Naruto Coming To Marvel - Chapter 740 Chen Haoran's curtain call

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At the critical moment, Chen Haoran grew flaming wings to envelop him, and the extremely high temperature burned off the spider webs on his body. At the same time, he resisted this wave of attacks. Although he was thrown away, his injuries were not serious.


In the command room, Hill looked at the situation on the various screens with a serious expression on his face. Today's incident was even more serious than the last time Fei Duan attacked S.H.I.E.L.D.

At this time, Duoyou also played the flute and blew out ghosts to attack the blocked gates in front of him. These alloy gates can block physical attacks, but they cannot block spiritual attacks.

The heavily armed field agents behind the alloy gate all collapsed to the ground without firing a single bullet.

After solving the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents here, Tayuya played the flute and walked towards the next direction.

In the other video, Zuojin Youjin was using physical skills to kill the agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Even if the opponent used high-explosive grenades, time bombs, etc., they didn't hurt Zuojin Youjin.

Jirofang went on a rampage. The walls of S.H.I.E.L.D. looked like paper in front of him. He smashed through the walls and killed the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents hiding behind, but his own counterattack was easily resolved by the other party.

There were also 6 women with the same appearance in the surveillance, killing in different places. Watching the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents dying in the video, Hill's heart was bleeding.

Looking at the countdown display in front of him, there are still 120 seconds left. If it weren't for the help of the ninja Kirigakure, Hill would have wanted to detonate the base and die with the group of tone ninjas.

It's a pity that they didn't study how Otonin escaped the missile attack, and S.H.I.E.L.D. did not dare to play this method of extinction. After all, they didn't destroy the enemy and destroyed themselves. That would be a huge digestion.

At this time, three minutes had passed since SHIELD asked for help, and a SHIELD base in New York outside the central island had dispatched F22 fighter jets to the scene of the battle.

The pilot in the fighter plane: "Sir, the headquarters is surrounded by a red crystal barrier." "Launch missiles to see if we can break through."

"Yes, sir!"

The driver aimed at the barrier in front of him, pressed the red launch button, and two air-to-surface missiles were launched.


"Boom Boom!"

The two missiles collided with the barrier, and a violent explosion occurred. As the flames dissipated, no cracks appeared. "Sir, surface-to-air missiles can't break through the barrier, so apply for a missile with a higher yield."

At this moment, Honglian's figure appeared above the barrier, looking at the fighter plane in the sky in the distance, but after squinting at the opponent, she stopped paying attention. Such an attack could not break her barrier at all. the hall.

Kidomaru shook off the construction debris on his body and observed the surroundings.

Soon I saw Steve Rogers, who had just stood up, looking at the shield on the opponent's arm, showing a greedy look.

This is a good baby, it can block the arrows he shoots with power, and can reflect the received attacks, such a good thing should be handed over to them.

Then he glanced at Chen Haoran at the side. This guy has mastered the power of flames, and he can be regarded as a fire escape ninja. It is not to be underestimated, but the speed and reaction ability are a bit slow, which is not enough to worry about.

Chen Haoran looked at Steve, made a tactical move and took the lead in attacking Kidomaru. I saw him smashing his fists to the ground, the ground immediately burst open, and rushed towards Kidomaru's position. Kidomaru jumped, and jumped into the air to avoid the opponent's attack.


Just above the ground, where Kidomaru's combat power was just now, two flames shot up into the sky.

At this time, Steve was running at an accelerated speed, and kicked Kidomaru in the air with a volley. But he made up his mind that Kidomaru, who was in the air, had no way to use his strength, so he could only take his kick. 20 tons of kicking power, plus the power of running up, even if the opponent is a ninja, it will not be easy.

Facing Steve flying towards him, Kidomaru showed a smile on his face,

The chakra on his body exploded violently, he took out a sticky gold dart from behind, and shot it at Steve in front of him.


Because it has six arms, there are also a lot of sticky gold darts. If Steve does not change his moves, he will be pierced by his darts on the spot.

Sensing the danger, Steve immediately twisted his body and rolled to the side.

The original flying kick turned into a donkey rolling, and directly crashed into the ruins beside him. On the other side, Chen Haoran stretched out his arms and roared.


Following Chen Haoran's roar, he saw the flame wings behind him spread out again, and at the same time, one after another flame-shaped darts shot towards Kidomaru in the air.

"Boom boom boom!"

A large number of flame darts attacked Kidomaru's body, smashing it directly to the side of the stone pillar At the same time, the flame attack did not stop until the entire stone pillar shattered into pieces and fell down Only then did Chen Haoran stop his attack.

Chen Haoran, who retracted his flame wings, staggered. Although the attack just now was powerful, it consumed him a lot.

Chen Haoran took a breath and said, "Is he dead?"

At this time, Steve, who had just been thrown out, also came out, and said, "It should be dead."

At this moment, a thick arrow suddenly flew out from the shattered stone pile, pierced through Chen Haoran's abdomen in an instant, and nailed to the ground behind him, directly punching the ground into a huge deep pit.

Seeing this scene, Steve cried out in pain: "Chen" "Bang!"

The stone on Kidomaru's body collapsed, revealing him inside.

Kidomaru's appearance at this time is completely comfortable, but he turned on the second state and looks like an evil ghost, but under Chen Haoran's bombardment, he had no choice but to turn on his own state two, so he saved his life and used it just now Unleashed his own lore ninjutsu "Spider War Bow - Crack!"

"Fire man, your move just now is really powerful, I almost found your way." "You are the first person I recognize in this world, so you can die in peace."


Kidomaru raised his head and laughed frantically. With the status 2 turned on, he didn't think the two miscellaneous soldiers in front of him could bring him any harm. In the status 2, he had also killed Konoha's Jonin.

At this moment, Chen Haoran looked at the puncture wound the size of a bowl in his abdomen, and knew that he couldn't survive, so he turned his head to look at Steve and roared: "Run, Steve, you can't die here."


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