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Bai Yujun enthusiastically sent away the live advertisements, at least for now.

Ge Qianhu was silent, and after saying goodbye, he looked complicated and went down the stone steps. After walking for a while, he turned around and saw nothing but white fog on the building, and he couldn't even see the steps up the mountain.

After going down the mountain, Ge Qianhu found that he couldn't find the road he just walked. Standing at the foot of the mountain, he could occasionally see the top of the mountain through the thick fog.

Those low-level evil creatures ran clean before.

It is a pity in my heart that the giants of the Devil Dao have suffered heavy losses. It would be great if they took this opportunity to catch all the demons in one sweep.

That's all, it's better to beg yourself than to beg others, and he glanced at the magic sword in his hand.

"I don't go to **** who goes to hell."

Put away the knife, turned around and walked quickly towards the outside of the mountain, trying to catch up with a few demon slaughter by the way.

On the top of the mountain, the noise just now no longer exists, and the sound of wind and leaves is left over the mountain. Bai Yujun waved his hand to dispel the filth brought by the gathering of evil spirits, and instructed the industrious fat cat to clean up the filth on the ground, shaking his fan and stepping on his feet. The cloud drifted back into the building.

In the future, we have to continue to advertise and do publicity until the business is booming.

Doing business is never easy.

Lie down on the rocking chair like that, with your legs up, your big toes hooked on your slippers and swaying slowly, basking in the sun.

Closing his eyes, his consciousness instantly returned to the body still in the ice, paying attention to the current situation in the fairy world.

It is found that there are a lot of rivers on the huge mountain. Looking down from a height, you can vaguely see that many rivers outline the shape of dragon scales. There are more and more humans and birds and beasts. All life is inseparable from rain, and the dragon-shaped peaks always accumulate clouds. Rainfall is constant, and rainbows are common.

Bai Yujun found that the forces of all parties were very persistent, and every once in a while he would send people to consolidate the formation.

The main frame of the big array is built by the powerhouses from all sides. Even so, it is still difficult to feel at ease. The formation is not omnipotent. Whether it is the dragon Bai Yujun or the twilight star, it is mysterious and unpredictable, and the power it emits is always eroding the formation.

With the passage of time, there are often loopholes in the magic circle that need to be patched continuously. The simple summary is that the more the seams are repaired, the thicker they accumulate...

Perhaps it was a coincidence that when Bai Yujun's consciousness returned to his body, he felt that someone was calling him.

Although he is a "heaven" in countless large and small worlds, the things he sincerely invites are happening all the time, and he must be familiar with what he perceives.

A certain white is like this, he doesn't care whether the cultivation base of his relatives and friends is extraordinary, he can chat with mortals, and he can also joke with ancient gods.

The invitation came from a small remote world, very remote, and has not been transformed by the snake monsters.

A certain Bai, who had nothing to do, suddenly became interested.

"Go out and play~"

Ignoring the trivial matters of the magic circle, the child hole in the ice shone with luster.

The main body separates weak energy for projection, and the picture in front of him is full of endless and dense colored light. Bai Yujun's projection speed is very fast. If there is an altar on the opposite side, it would be better. The demon is likely to explode directly.

Follow the induction in the dark for a long shuttle, silently calculate the distance, lock on the target and stop the shuttle.

After a while, when the lines were small, when the picture stopped and returned to normal, what Bai Yujun saw was an ordinary small world.

Above the head is a clear blue sky, surrounded by thick golden cumulus clouds, maybe there was a dense thunder and lightning just now, and only a few electric snakes flickered.

Looking down, there is a large wasteland below, weeds grow wildly in the barren fields, the dust is flying, and the desolate scenery can be seen.

Taking a closer look, the dense crowd on the ground looked up at the sky, dressed in a strong feudal ancient style.

Bai Yujun sighed.

Most of the world is like this and even more primitive.

It is really fortunate to be able to meet a world that focuses on development when you are reincarnated. More primitive and barbaric worlds are full of wild chaos and disorder. If you were born in a primitive and barbaric world back then, it is estimated that you are still busy grabbing territorial enclosures now.

Because Bai Yujun was at the height of the clouds after his arrival, he looked down at the ground and found that there were tens of thousands of people.

Tens of thousands of people were divided into two armies to confront each other, and the tragic situation after fighting everywhere.

Thousands of dead, not counting the injured

Number of them, perhaps because of their sudden arrival and the truce, many people could not bear the intimidation, put down their weapons and knelt down.

Ignoring irrelevant people, his eyes locked on a certain figure on the ground, it was Zhenbei who was thrown here.

Yawning, leaning over and falling toward the ground.


Countless people on the battlefield looked up, their expressions shocked and helpless.

The violent thunder in the sky just now disappeared, replaced by thick golden clouds. The holes in the clouds are rich in golden light. It can be seen that someone is slowly falling towards the ground. The long dress streamers are as agile as swimming, accompanied by mysterious pressure .

Gradually I can see clearly.

It is very beautiful, with two snow-white and mighty dragon horns on its head, and a long dragon tail swimming behind it.

Many wounded soldiers at the bottom found that their wounds were healing, and the resentment of the dead soldiers dissipated, and their souls went where they should go, and great luck came.

On one of the high platforms guarded by layers of guards, several men and women in luxurious costumes panic and panic, inexplicably feel that the **** who descends from the sky is related to Zhenbei wearing black armor in the battlefield, and wants to know who the girl who suddenly appeared and how strong is.

An aristocratic man grabbed the crossbow in a rage, and installed the crossbow under the watchful eyes of several others, but he was trembling all over and couldn't lift it...

From beginning to end, the mysterious girl who fell from the sky didn't even look at her.

Bai Yujun ignored everyone around him and floated in front of the silent Zhenbei.

He knew that there was a dragon scale in the sea that was used to suppress the ancient battlefield. The dragon scale clone appeared and nodded, and then accompanied Zhenbei.

Zhenbei looked at Bai Moulong seriously, and noticed that the eyebrows on Bai's face were scales, and there were also a few dragon scales on his cheeks, and the clothes looked more beautiful and gorgeous than before.

It seems like a long time has passed since I was forced to leave the earth.

"I need your help…"

His voice was hoarse, his eyes sad.

Hearing this, UU reading Bai Yujun nodded and said yes, and roughly guessed something.

There was silence for a while.

"Among my friends, only you are the strongest, and only you can help me. Please... save my brother Paoze. If it wasn't my fault, he wouldn't die. You must be able to do it, right?"

In the quiet battlefield, many people could hear what the hoarse voice said, from bewilderment to shocking all beings.

Bai Yujun didn't say yes or refused. He tilted his head and glanced at the corpse next to Zhenbei who died under the sword. He was an ordinary man from the bottom of the rags, with skin that had been exposed to the sun for a long time, and rough hands. Unshaven and slovenly, a little greasy and dirty face.

There were several other people behind Zhenbei, who looked up secretly from time to time, their eyes full of shock and anticipation.

After a while, Bai Yujun spoke, and the clear voice seemed to wash the soul.

"Everything in the world has its own destiny. Life and death are destined by God, which is a natural law. Fortunately, you and I are good friends. Ordinary immortals and gods resurrect mortal creatures with many drawbacks. The only one who can achieve a natural resurrection is me."

The corners of the mouth are smiling, and the smile is beautiful.

The snow-white dragon's tail swept across the corpse that had not yet stiffened, and the wound on the corpse began to heal...

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