Naruto Coming To Marvel - Chapter 741 Kirigakure

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Hearing Chen Haoran's words, Steve's eyes became moist. He knew that as long as he persisted for 5 minutes, they would have reinforcements.

Can't even hold on for 5 minutes? "what!"

After speaking, Chen Haoran let out an angry roar, and a raging fire was burning on his body. The extremely high temperature of the flame made the air seem to be distorted.

However, in the next second, the flame burning on Chen Haoran's body shrank suddenly, and expanded again in an instant, sweeping away towards the surroundings.

When Chen Haoran roared with flames burning on his body, Steve knew what was going to happen next, and immediately ran back holding his shield.

On the other hand, Kidomaru didn't care at first, he didn't think that except for those few people on this planet, other people can bring any harm to themselves, even this guy who has mastered the flame, but the slap in the face is here so fast. "Bastard!"

Kidomaru let out a roar, and used six arms to protect his face, while using a substitute technique. "boom!"

A violent explosion sounded in the lobby of the SHIELD headquarters. Under this blow, all the unbroken glass in the building was shattered. The entire Trident building shook for a while, and then the first floor of the building began to collapse.

The third floor of the entire building became the first floor, and the first and second floors were directly reduced to ashes.

Seen from the outside, it was a violent flame slanted out from the hall on the first floor, and then slowly dissipated, the entire first and second floors of the Trident building were turned into fly ash.

However, the construction quality of the S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters was so good that it didn't collapse after losing one or two floors.

Back in time to the explosion, Steve saw Chen Haoran igniting himself, and immediately shrank into a ball to block behind the shield.

Following the bombardment of flames, Steve was directly blasted out, directly hit the Trident building of SHIELD, flew to the island outside, hit the crystal barrier and stopped this time stature.

Although hiding behind the vibrating gold shield, Steve was not safe and sound, even if he huddled into a ball, his whole body was still not protected, his limbs were burned extensively, and his hair was burnt instantly, turning into a bright brine Egg, but saved his life.

But Kidomaru didn't have such good luck, because everything happened so fast, he didn't have time to use psychic spells to dodge, even if he used a substitute technique, but because of the range, Kidomaru was still in the hall after the substitute, helpless He can only use 6 arms to block the front door, after all, he doesn't have vibrating gold and sound-absorbing steel protective gear.

After the flames passed, Kidoumaru was crushed under the ruins, and at this time the second state had also been lifted, four of the six arms had turned into coke, and his whole body was already dying and passed out.

Hill in the command room looked at the sacrificed Chen Haoran, with a tear streaming down his face.

Chen, who was in charge of their S.H.I.E.L.D.'s combat power, had great prospects and was determined to be a hero, died here. Obviously the other party still has a lot of potential to tap, and has a better future...

Hill once dissuaded Nick Fury from preparing to deal with Yin Ninja, but in the end he did not stop the director's order. Wiping the tears off his face, Hill looked up at the countdown on the big screen in front of him, ten seconds left.

I shouted in my heart: Hold on, everyone, reinforcements are coming. the other side.

The other three of the Otonin group also felt the shaking caused by the explosion, and they all frowned slightly, not knowing who had the accident, but at the same time, they accelerated the killing speed in their hands.

In the outside world, four Tomahawk missiles have been launched, aiming at the enchantment of the central island. "Boom boom boom boom boom!"

But Nick Fury, who was at the slingshot base, used his authority to activate the submarine hidden in the nearby waters and issued an attack order.

Four Tomahawk missiles slammed into the crystal barrier, causing the entire barrier to shake for a while, but under the transportation of Red Lotus Chakra, the entire barrier stabilized again.

After the smoke dissipated, it was still so bright.

Nick Fury, who saw this scene through the satellite image, frowned slightly. Even if Kirigakure arrived at this time, could he really break the barrier?

Terumi Mei took the three of them, this time

When I arrived outside the central island, I was a little surprised to see the barrier in front of me and said:

"Crystal escape?"

This is a very rare blood succession limit, even as Mizukage, she has only seen it in the village's information. Didn't expect such a person to be brought by Lord Charlotte?

Then Terumi Mei looked at Junmaro who was beside him, and wondered in his heart that this Jingdun was also a subordinate of that guy Orochimaru, right?

Seeing Terumi Mei's gaze, Junmaro said calmly, "Guren is also from Otonin Village." Terumi Mei murmured, "Guren?"

It seems that it is another female blood-stained boundary ninja, and it is not where Orochimaru abducted so many good seedlings. "It's been 5 minutes, it seems we arrived in time."

"Qing, can you see what's inside?"

Qing, who was standing aside, took off her and made seals: "White eyes, open!"

Qing looked towards the barrier in front of him, but found that his white eyes could not see the scene in the barrier in front of him at all, so he said:

"Mizukage-sama, my white eyes can't penetrate the barrier in front of me." "The ability of crystal escape seems to restrain my white eyes."

Can't see through the enchantment of Crystal Dun, Terumi Mei was thoughtful.

Then he put his hands on his chest and said slowly, "Which of you can break this barrier?"

Qing shook his head uncertainly, and said, "The environment here is very suitable for using Water Dungeon. I can try it with Dragon Palm, but I'm not too sure."

Bai said bluntly, "My ability cannot break through this barrier."

Jun Malu on the side didn't look at it, neither saying whether he could break through or not.

After all, when he was in Ninja World, Guren's strength was not as strong as it is now, and Guren was not his opponent at that time. Terumi Mei smiled and said, "In that case, let me do it."

"Boiling Escape · Skill of Mist!"

I saw Terumi Mei combined the fire and water chakras in his body, and slowly stretched out his palm towards the barrier in front of him, and gently spit out the extremely hot boil from his mouth.

This is the Boidun that can melt even Susan's skeleton, but Terumi Mei didn't stop after wrapping the enchanted wall in front of him with Boiling, but continued to perform ninjutsu.

"Molten Escape·Molten Monster Art!" "Crack, crash!"

With the combined attack of Boiling Dun and Rong Dun, the indestructible crystal barrier was instantly covered with cracks, and in the next second the entire barrier shattered, turning into shining red crystal fragments in the air, causing the entire central island to explode. Become beautiful and romantic.

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