Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Yearsv2 Chapter 559 both the beginning and the end

Cui Heng passed through, and the system told him that this was a high-level immortal world. Immortal kings are all over the place, fierce beasts are everywhere, and if the powers disagree, they will explode the galaxy, destroy the world, and make him tremble with fear. Fortunately, in order to protect him, the system provided a novice protection period of three hundred years. As long as he was in the protected area, he would not suffer any harm. So, Cui Heng started the road of cultivating immortals for three hundred years. In the past three hundred years, people have strayed into this place one after another. Some came from humble backgrounds, were monks and beggars, but they had the ambition to pacify the world and save the people. Some were of extraordinary origins and once were peerless geniuses, but suddenly suffered bad luck, their aptitude was greatly reduced, and they suffered from indifference. Some are noble as princesses, but they just want to find their elder brother, not to become an immortal, but to wait for his return in the red dust. Some are frail and sickly, but dream of conquering the world, hoeing the strong and helping the weak, and becoming a generation of chivalrous women. … Cui Heng gave them hundreds of millions of help in the spirit of making good friends. Three hundred years later, the system’s novice protection period ended, and Cui Heng finally achieved his golden elixir and walked out with a trembling heart. But I found out that this is actually just a martial arts world! - Description from MTLNovel

It’s Hard To Fall In Love with a Senior~ Finish this testimonial
ActionFantasyHaremUrban Life

Falling in love with a senpai is really difficult (really easy). But I just don’t want to, eh, just play~ Because of the excitement. - Description from MTLNovel

It’s a Bit Early To Crossv2 Chapter 984 toss
Urban Life

A modern man brought a warehouse of grain and came to the age of lack of clothing and food. Is he the richest man? - Description from MTLNovel

Portable Space Can be SummonedChapter 991 The end of the battle of Qianqi

When he woke up, Yang Yuan found himself reborn. When he was one year old, “Ah, not only rebirth, but also transmigration.” At the age of three, “Goldfinger is finally in place!” Portable space is handy. Fourteen years old, “What the hell is my golden finger?” Yang Yuan screamed in the sky… Thirty-year-old, Yang Yuan, who was hugging from left to right, stood on Emperor Tread Peak, pointing to the vast land, “This is the country that I have conquered!” Omg, golden fingers are so fragrant! - Description from MTLNovel

Plug-in PlayerChapter 1607 riot

Su Mo is a late bloomer, introverted and not very good at communicating with strangers. I thought that my life would be so dull, but after participating in a national game “Star Ring”. Rediscovered the joy of life and embarked on the road to the top of the throne. - Description from MTLNovel

Heavenly Dao Formula~ Epilogue

This world has demons and ghosts, demons, magical magic, and power to fight, but in the eyes of those who have received modern education, exploring the unknown always comes first! (Serious face) Joining the Privy Council is for academic research. Hooking up the banshee is for academic research. Everything is for research, research is everything! Princess: Make it with me-also for research! Xia Fan: That is to create a research environment and cultivate the next generation of research! - Description from MTL

This Doctor is GreatChapter 228 complex
Urban Life

Zhou Mo, with a third-class master’s degree, entered the provincial top three hospitals for training. It turned out that every one of the Gu Piansheng students here are masters of theology. And you are the worst! Fortunately, Zhou Mo has a golden finger “opening the book is beneficial” system, as long as you read it, you will gain something! Looking at Zhou Mo, it was like relying on his own efforts to counterattack all the way and become a shining doctor. “I volunteer to devote myself to medicine!” “I am determined to do my best to eradicate human diseases, improve health, and maintain the holiness and honor of medical skills!!” (This is a doctor’s journey of struggle, blood, healing and saving lives!) - Description from MTLNovel

The Fake Rich Daughter Pampered By All Is A Famous CelebrityChapter 1581 Extra: 3 Days of Love (Part 2)

Shi Xi: “I need support for the new film. If the box office can’t pass 500 million, I can only go back and inherit the 100 billion property.” Netizen: Stop dreaming, wake up! Shi Xi: “Thank you! The box office has exceeded 500 million, so you don’t need to go back to inherit the family business!” Netizen: Another crazy one… Until the new Forbes list was updated, netizens found out that the number one on the list turned out to be Shixi? ? ? * Dressed as a fake daughter with a miserable end, Shi Xi just wanted to stay away from the plot and save his life. You must never go down the old road of inheriting the family property, robbing the male protagonist, and being thrown into the river to feed the fish! So, Shi Xi gave up inheriting the family property and overcame thorns in the entertainment industry. It’s clear that she is like a duck in the water in the entertainment industry, why does everyone feel that she has been miserable and wronged? Rich parents: “My dear daughter, go home and inherit the family property.” Brainless and pet sister brother: “Your brain is not suitable for mixing in the entertainment industry, go home and eat and wait to die, brother will support you.” Sister Gao Leng: “I am the only one who can bully my sister.” Domineering male protagonist’s fiancé: “I will always stand by your side.” Shi Xi stepped back and shouted in his heart: The protagonists don’t come here! The gentle and dark-bellied villain stopped her, “Stay away from them, do you want to be with me?” - Description from MTLNovel

Disaster ArtistChapter 1243 aesthetic system
Urban Life

“People tend to think I’m a good guy just because of a good looking skin. Hehe.” His existence is a disaster for all. - Description from MTLNovel

I Help A NPC Become The Legendary Witchv2 Chapter 187 Fire Chasing Moth

When he woke up, Liao Zixuan found himself in the game world of “Falling God”. Just when he was about to not lose face to the army of transmigrators and was determined to become a legendary boss… On the opposite side, the country girl who was frightened to the ground touched the little wolf’s head tremblingly with her thin and dirty hands. Fine! Not to mention not being able to reincarnate as a human being, he was also confused as a summoned beast of others. But this setback can’t stop Liao Zixuan, who was called “God-level accompaniment” in his previous life. So many years later… In the game, there is a Queen of Eternal Night, the terrifying witch who destroys the world, the holy witch of the elemental religion, and the commander of the Fallen Abyss Fortress, which has become a mysterious existence that makes all major forces and countries tremble with fear. Outside the game, there is another super-popular goddess who is regarded as a legendary character by countless players, and runs through the main line of each version of the plot, making countless dead houses sleepless at night and fanatical adore… And behind all of this, Liao Zixuan put away his hoe with satisfaction. Did you see it, from the silly little village girl, to this super Chinese cabbage…I raised it! - Description from MTLNovel

Fantasy: My Ancestors Are Super InvincibleChapter 754 Live and work in peace

This is a world of source spirits, and it is also a world where the human race is withering. Ten thousand races are suppressed. What is the future of the human race? Wang Zhan traveled through the Yuanling Continent and became the ancestor of the Wang family, awakening the Yuanling Summoning System, the old jifu, and his ambitions for a thousand miles. The arrogance of all races is oppressed, and the arrogance of the human race, Ying Zheng, Liu Che, Li Shimin, etc., are struggling to move forward, just to protect the human race forever! On that day, Wang Zhan, with a full head of hair, came out from the rear and declared to all the tribes: I am the guardian of the arrogance of the human race, who dares to deceive me the arrogance of the human race? Bullying my people? ………… The eldest son Wang Teng: “My human race has a guardian called Wang Zhan? It’s the same name as our father!” Grandson Wang Hao: “Dad, no doubt, that’s Grandpa! I’m familiar with him!” Queen Sun Ruoshu: “My grandfather is super invincible!” - Description from MTLNovel

Mystery: The Witch and the CalamityChapter 806 got rejected

This is the worst of times. Doomsday is approaching, chaos, conspiracy, and war are the main themes of the continent. “The Fool” was born, lighting a fire for people in the dark. So, what kind of fate does Joyce, who also fell from Seiyuan Castle, bear, and what kind of changes will his arrival bring to the world? This is a calamity legend. - Description from MTLNovel

Panther CommandoChapter 5976 real master

Wan Lin, a child of a martial arts family who has lived in seclusion in the mountains and forests for generations, brought the “Beast King” little leopard to join the army’s special warfare unit by chance, and formed the “Leopard Commando” with them as the core. The protagonist leads the beasts in the mountains to rescue his comrades in danger, and launches a series of desperate struggles with all evil forces. The work shows the demeanor of a group of modern Chinese soldiers represented by Wan Lin with delicate descriptions, and describes the touching story of the “king of beasts” little leopard leading the lions, wolves, tigers and leopards to fight bravely with anthropomorphic techniques. - Description from MTLNovel

Star Ring MissionChapter 1600 nightmareHOT

Su Mo is a late bloomer, introverted and not very good at communicating with strangers. I thought that my life would be so dull, but after participating in a national game “Star Ring”. Rediscovered the joy of life and embarked on the road to the top of the throne. - Description from MTLNovel

I, The Villain, Start with the Protagonist SaintessChapter 773

Got it! I’m a villain! Or the brainless dog-licking villain in his own eunuch novel! The protagonist is blessed with luck, and he can awaken the “original virgin” every time, as well as the stunning senior sister, all kinds of treasures are gathered on him… Is there a way of life for my brainless little villain? ! Don’t panic, the system wakes up, first smashes the protagonist “the original Holy Maiden”, and then kills the protagonist’s fiancee! Is this the end? How can it be! The protagonist is cool for a while! The protagonist has always been cool! The protagonist’s tears of despair: I turned out to be a logistics courier? ! - Description from MTLNovel

Aztec EternalsChapter 784 Wang Qi arrived at the camp outside Jinwan City

Teotihuacan, a sacred place of worship. In the vast world, feel the quaint and desolate ancient city, and the eagle cries and the leopard roars are chasing away. Go back to Central America 700 years ago, when the Aztecs were very prosperous. The priests stood at the top of the pyramid of the sun. One hundred thousand warriors covered the entire wilderness. fluttering. The high priest held his hands high, and the obsidian dagger gleamed in the sun, drawing a cruel and gorgeous arc, bringing the cycle of life back to the earth. Tens of thousands of cheers sounded, with the reverence of the ignorant era. This was a gift dedicated to the sun god, in return for the sacrifice of the gods in creating the world. Solemn sacrifices from sunrise to sunset, all-night revelry ignited the whole night, and so on for a hundred years, until white-skinned terrors came from the east coast, bringing blood, thunder, monsters, and disease. Doomsday, as legend has it, or the end of the Fifth Era? How can a traveler, in this fierce era, inherit the legacy of two thousand years of ancient Mesoamerican civilization, resist the invasion of Western colonizers with an immortal soul, and lead the ancient Aztec civilization to a new path ~~ - Description from MTLNovel

The Young Ancestor of Li’s Family Is Fierce and SweetChapter 746

(Gao Tianshuangwen) In her previous life, Bai Jingxuan mistakenly believed in a scumbag, and she was deaf and suffered a stroke, her family was destroyed, and she was betrayed by her husband who loved her. After rebirth, she tore away the scum of men and women, cherished her husband, and sweetly abused the scum. Ladies of the imperial capital: Who didn’t know that Bai Jingxuan was a dumpling from the country, a big waste? As a result, when her vest fell, the president of the multinational group, the top hacker, and the top designer…From waste to stunning the world, everyone’s eyes were blinded. The handsome men who want to seduce Bai Jingxuan line up: Goddess, when will you give me a look? Li Tinghe: Kill it all, she is mine! - Description from MTLNovel

Rebirth 70: The Fat Wife is Turning OverChapter 1162 give me a farm

What should I do if I cross the body of a black, ugly and fat unruly village woman? What should I do when I travel to a time when it is “hard for a strong man”? If I win the lottery once and become a mother immediately, what should I do? …… Thinking about the memory of the original owner, the twin babies in the future are really cute and pitiful, and the child’s father is also handsome… Then she’ll barely accept it! As for the black fat ugly, it doesn’t matter, just grab the golden finger that was cheated by my sister! - Description from MTLNovel

I’m Extracting Movie Tech at MarvelChapter 412 ; opening ceremony

Bai Yang traveled to the Marvel world. At this time, Tony was still a playboy and a weapons dealer. The captain is still sleeping in the glacier, the widow sister is also working in full swing at S.H.I.E.L.D., and the little spider is still a primary school student, Thor… Everything seems to have not started yet. This year, “Iron Fist” was released and won praise from the market. A city was built at an unknown time on an empty island, known as the Tech Island. Fighting Robots, Big White Medical Robots, T-Virus Potion, Predator, Transformers, Tinder Source… QQ group: 719736092 - Description from MTLNovel

Did the Queen’s Vest Fall Out?Chapter 1430 Successfully captured the pigeon!

The most famous trash in Xingchen No.1 Middle School actually came back to class? The waste Bai Qi also said: I want to study hard. Everyone was silent as they watched her penultimate result… But…wait! What is the operation of the full score? After the exam, what is the operation after going to film and get a movie? At the same time, the intranet of a certain group has been hacked continuously, and the boss has been inquiring for several months. The intrusion address is actually in a high school computer room? ! The hacker hired by the high salary looked at the deciphering code: Wan Duzi, I seem to have accidentally stripped the boss’s vest… Bai Qi is very calm: don’t panic, just lost a vest! The corners of a certain boss’s lips twitched: Only one? Then I’ll try again? Enthusiastic netizens: This melon is so fragrant! Don’t stop! The big guy is doing his best to continue digging! Bai Qi: … [Shuangqiang + big boss all kinds of horses falling off + cool personality + cool text, don’t miss it when you pass by, shake your little hand, you will have a collection~] - Description from MTLNovel

Mystery: The Ancient God is Actually Mev2 Chapter 39 wait a long time

“Who I am is a philosophical question.” “No, this question is very simple, I am me, you are you, I have the same name as you, but it is not the same as a person!” “But with the same memory, isn’t it a person?” “You know, memory is the building block of a person.” Klein looked at the elf who was talking eloquently in front of him. His serious and tense expression gradually showed signs of collapse. He gritted his teeth and asked the most important question: “You are right, so when will you move out from here, respected Mr. Zhou Mingrui!” The male elf shrouded in the black robe was stunned for a moment, a trace of emotion appeared in his indifferent eyes, and he said in a calm voice: “I’ll go when it’s time to go.” PS: One is the “ancient god” Zhou Mingrui who landed in the second era, and the other is Klein Moretti (same as the original) who has the memories of the remnants of the old days. The two have similar roots and experience different existences. “Lord of Mysteries” fanboy, I “killed” myself, and it is continuously updated. - Description from MTLNovel

Go Back In Time To Be RichChapter 1364 discuss
Slice of LifeUrban Life

Zheng Shan has traveled through and inherited the billions of dollars from the second grandfather in the United States. After living in the United States for three years, Zheng Shan finally chose to return to China, back to China, where everything was waiting to be done. Every day, I walk the dog and play with the birds, drink and brag, and live happily as I like. - Description from MTLNovel

Global Refuge: I Open a Factory In the End TimesChapter 152 : Rigorous research report

[Subscribe with confidence, the guarantee is complete! 】 Unlimited upgrades for the safe house! Is [Simple Wooden Safe House] upgraded to [Doomsday Bunker]? Top food processor! Is 【Contaminated Water】purified as 【Kona Salt Brine】? Cutting edge technology factory! Is [Rough Cloth Robot] upgraded to [Nanotech Robot]? Su Heng: I want it all! The system is close to you, and you can easily become the ultimate winner in the apocalypse! - Description from MTLNovel

The Auction Will Return 10,000 Times, I Am InvincibleChapter 270 Conquer Yun Lanzong

After crossing the Dou Qi Continent, Liu Yun became the young master of the Mittel family. He applied to go to Wutan City for training, and successfully took over the Mitel auction house in Wutan City, becoming Ya Fei’s immediate boss. At the same time, Liu Yun awakened the auction 10,000-fold return system, and any item auctioned can be randomly returned. “Ding, the auction of the second-grade elixirs was successful, congratulations to the host for triggering the 10,000-fold return, and obtaining the sixth-grade elixirs and the birth and creation pills!” “Ding, the Qinglian Earth Heart Fire auction was successful, congratulations to the host for triggering the 10,000-fold return and obtaining the Qinglian Holy Flame!” “Ding, Xiao Yan’s ring auction was successful, congratulations to the host for triggering the 10,000-fold return, and obtaining the Jiuyang Burning Heaven Technique, an advanced technique of the heavens, inherited from the ancient Pill Emperor, Taiyin Shenyan…” “This is too perverted…” Looking at what the system returned, Liu Yun was instantly stunned! - Description from MTLNovel

Douluo: Capture the Goddess Zhu Zhuqing at the BeginningChapter 836 Amazing turnaround! Tang Chen's bowels are blue

Lu Feng traveled through the world of Douluo, and began to think that he was bound to the wrong system, that he could not become a soul master, and could only increase his wealth. But after obtaining the ultimate rewards such as the second awakening, the Dragon God Soul Bone suit, etc., he awakened the super god-level martial arts and inherited the Dragon God bloodline. To the real peak, invincible! Flender: Lu Feng is not just a monster, he is a peerless monster, and he is too rich to buy Shrek Academy, Basketball Academy and Tianshui Academy. Yu Xiaogang: If Lu Feng is willing to be my disciple, I can consider giving up teaching Tang San. Tang San: Xue Qinghe, you won, but if Lu Feng didn’t help you, you would never have been able to sit on the throne of the Heaven Dou Empire. Avalanche: Ah, my throne! Tang Hao: Lu Feng, right? You dare to suppress my son, so that his mood will be greatly affected, and you will kill me! Three seconds later.. . Tang Hao thumped and knelt down: Your Majesty, I was wrong. Human Race, Soul Beast, Douluo Star, God Realm, Lu Feng swept invincibly, and there was no disadvantage. This book is also known as “Invincible from the abolition of Zhu Zhuqing’s engagement” - Description from MTLNovel

I’m Determined To Be the Dark Moonlight~ Work related

Wei Ying brought the Gongdou system to the palace with the aim of becoming the most unforgettable existence in the emperor’s heart. But the emperor already had a white moonlight that died early, so she set her sights on the emperor’s harem. The virtuous concubine is gentle and virtuous, and loves to read market stories. She and Concubine Xian huddled under the covers and peeked at the script.​​ The imperial concubine is hot and enchanting, and likes to dance with knives and guns the most. She accompanies the imperial concubine to ride the horses on the grassland and bow the bow to hunt.​​ The queen is dignified and cold, and she controls the six palaces. She relies on skilled ventriloquism to make the queen roll into her arms with laughter. ​​ So: Concubine Xian: “My sister came to my palace today, and I made your favorite apricot cheese.” Concubine: “Yingying, let’s go horseback riding together!” Queen: “The plum blossoms in the back garden are blooming just right, does Yingying want to see it?” The system was shocked: We are serious court battles, how do you increase the favorability of the concubines? Wei Ying: Isn’t the palace fighting, let the concubines intrigue for me? Take away the dog emperor’s harem, and he still has an unforgettable memory on me! System: You are so coquettish.​​ —— At the end of Yunshao, I fell in love with someone. Zhongtian Mingyue is her, and cinnabar in her heart is also her.​​ In the sixth year of losing her lover, the weak little emperor grew into a tyrannical king, and finally waited for her lost and found Bai Yueguang. Then she found out…the moonlight turned black?​​ Accompanying the queen to enjoy the flowers and the moon, traveling with the imperial concubine on horseback, betting on books and teasing with the concubine Xian, she just refused to look back at her.​​ The jealous king forced the girl into the corner: “Take away my harem? Can you pay me back?” The girl would rather die: “tui! I like women!” Yun Shao untied the golden crown, his ink hair poured out, and his delicate eyebrows and eyes were printed with affection: “If I knew you liked it, I couldn’t bear it.” Her voice choked: “Don’t leave me, Yingying.” The harem group pets sand sculpture fairies x women disguise as men and paranoid emperors The female one, the second female and the other female supporting characters have no emotional connection, just friendship. The sand sculpture of the unrepentant palace fight. Practice your pen, let go of yourself. Content tags: Soft spot Gongdou Rebirth Shuangwen Search keyword: Protagonist: Weiying ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: One sentence introduction: If you want to be the white moonlight of the whole palace Purpose: Active life, change destiny - Description from MTLNovel

The Fourth Scourge of Star Warsv2 Chapter 1330 Semiles Star Wars (8)

Take over a Homeworld mothership and travel to the world of Star Wars? Tang Xiao: “This world is so dangerous. Mom, I want to go home.” Wait a minute, the mothership database actually has “Original Sin of the Solar Empire”, “Halo”, “EVE”, “StarCraft”, “Stellaris”? ? And there are still Jim Raynor, Master Chief, and Archbishop Artanis sleeping in the freezer? Tang Xiao: “Humph! They will all bow down at my feet!!” The Fourth Calamity… ah no, long live the Fourth Empire! - Description from MTLNovel

Voiceover System From KonohaChapter 427

Uchiha Sora suddenly became Erzhuzi’s younger brother, salted fish all day long, doing nothing, and Nara Shikamaru, known as the two salted fish ninjas of Konoha. No one knows that there is a voice-over system in his mind. As long as he hears the emotional ups and downs of the ninja in the voice-over, he can get emotional points. Just looking at the strange things in the exchange space, Sora suddenly felt that this was an illegitimate system. - Description from MTLNovel

Star World Legendary GuildChapter 1781 : Appearance of photophilia

“Do you want to take risks? Do you want to add excitement to your boring life…! Please go to xx to fill in the information, you are a member of our Sacred Pattern Guild.” A magician girl read the flyer. . “President! Run! That guy xxx has lost his love again. He is looking for a duel with you now.” “Damn it! If you become a Sword Saint, you will still lose your love!” “President, that guy said that you lied to him so that he couldn’t become a magician until he lost his love. In short, you should run!” “Damn, that guy even said that I harmed him even though he didn’t have the talent for magic. Forget it, I’ll leave it to you here. I’ll hide from him for a while.” The magician girl saw that the guild leader of the holy pattern was so fast that it gave a small visual illusion of displacement, and quickly passed by her side. The magical girl lightly stroked the magician’s hat, which was affected by the strong wind, and decided, “The Sacred Pattern Guild is really interesting. I decided to join this guild.” - Description from MTLNovel

Catastrophe~ new book preview

A cataclysm that turned the world into a wasteland of order collapse. Some are sheltered in fortresses, some are hiding in the wasteland, and some have been transformed into other creatures by radiation. The world is divided into two extremes. The rich and powerful hold top technology and isolate themselves from the chaotic world with fortresses rising from the ground. A hunter forced to make a living in a crisis-ridden refugee area, in order to survive the coming winter, he went to a road that overcomes obstacles. In this dangerous and chaotic world, a group of life-and-death brothers from grassroots gradually made the world tremble. - Description from MTLNovel

American Comics: Opening Guidance BatmanChapter 1059 Surprise the world (36)

Once through, Schiller became Batman’s teacher, a professor of psychology at Gotham University. On the first day, Bruce Wayne entered the psychiatric clinic. Schiller had to open the Meiman chat system and posted the first post: Batman asked me the meaning of life, how should I answer? It’s a hurry to wait online. Thanos: It is recommended to kill directly. Professor X: Don’t listen to the upstairs, I’ll use your mind-reading skills… Schiller Andel Rodriguez, a world-class master of criminal psychology, the most famous psychology professor at Gotham University, his students are both superheroes and super criminals, but he does not belong to any of them, bat Xia likes to call him “Professor”, Joker calls him “the coolest lunatic”, Scarecrow calls him “Arkham slipper”, and Nick Fury thinks he’s a “getter.” Be Batman’s teacher, Spider’s godfather, Iron Man’s psychiatrist, Schiller’s journey to American comics, starting with Batman at the beginning. Comprehensive comics (including the movie universe), DC Marvel and other comics, do not abuse the main character, and the supporting roles do not lose their wisdom. (Don’t worry about the title, it’s not an invincible brain-damaged essay.) - Description from MTLNovel

Return of the God of War: The Vest Boss is A and SassyChapter 16 The palace family has come to offer a betrothal gift!

She saw her mother killed when she was three years old, and was jailed for revenge when she was ten! When she grows up, she becomes the only nine-star goddess of war in the history of the Great Xia Kingdom! Create the world’s most powerful organization “Holy Gate”! Now, the god of war has returned, and the phoenix is ​​nirvana! Unexpectedly, as soon as he got off the plane, he heard that his third brother was kidnapped by the Yan family and married. good very good! You killed my mother back then, and now you are coercing my third brother, and even keeping the other brothers silent. Since this is the case, let’s settle the old and new accounts together! - Description from MTLNovel

Conquering the Multiverse From Pirates~ season finale

Luo Wei traveled to the world of One Piece and obtained a villain organization system. As long as he organizes people to establish corresponding villain organizations, he can obtain the abilities and technologies possessed by the members of these organizations. These organizations include but are not limited to Umbrella, Hydra, Bigfoot, Spectre, Red Ribbon Corps, Winery, Continental Hotel, Syndicate, Phantom Troupe, Kira Star Cross, Assassin League, Hellfire Club , Cobra Organization, Death Eaters, Holy Trinity, Hand, A.I.M., Dark Order, Illuminati, Court of Owls, Evil Six, CIPHER POL, Wayland Corporation, International Genetic Technologies, RDA, Cyberda Systems, OCP, Tyrell Company, Rogue Gang, Liang Shanbo, Salvation Army, Lunatic Cult, Burning Legion, Gourmet Club, Hunter, Templar, Sound Nest, World Society… Then Rowe found himself severely understaffed and unable to build a large organization. After some contemplation, he decided to set up a smaller organization, just a few people. He had already thought of the name, and it was called… Injustice. - Description from MTLNovel

Fantasy Tech ReviewerChapter 43

System: The world you came to has no Gundam, no WOW, no Warhammer, no Xueyue, no… Mu Feng: So I can be a copywriter (excitedly rubbing hands) System: In the random product, three products have been delineated for you, Planet Killer, Death Star, Barbatos Gundam, please choose any one to complete your novice task. Mu Feng: ? ? ? ?  …… Yoshida? D: Change, change! (referring to take out the knight’s belt) Gui Yanye: hatchet (referring to Denglongjian) Current progress: main world (daily episode) → One Piece → main world (modern content of Ghost Slayer) → One Punch Man → main world (Dragon Race 3, Magic Change? Brother Zheng???;??/ - Description from MTLNovel

10,000 Times the Reward of Apprenticeship: Martial Dao Horizontal Push is WeirdChapter 277 The truth back then

Ye Ran traveled to a world dominated by demons and monks, and became the owner of a small martial arts hall. Here, there is no inheritance of martial arts, and there is no day for warriors to come forward. However, since Ye Ran’s arrival, martial arts have risen, and as long as the disciples become stronger, they can get various rewards. In the face of many demons, Ye Ran smiled. “I’m sorry, I only have physical oversight.” - Description from MTLNovel

After Participating in Intern Parents Variety Show with Movie Empress MotherChapter 69 main text

An An was an abandoned baby who grew up in an orphanage. When she was four years old, she was invited to a variety show called “Intern Parents” as a guest. The live broadcast room was full of people every day. It turned out that the actress has zero life skill, had been seeing a psychiatrist, her marriage with her husband was not happy, and she was not a winner in life at all… Everyone was worried that this messy family will cause harm to the heart of the poor and young girl again. However, An An didn’t know because she was so busy. In her new home, she learned to cook with her mother, taught her father to coax her, and every day she woke up wondering which little princess dress to wear and playing with dolls or stuffed bears… She has never experienced this kind of life before and she was very happy! At the end of the 20-day recording time, An An’s eyes were red and she was reluctant to leave. Just when everyone thought that the big star’s career was over, the actress submitted the formalities to the orphanage and officially adopted the child. The little dumpling was stunned. Later, her parents learned that their biological daughter was still alive… Everything that happened back then was a deliberate conspiracy. An An, who was suddenly picked up with excitement: even more stunned. …… Losing her daughter four years ago was the biggest pain in Mo Sui’s heart. Even in her dreams, she never expected that her daughter would come back to her side. This time, no matter what, she and her husband would protect An An well. - Description from Novelupdates

Crazy, You Call This a Trainee LawyerChapter 688 Captain Lao appeared in court, he is a ruthless man!
Urban Life

Barrister Zhang Qiansheng, a criminal defense lawyer, has won more than 2,000 lawsuits for more than 30 years, helped countless billionaires get off their crimes, and earned hundreds of millions of dollars. Standing in the courtroom, he was frightening and shuddering. But because of an accident, his soul was possessed by Zhang Wei, a Blue Star law student in a parallel time and space. From then on, ?Pan Chuan ㄑ??Pan Ai? Zhu Shan Su Jiao Yi Huang さ Thumb 舐墒 Γ?br>And this time, with the help of a certain Hanhan, he also gradually changed from the ruthless barrister Zhang Qiansheng to the ruthless barrister Zhang Qiansheng. He became Zhang Wei, a good lawyer with affection and righteousness. PS: At the request of readers, a book group was established 239559929 - Description from MTLNovel

Daily Life at Conan Undercover DistilleryChapter 95 An unknown musician
ComedyFan-FictionUrban Life

[How to evaluate the black organization where Gin is located? 】 laxative. People are in the winery, the interests are relevant. My boss, Gin, is polite and helpful. My partner Shuichi Akai is loyal and reliable, and is very dedicated to his feelings. Ms. Belmode was gentle, beautiful, and amiable. There is also a cafe guy who is very optimistic and lively. All I can say is that people here are stupid and have a lot of money, so come quickly. “Just, if given the chance, I would say, I want to be a good person.” - Description from MTLNovel

Modify Super GodChapter 960 Thanks to the top 1 brother!

The future me actually let me enter a virtual game called “Otherworld”, and then play the game against the creation-level evil god to save three worlds?! Please! Is this something a normal person like me can do?! but…… Not to mention that the game can make money, can the power obtained in the game have the opportunity to bring it to reality?! The key is…… The future me even brought me three golden fingers! In this regard, Sui Yu said: “I’ll take over this epic main quest!” - Description from MTLNovel

My Online Girlfriend Is The Nine Heaven Divine PhoenixChapter 233 hate

This is a world where technology and immortality coexist. Lu Ping, as a senior single dog… has no resources to cultivate immortals, and is disliked by girls. He can only date one “girl” online. Finally, when it was time to graduate and look for a job, Lu Ping accidentally revealed his personal information to his girlfriend. As a result, Lu Ping’s life began to undergo some strange changes. - Description from MTLNovel

Sweet and Soft Girl is Six Years Old: The Whole People Are Addicted To Raising DaughtersChapter 19 get a new role
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[Group pet + sweet and refreshing + rebirth + development] Su Mian, who had a dream of music, was reborn as an unpopular little girl in the countryside who would be beaten whenever she made a mistake. After the arrival of Xia Xuan, the queen of three gold films, she realized that she was not a wild girl, but Xu Zimian, the little princess of the queen’s family. Xiao Mian, who sings well, has natural acting skills, and can make desserts, is the top treasure of her parents and two brothers. It wasn’t until the first play in which Little Cotton was involved was broadcast that they were stunned to discover that there were more than a million people vying to call Little Cotton’s daughter and all kinds of people who loved Little Cotton overnight. Ask passersby what is the best gift they have received this year, and most of them will tell you that it is daughter Xiao Mian! - Description from MTLNovel

I, The Giant of the Imperial Palace, Travel Through the Heavens!Chapter 56 injury and fetus

Wake up and become a giant of the palace. Who is the Emerald Giant? It was the man who broke through the Holy Grail War overnight with a string of sevens. But now the time point is actually after the defeat in the hands of the King of Heroes. Looking at his scarred body and facing the danger of being imprisoned, Emiya Shirou could only helplessly look up at the sky. Okay, don’t say anything, wait for me to cross first. I have written down this hatred, and I will talk about everything when I come back. ——————— Emiya Shirou: “In order to protect my sister’s happiness, I will not hesitate to smash my body to pieces!” Passerby: “Which sister do you want to protect, after all, you have so many sisters?” Emiya Shirou: “Of course it’s all, after all, they are my family.” “So, would you like to be my sister?” ——————— ps. First world: Is it wrong to seek encounters in dungeons? - Description from MTLNovel

I Transmigrated As A Prison Guard And Suppressed The PrincessChapter 437 season finale! (Thanks to the boss for his support all the time...

Xiao Ran traveled to the fantasy world, hereditary, but not a prince. As a jailer in the Heavenly Prison, the starting point was the Heavenly Pit. The eldest princess practiced forbidden martial arts and was imprisoned in the Heavenly Prison. No one could imprison her, so he stood up from behind. What others can’t do, I’ll do it! From the suppression of the eldest princess, to the suppression of a country. The prime minister came from an aristocratic family and had enormous power. All the civil and military affairs of the dynasty were his disciples. The emperor was helpless. Xiao Ran made a move and put a shackle on his neck. The ancestor of Yaoguang Holy Land practiced magic arts with the people of a county, and the magic power was unparalleled in the world. The imperial court was trembling with fear, and he didn’t dare to let go of one fart. I am Xiao Ran, the king who walks in the dark. - Description from MTLNovel

Spoiler For The Multiverse: The Start of the Live Broadcast of MarvelChapter 297 Decadent crowd, Hawkeye: I have so many children

With the advent of the dimensional live broadcast system, the entire multiverse is in chaos. Iron Man: Ugh, it turns out that I can be so handsome in the future. Loki: How could I be toyed with by an trumped-up organization, there is such a Loki, impossible, absolutely impossible. Cedric Diggory: How could I be killed by Voldemort and turn into a vampire? Deadpool: Thank you so much, I was able to slaughter the entire Marvel Universe, this is really cool! Thanos: Why did a group of people come to my door and yell at me before I left? Why? The Flash: As a speeder, why are so many people faster than me, I don’t care, Captain Sparrow, teach me magic. - Description from MTLNovel

The Villain BOSS, Please Stay AwayChapter 2 hug thighs
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Shu Xiaowu has passed through the book! When learning this fact, It is she who has experienced the transformation from human to grass, The wonderful process of changing from grass to man, After knowing the reality, her first feeling was: run away! There is an ultimate villain around, run away! ! However, when she followed the original male and female protagonists to drink across the dunes and around the mountains, she successfully escaped from the villain BOSS, After a few years of “good” days, I got a joke from the other party~ Yu Shu: Have you had enough? Go back when you’re done playing… What? Shouldn’t he be coercing the female protagonist and killing the male protagonist? Something to do with her? Then, Shu Xiaowu sadly discovered that the book had long since been destroyed. 1V1, HE, easy. The male protagonist is evil and charming, and the female protagonist is soft and cute~ Tip: Aoki and Meng Yan are in a male-to-male relationship, so be cautious. >Reader group: 581787644, the name of the protagonist of any work in the opening number, welcome the arrival of the little angel. ​​ Content tags: sweet text fantasy magic Search keywords: Protagonist: Shu Xiaowu, Yu Shu ┃ Supporting roles: Gu Nao, Liu Ruling, Limo, Long Huai, Zhu Qi, XXX ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

Battle of the Two Cities: Begins with the MageChapter 624 Devotion on the Ice Field

The prosperity of Piltover is on the surface, the barrenness of Zaun is miserable. The able men of the Twin Cities, join Noxus, and I will lead you to the light! – Ryan Meredith - Description from MTLNovel

The Most Generous Master EverChapter 790 : Yo Yo Lu Ming

Ye Qiu traveled to the Great Wilderness World and obtained the ten thousand-fold return system. By teaching or gifting the same thing to the apprentice, you can get a high multiplier crit return. “Ding, you give your disciple a Marrow Cleansing Pill, trigger a thousand-fold crit, and get a Divine Marrow Pill.” “Ding, you passed ten years of kung fu to your disciples, triggered a hundred times of critical strikes, and obtained thousand years of kung fu.” “Ding, you gave your disciple the Zixia Sword, a top-grade treasure, which will trigger ten thousand times the crit and get the Immortal Sword Yunxiao.” All the disciples: “Master is too generous. He never hides his secrets from his disciples, and he gives everything away.” - Description from MTLNovel

My Girlfriend is More Than BeautifulChapter 4 I *****#&a¥#*===

[Single heroine, dog food article] My girlfriend is more than beautiful! She… also… When playing games: “You are so immortal! Ran your mother!” “E goes forward, isn’t it?!” “Fuck Nima, you want to be reincarnated and want to be crazy???” While studying: “Four or four? It’s not right to count and copy? Not only is the hand disabled, but the head is also paralyzed, right??” “I don’t think you’re right…” “…” When fishing: “If I remember correctly, didn’t you say you were going to study hard yesterday?” Girlfriend: “Yesterday was yesterday, today is today.” ? ? ? “You don’t know what it used to be?” ? ? ? don’t know. Also, is the word used that way? ? While chatting: “I like you.” “Oh.”, indifference.jpg “it is good.” Girlfriend: /////w/////? ? ? ? Look, my girlfriend is more than beautiful. It’s cute sometimes. It’s a pity that he has a mouth that can talk. - Description from MTLNovel