New White Snake Asking Immortals - Chapter 1468 speech

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Bai Yujun coughed twice and prepared to start his speech.

Naihe, there are some evildoers who ignore the rules and do all kinds of evil. Killing an evil cultivator is simply a provocation for them. Although the methods are mysterious, such spells must not be used without restrictions. , Anyway, there are many evil cultivators, demons and ghosts, and it must be someone else who is unlucky.

The strange face in the black robe spoke again, less aggressive than before, but not much better.

"I'm here to kill Ge Qianhu, and I advise your Excellency not to make mistakes, or else this place may have to change its owner."

On the steps, the shaking fan suddenly stopped.

Maybe in his eyes there were only a few words of threat, but Bai Moulong was directly blown away.

He's going to rob my property!

With a swish, the blue sky and white clouds just now were suddenly suppressed, and the temperature seemed to drop by seven or eight degrees...

He must die!

If you die, you won't spy on your own money!

Squinting coldly, he looked at the strange face of the black robe.

"You're going to die."

With a fluttering sentence, Ge Qianhu still didn't say a word, while the evil spirits and monsters under the steps burst into laughter, the black-robed monster grinned and showed an ugly smile, only a little baby would say such a swear word. Threats and curses are very incompetent.

Next to the giant tiger, Ge Qianhu saw that Bai's hand behind him raised three fingers, then put down one finger, and then put down another, Ge Qianhu felt that she was counting down.

When the last finger was put down, the smile of the man with the strange face in the black robe stopped abruptly, and the half-blooded red bone passed through his chest...

The evil spirits watched quietly, feeling both abnormal and normal.

The ugly face turned painfully stiff.

There was a man behind him, holding a scarlet bone knife in his hand, his face flushed with excitement and enthusiasm.

"Old thing! I laughed at your soul, oh, maybe you don't remember fifteen years ago, but I remember! Haha~ Finally got my revenge hahaha~"

The black robe, who was gradually unable to stand up, had a terrified face and wanted to scold. As an evil cultivator, who could remember the evil things he had done fifteen years ago, he had so many enemies that he couldn't even count them.

Bai Yujun didn't show any expression, it was just a revenge that he had endured for many years, which was normal.

Ge Qianhu turned his head and glanced at a certain white on the tiger's back, thinking it was a coincidence.

It was just a small episode, and the evil spirits and monsters gathered in front of the building quickly ignored it, without any idea of ​​justice or rectification of the rules.

After a short silence, the leading evil spirits once again aimed at a certain shopkeeper.

"Hand over Ge Qianhu!"

"Your pavilion looks good, the old man likes it very much, the cave owner advises you to be aware of current affairs!"

"Since you're standing with Ge, then you can't blame us!"

"Little girl, hurry up and call your adults. If you want to calm my anger, it depends on how much sincerity you can show, haha~"

"Ge Qianhu! Quickly lead to death!"

Hearing the clamor, Ge Qianhu wanted to do something, stretched out his hand and drew his knife, and after half drawing it, he saw the mysterious shopkeeper sitting instead of standing, standing on his back, pinching his waist and humming.

The small hand of a certain white holding a round fan pinched his waist, and the other hand pointed at the evil spirits and monsters.

"Tricksters! There are always hackers who care about Benlong's property! It's unforgivable! You hooligans should be damned!"

Now that Bai Moulong's Dragon Mantra has reached the pinnacle, especially such a serious curse, it is definitely not comparable to those evil cultivators who practice the secret magic of curses. As soon as the words fall, it affects the fate of evil spirits and monsters, and it will soon take effect.

There was a trivial physical collision between a noisy ghost and an evil cultivator beside him. Both parties thought that the other party took this opportunity to cast a sorcerer on them. In addition, the relationship was already very rigid. Hands on.

The conflict that suddenly broke out accidentally injured several other monsters, so how could a monster with a violent personality endure it.

Driven by various old and new hatreds and greedy killings, the scene instantly went out of control.

Because they were standing too close, many evil spirits were caught off guard. The three corpses on the ground were still cold, and other unlucky ones kept lying down one after another.

Chaos came and went quickly, except for the low-level evil spirits with blank faces in the back, there were only three badly injured evil cultivators in the front.

Ge Qianhu looked at the mysterious shopkeeper who was still indifferent and felt an inexplicable sense of fear.

Unconsciously move two steps aside.

He is not afraid of terrifying and ugly demons, nor is he afraid of gloomy ghost kings, after all, he can see real swords and real guns.

But this mysterious shopkeeper can judge life and death in words, and even those evil spirits who are good at secret arts can't resist. The most terrible trick is unconsciousness.

The remaining three seriously injured high-level demons finally realized that something was wrong, and looked up at the steps with fearful eyes.

Bai Yujun stood on the back of the tiger and shook his fan again.

"It's much quieter now, there shouldn't be any noise in the mountains."

Cleared his throat.

"Cough, quiet! All quiet and listen to me!"

As soon as the words fell, there was a sound of Peng in the low-level evil creature group, whoever was so good had his head shattered, and his headless body fell down.

Bai Yujun rolled his eyes and was too lazy to answer, another evil cultivator who confessed to secretly performing the sorcery of the soul.

Chao waved his hand behind him and heard the clanging sound in the hall on the first floor. Soon, several shelves rushed out, lined up neatly on both sides of the giant tiger, and even almost fought to get the position close to Bai Yujun. …

The low-level evil creatures who were afraid to run before they were all stunned, their eyes staring at the shelves and unable to move their eyes away.

The mountain wind blows, and the strong aroma of medicinal herbs penetrates into the nostrils, and the aroma is attractive.

There are many styles of magical instruments that flicker, there are treasures for defense, and more magic weapons for killing.

It just doesn't seem right.

The round pill with a big fist has a tooth mark gap, as if it was bitten by someone and put it back, the defensive treasure is incomplete and seems to have many scars, and there is even a half-cut sword in the blade. machine, quite weird.

The greedy evil cultivator could not help but take a few steps forward. UU Reading

The giant tiger lowered its head and let out a dull growl in its throat, threatening it with its fangs.

After such a fuss, Bai Yujun lost interest in speaking, sat down bored, and read the text without emotion in a sleepy and indifferent tone.

"This is the biggest and best store in the world, with everything..."

"As long as you can take out the most precious things here, you can buy goods, and the goods are genuine and innocent..."

"My goods are the only one, which is better than all the magic weapons and elixir you have seen before. Remember to buy with the most precious things in your heart..."

"Strictly fighting and snatching within the store, shoppers are protected by the store, and offenders will die..."

"Our store has just opened, and we don't plan to conduct discount promotions..."

Bai Yujun should not advertise emotionally.

Killing so many is temporarily enough to be powerful, and you have to count on the remaining living creatures to spread the word everywhere. Of course, they are all evil creatures who do many evils. After seeing the real dragon, they will surely die. It is nothing more than the speed of death. It should be pretty much the same when it dies.

After seeing this dragon, they can die slower, they should have a grateful heart.

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