..., when did the information of the pirate king become valuable? ?

Bilt Brando's eyes were deep and sharp, and he looked at the man coldly, blew the smoke from the cigar just now, and said in a low voice:

"A known name."

Klein was fearless and answered lightly:

"Gehrman Sparrow."

Bilt Brando raised his eyelids, obviously not familiar with the adventurer who has gained fame recently, and then asked after a moment of silence:

"What is the information of the "King of Death" for?"

Klein found something right. An adventurer collects information on the pirate king. Although it is rare, the other party is also showing his behavior. Is it difficult to hide his secrets?

Appearance is dull, but inwardly he asks cautiously:

"Is it a demand relationship?"

Bilt Brando took another sip of the cigar, seemed to have figured out something and suddenly relaxed a little, then shook his finger and said:

"Of course not. Just two happened to be an adventurer who bought the information of the "King of Death", so I was just a little surprised... After all, few dare to attack the idea of ​​​​the pirate king."

"The answer to that is very simple, the "King of Death" still stayed in the nearby waters and did not leave, as if waiting for something, and the deputy of "King of Death", "Dead Whisperer" Heisam Matic, Hidden somewhere in the corner of Oravi Island."

Who wants to fight the idea of ​​"King of Death", he just wants to judge whether Oravi Island is safe... Klein retorted in his heart.

As for me, I have already inquired about the information of the "King of Death", and looking at Bilt's attitude, it seems that he is very jealous of that, will it be dangerous?

As for the "Dead Whisperer" Heysam Matic, he is only a Sequence Five Beyonder at most. Klein thinks that he can still deal with it, and it will be dangerous.

Then, after getting the information he wanted, Klein said goodbye and left.

Bilt Brando got up to see off the guest, with a friendly smile on the corner of his mouth, as if he was in a wrong mood. Klein's figure moved out of sight, immediately restrained the smile on the corner of his mouth, and turned to command the hand behind him:

"Send the news to the manor in the suburbs, and a strong Beyonder who calls himself Gehrman Sparrow took the information of the "King of Death"."

The dutiful bodyguard was about to agree, but suddenly felt a chilling maliciousness spread from the building, and he swallowed the words that came to his mouth because of shock.

At the same time, Bilt Brando naturally discovered the smell of Lou, madness, evil, depravity... It was nothing compared to the chaotic scene caused by the two Louises.

"Why always?"

Bilt Brando figured it out and established the "Adventurer's Mutual Aid Association". The principles help each other and be kind. Why do they always suffer from such hardships?

Going upstairs quickly, I saw Gehrman Sparrow confronting a man who looked more gentle.

Although the man looked like a gentleman on the surface, Bilt Brando didn't think so, and the customers in the "Sweet Lemon" bar would think so too, because they all recognized the identity of the eye man:

The deputy of "King of the Dead", "Dead Whisperer" Huysam Matic.

I'll find it... Bilt Brando thought suddenly.

The hand that sent the monitoring "Sect Sect" had already sent back the news, and the "Sect Sect" fell silently.

"Dead Whisperer" Heisam Matic, the leader of the "Physical Sect", Follett Ken, crossed the information that had already been determined, and Bilt Brando told Louise the news, which indirectly led to the "physical sect". The demise of the sect".

Now, "Dead Whisperer" Heisam Matic will take revenge on himself when he goes to the "Sweet Lemon" bar?

Looking for the direct murderer Louise, but looking for it, bullying the honest!

Bilt Brando's thoughts flew, and he was very fortunate to see the "Dead Whisperer" Heisam Matic forming a confrontation with the guy who called himself Gehrman Sparrow.

, Klein's mood is so beautiful, he only collects news, and even plans to leave the bar, how can he meet "Dead Whisperer" Heisam Matic?

Although I believe that my strength will be more than that of the opponent, such a high-risk battle does not have to happen.

Unfortunately, as soon as "Dead Whisperer" Heizam Matic walked into the door of the "Sweet Lemon" bar, he immediately focused his attention on Klein, making the latter do what he wanted to pretend to see.

Perhaps the "devil"'s keen sense of danger made him think that he was the most dangerous in the bar, but it was just a stressful reaction just now. He didn't think about hunting at all... Klein wanted to cry but had no tears, that's fine. To escape, and willing to fight to the death, can only face him silently.

As a result, "Dead Whisperer" Heisam Matic was the first to speak, and his voice was strangely warm:

"Qillingus died in the hands?"

Klein's face was moving, but in fact a heart had already been raised, and he replied calmly:

"To ask."

Matic laughed lightly, like a friend chatting, and then asked:

"Follette Ken killed?"

Klein frowned slightly, showing some doubts. One of them didn't hear Follett Ken's name at all, so naturally he could kill the other party, and the other was to do it on purpose for the other party to see... Then, he answered in a low voice Saying Dead Whisperer" Heisam Matic knew what was wrong with Klein's answer, so he didn't ask any further questions, but said with a smile:

"Then please get out of the way."

A notorious pirate with a reward of 10,000 pounds actually said the word "please". If Klein had said it, he would have escaped long ago, but his current identity is a crazy adventurer, Gehrman Sparrow.

Now that he has left, Gehrman Sparrow's reputation for bullying the soft and fearing the hard will spread all over the island of Oravi, and even quickly spread to the surrounding waters.

In that case, Gehrman Sparrow's design will completely collapse, and the hard work will be in vain for a long time.

So, I really want to fight... I sighed silently in my heart, Klein's eyes narrowed slightly, and he asked coldly:

"What if you refuse?"

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