Number One Dungeon Supplier - Chapter 1431 System Restart -Part 5

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Chapter 1431 System Restart -Part 5

Zeru did not withhold his techniques.

Now that the Sword Saint knew that this fake Jin had some knowledge of his sword techniques, he had to make sure that he does not reign freely throughout this world. His sword techniques were made in memory of his dearly departed wife and it was not for any Tom Dick or Harry to swing it whenever he liked.

If it was for Jin, he did not mind at all, especially after what he did to aid him and his wife to unite once more even if it was for a brief moment. But this imposter… "You shall not sully the Lotus Techniques."

"Oh, before we forget. This clone can not only use techniques your "Jin' were capable of but also the ability to learn and adapt. We cannot have the past owner to come back from his vacation and find that there is nothing new this puppet can provide, right?" The fake System echoed their thoughts outwardly to everyone within the Dungeon Maker Arena as the imposter Jin returned the attack against Zeru.f𝔯𝚎e𝘸𝘦𝚋𝗻oѵ𝐞Ɩ.c𝒐𝓶

The Sword Saint had unleashed one of the techniques in his secret repertoire, the Black Lotus Sparkles Beneath The Lake, causing the entire arena instance to turn pitch dark. In the cover of darkness, Zeru's sword slashes came from all sides but they were all a ruse for the Sword Saint to distract and deliver a true blow against the Imposter Jin.

Yet, those slashes were not to be scoffed at since each slash comprised of chi energy levels that could surpass a Grade 15 cultivator's full strength. And each time the Imposter Jin got hit with it, a lotus mark would emerge on his body, causing him to be severely weakened if he was not already damaged by the attack.

However, the imposter did not seem to be moving at all, taking in all the attacks when Zeru knew that he could evade them. "The clone also possessed the Vampire Lord constitution?" Zeru thought to himself even though he did not hesitate his blade moving towards the fake Jin.

Suddenly, Jin's eyes glowed within the abyssal darkness that was surrounding him and those lotus marks that he accumulated on his body had burned away, allowing the imposter to move even faster than he should be capable of. The Sword Saint had to readjust his trajectory so that his blade would still touch Jin but he was suddenly glowing with an intense amount of light that it felt like the white light itself was the void as well.

"Did he copy that Void Being's attribute with the combination of his Inverse Eyes and Maqi Manipulation? He used my Lotus Marks to augment his spell??" Zeru knew that he would be making a bad move if he were to continue charging against the imposter blindly. The Void Gate got larger as the fake Jin remained in place gathering his Maqi to fuel his spell so that everything including what Zeru had prepared would disappear the moment the Void Gate spell was completed.

But at that moment, the Sword Saint sensed a huge object flying towards his direction, forcing him to dodge it naturally and with the light all around his fading darkness, he could identify that huge object to be of Qiu Yue's doing.

"I do not know what is happening but this still got to hurt!" Qiu Yue said as she used her Empire Building Sub System to summon a 100 storey ready made building flying towards the fake Jin. And if that was not enough to deter those bright glowing eyes, the Red Panda Cultivator had made sure that she equipped each floor with an array of automated weapons that would send bullets and missiles towards Jin.

In the meantime, Lynn did the same thing as she summoned rows of cabinets within the flying building which caused thousands of chi knives to fly towards the imposter. They did not know that they had unwittingly blocked the fake Jin's manmade void portal which was supposed to suck in the chi infused slash that Zeru was preparing. Thus, this well timed intervention allowed Zeru to continue the very last portion of his Black Lotus technique.

A pitch black wave of energy was released through Zeru's slashing of the blade, releasing a trail of Black Lotus Petals at the back that subsequently turned sentient and followed along the energy wave, gaining speed as it drifted through the returning darkness once the light void gate had been temporarily subdued.

The overwhelming amount of items and firepower against the Void Gate forced it to remain open, allowing the imposter Jin to be vulnerable to the attack and yet even with such a fortuitous setup that came through by luck, the fake Jin had decided to break away from the Void Gate spell, forcing him to take an immense amount of backlash.

But the backlash also enabled him to move away from Zeru's sword energy wave just in time. It was a no brainer whether to take the Sword Saint's hit head on or received a backlash from his magic spell and that was still not enough to slow the imposter had he placed his hand near his chest, casting healing spells on himself to move towards Zeru once again.

Without any doubts, Zeru was going to face the fake Jin head on since this was still the start until he sensed an intense aura of mana around him, forcing him to instinctively step backwards.

"HAH! TASTE THIS BURN. I HAVE BEEN WANTING TO DO THIS FOR A LONG TIME!" Peppers shouted as she descended to join Qiu Yue and Lynn while an explosion worthy of Peppers' Mana was showcased right in front of them.

"I will attend to Kraft," Milk said as she had already opened her giant book of healing and cast healing spells in succession to keep the Devil Fox alive. He might be a pain in the ass but he could potentially be the official pain in the ass for the imposter Jin and had an idea of getting the real Jin out of this current mess.

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