Number One Dungeon Supplier - Chapter 1432 System Restart -Part 6

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Chapter 1432 System Restart -Part 6

Even as the shockwaves of Peppers' explosion reverberated through the entire arena, Kraft who was now half alive thanks to Milk brought out his guns and shot through the residual smoke caused by the explosion.

A few clinks of recoil were heard and it goes to show that Jin had managed to block or at least reduce the damage taken from Peppers' magnificent explosion. "See, I told you he would not go down that easily. The Jin we know had always been holding back his powers a lot and this clone did not hesitate to use all of them." Kraft said as he sat on the ground huffing and puffing.

Even with Milk's healing which was considered to be top tier, the gods seem to know their way around to inflict near permanent damage to Kraft who could have interfered with the transfer of power from the Original Jin to their clone.

"Then all I need to do is to keep blasting him until he is toast. There is no way that fake Jin can handle dozens of my explosions consecutively." Peppers said but Zeru for the first time took action and stopped her casting.

"No matter how many times you cast explosion magic on him, it would not work. Take a look at what he is in right now." The Sword Saint said as the smoke finally dissipated and right in the middle of it all was a dull black dome.

"Can't you see? As long as I apply enough pressure, that black dome shield that Jin Clone is hiding would be destroyed-" Zeru interrupted by giving a powered slash onto the dome, causing it to crack from the attack.

The cracking became apparent as light began to shine through it, slowly revealing a glittering diamond dome beneath all that and with another powered ranged slash from Zeru, the dull blackish carbon broke down to show that the Imposter Jin was hiding in a diamond shell.

"I have never seen Jin use such a technique before." Qiu Yue said but the Sub System replied that this was already registered as a possible combination of Maqi when Jin had been experimenting with his powers.

"You mean his Maqi can combine and turn almost anything into a reality?" The Red Panda Cultivator asked about the Sub System and it acknowledges its infinite capability of it as long as there are sufficient Maqi and precise manipulation techniques.

"Sub System had determined based on the System's analytical model that the User's Clone could potentially create even more complex items such as a mechanical being given the right conditions. User had used the theory of 3D printing as his formulae base when creating new spells and all it took was the right amount of Maqi and a fast enough output to allow the creation of the desired product." The Sub System explained although Peppers swore that her explosion spell could even melt the toughest variant of carbon.

"See? Stop this futile attempt." The Fake System said with a light hearted tone, showing its delight. "It is heartening to see that our clone is functioning rather well. Now that all of you know that your boss had disappeared, do your work as usual…or even work harder now that your boss is as dumb as a doorstopper."

Just as the Fake System was gloating about its new clone, a shot was fired and heard, causing the Diamond Dome to reveal a blunted hole. And those with an acute sense of vision could see a diamond popcorn dropping to the ground.

"Heh. As far as we know, our Jin is not that all powerful, perhaps even a weakling." Lynn said as she held onto a cooking pot with the lid covered using her chi and right inside the pot were corn kernels popping rapidly, absorbing Lynn's chi to change into something that she wanted.

And right now, what she wants is something that could break that diamond dome down and defeat that clone with the help of her friends for she knew that there was no way she could do that alone.

"Damn, girl. Here I thought the one that would be breaking that dome was Mr Krafty." Qiu Yue was amazed by Lynn's determination.

"As long as we are here, there is no chance of defeating us at all. Bring all your minions. Bring all your friends. We will not allow our clone to be defeated this easily and you will taste judgement for defying the gods."

"That's great news because for once, the Demons can show that we can be equally good as well." Moloch emerged from an unstable portal alongside Baal.

"What can two mere Demons do to us? Our product can annihilate you with just a snap of his finger based on your contract with him. In fact, you two should bow down now as every other Demon should."

"You think I did not bring backup with me?" Moloch chuckled as he climbed onto Baal's shoulder and the both of them clasped their hands together. Suddenly the entire arena started to rumble and a huge portal enveloped the right side of the dungeon instance.

"Tsk, I should be killing that guy instead of me rescuing him after all the things he had done to me. Especially that wretched System." Most do not recognise the voice except for Peppers and Milk who had contact before.

"Too bad for you. He might have imprisoned you, but you had the best rest for the entirety of your life. How does it feel to get back your powers and stop masquerading as a fake Shaitan all because of his generosity?" Baal joked as the aura from the portal became even more ominous that the Sword Saint felt a slight tremble in his heart.

"Heh. Lucky for him, the System was smart enough to prepare some contingency plans, otherwise Baal, your human friends would be annihilated." The head reeled out from the portal and slowly revealed a 'minion' that should have never see daylight for the rest of his life.


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