Mystery: The Witch and the Calamity - Chapter 609 In Klein's eyes, Louise is all out

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It could be said that Klein was the most nervous person on this ship.

He even took one step ahead of everyone, and with a flash of fire, he left the cabin and came to the deck.

Right in front of the route, a huge sailboat with two high upturned heads approached. The hull was pitch black, exactly the same as the sinister and depraved black possessed by the "Dead Whisperer".

The whole ship was shrouded in a thick black mist, making it impossible to see the specific situation on the deck, making it even more eerie and terrifying.

"Death", "Undying King" really came.

"Why is it here?"

Klein looked solemn, and an indescribable strange feeling appeared in his heart.

He was not surprised that the "Death" appeared in the nearby waters, because this was the result of the divination above the gray fog. What really made him unbelievable was, why did the "Death" take the initiative to appear in front of him?

In his expectation, he would need to search for an unknown period of time to have a chance to find the "undead king". He even considered that "demon" has the ability to sense danger, maybe "undead king" left early. Also very likely.

Moreover, Miss Power appeared to be fearless, and seemed to be dismissive of the "Undying King", which gave Klein a lot of confidence.

After much deliberation, Klein really agreed to the request to cooperate to find the "Undying King", but he never imagined that on the first day he just went to sea, the "Death" actually took the initiative to greet him.

Could it be that the "undead king" felt the danger, so he turned around and actively hunted his group?

Or, is there some kind of tacit understanding hidden between the "Undead King" and Miss Power?

Thinking of the fact that after going to sea, he was left out and not even asked about the specific direction, Klein thought of an absurd possibility:

"Could it be that Miss Power already knew that the Undying King would appear?"

While his thoughts were racing, there were steady footsteps behind him. Klein looked back and saw that it was Louise and the others who walked out of the cabin in an orderly manner.

"The response is very fast, Mr. Gehrman, it is my honor to have a collaborator like you."

Finding that Klein appeared on the deck first, Louise was not surprised at all, but was in the mood to make a joke.

However, Klein has no intention of joking. Although his current strength has improved a lot compared to Backlund's time, it is still far from enough to see in front of Miss Power. It is best to be cautious.

"The 'Undead King' is here." He said in a low voice.

"I saw it."

Louise replied briefly, walked to the bow, and found that the thick black fog wrapped around the hull of the "Death" in the distance seemed to have life, and was spreading to the surrounding, as if it could affect the darkness in the heart. Emotions, full of vicious perceptions.

"Looks like 'Death' doesn't have much good intentions for us."

Hearing this, Klein was a little surprised. Why was it the "death to death" and not the "undead king"?

He didn't believe that Miss Power would make such a slip of the tongue, so thinking of the rumors about the "undead king", could it be that the "death" is the real "undead king"?

He said without squinting: "You already expected the current situation?"

Louise didn't turn around, she just focused on looking at the "Death", and did not answer Klein's question. Seeing the two ships approaching quickly, she said directly:

"Since the battle is inevitable, let's give it a try."

"I will deal with Agaritu and Matic. As for the other crew members on the 'Death', I will leave it to you. I don't ask for much results, and save myself as the first premise."

Before he finished speaking, before Klein, the maid and the others could answer, the "Death" not far away suddenly boiled, and the viscous black mist on the hull almost condensed into a pitch-black liquid, overwhelming the sky. Come here.

Klein's heart moved, and he recognized that these black liquids were exactly the same as "Dead Whisperer" Matic's methods, but they were much higher in scale and spirituality.

With a slight glance in his eyes, he found that Miss Power beside him suddenly had a translucent long sword in his hand, which looked a bit ordinary, and didn't even have any spirituality.

However, what is qualified to appear in Miss Power's hand can't be simple, and although the long sword looks ordinary, it appears without warning and silently.

I finally had the opportunity to witness the battle of Miss Power. I believe that with the reputation of the "Undying King", Miss Power should be able to make all her efforts, right?

Afterwards, Louise suddenly rose into the air. Klein observed carefully and found that Miss Power was only relying on the wind, and did not even show any spiritual fluctuations.

This method exceeds the level of the middle sequence, and is close to the rules. Could it be that the long sword is a "0" level sealed item?

Just when Klein was Louise was already obscured by the black liquid released from the "Death", and she found that all the attacks were directed at her. , completely ignoring everyone on the boat under him.

In an instant, the majestic black liquid suddenly formed a huge sphere, trapping Louise firmly inside.

Klein raised his eyebrows, but found that the faces of the ladies around him were all calm, and there was no sign of panic at all. Obviously, he had already been vaccinated, so he felt relieved.

What's strange about him is that even though Miss Power is the most powerful fighting force on his side, his group of people has been completely ignored like this?

The situation is a bit weird, and you have to be more careful when a battle breaks out… Klein thought.

However, in less than two seconds, an astonishingly hot wave burst from the sky, and the black liquid that had trapped Louise dissipated in the blink of an eye, as if it was melted instantly.

The heat wave hit the face, not only the body, but also the spirituality felt the burning sensation that seemed to be real. At the same time, there was a wave of waves on the sea. I don't know how much seawater evaporated, and it also caused a white fog.

The figure of Miss Power reappeared in front of her eyes. She seemed to be undamaged. The corners of her clothes were slightly blown by the breeze that came from nowhere, and she stepped on a mass of orange fire lotuses that kept exuding heat waves. Fire Spirit.

"Put the boat over there."

Leaving a simple command, Louise flew forward without hesitation, appeared in the sky above the "Death" in the blink of an eye, and swung down the long sword in her hand.

A dazzling silver-white lightning appeared in the void, and there was a thunderous explosion in the ear, and it was like a punishment from the sky to the "death call" below.

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