Panther Commando - Chapter 5916 dark pipes

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Wan Lin nodded and didn't answer. He pointed at the wind knife and introduced: "Old Feng, you should know it." Sha Xiaofeng raised his hand and shook the wind knife vigorously, and replied, "Of course I do, old brother."

Feng Dao smiled and nodded, followed by looking at Sha Xiaofeng's hands and said, "Feng, what do the two brothers call?" Sha Xiaofeng quickly explained: "Old Feng, Qi Bing Gan Ning, just call Qi Gan."

Then he pointed at Wan Lin Feng Dao, and introduced to his hands: "Captain Wan, Brother Feng." Sha Xiaofeng glanced at the very young Wan Lin in astonishment with both hands, and called them respectfully in a low voice.

Both of them knew Wan Lin's calendar, and they all thought that the action master sent by the General Administration would not expect the leader of the team, Wan Lin, to be so young.

After the two horses introduced each other, Sha Xiaofeng glanced at both hands and said: "Captain Wan, the two strongest members of the Qigan action team, only brought two of them, and the rest of the team are the second group, and are now on standby five kilometers away. Start the operation and immediately rush to surround the warehouse area. The two teams of the three groups of armed police special forces assembled about 7 kilometers away, and once they act, they will immediately rush to surround the entire market.”

Wan Lin nodded and replied, "Okay, let's start the operation. Immediately notify Director Ye." As he spoke, he took a map of the bazaar and the structure of the warehouse.

Raising his finger and pointing at the map, he said: "Captain Sha, the second action, the side four participated in the action, except for the third, the sniper Laocheng has already concealed the high point of the warehouse area, the main task is to cover Jingheng, and cooperate with Jinghenghua, the warehouse door Act nearby."

Then he pointed to the target warehouse circled by the red pen and said: "The mission uses the ventilation pipe to covertly enter the target warehouse. Remember, the action must be concealed, and no sound is allowed. Once the location of the warehouse is locked, the third mission protects the warehouse. , and leave the rest to the enemy."

After hearing this, Sha Xiaofeng immediately asked, "Captain Wan, what about Qi?" Wan Lin replied, "Qi is tracking Nighthawk's response team on the mountain, and after finding the enemy's foothold, they will act together."

Sha Xiaofeng said happily: "Okay, when I received the order from Director Ye just now, he also said that two teams of action teams would be sent to assist the police in finding that group. "

Then he scolded in a low voice: "Grandma, the operation failed last night, and the brothers were all suffocating and dying. Captain Wan, I will catch all the **** today!"

"Okay." Wan Lin replied in a low voice, then looked at the high walls of the warehouse and asked, "Captain Sha, is there a secret post behind the warehouse?"

Sha Xiaofeng blushed and replied: "I turned around in the evening, no, it's clear. I just said reconnaissance, but I was stopped, for fear that the action would disturb Nighthawk. Captain Wan, see for yourself?"

Wan Lin waved his hand and replied, "Yes, Lao Feng will go first. After hearing the code, the action will definitely make a sound."

Wan Lin said, Hua, who was holding Shang's shoulders, whispered, "Hua, Captain Sha's, smell it." He then let Hua try to smell Xiaofeng San.

Then put the flower on the grass: "Flower, protect Jingheng!" Then he straightened up and looked at Shang's command: "Jingheng, act!"

"." Shang replied in a low voice excitedly, followed by watching Sha Xiaofeng raise his right hand and said, "Three... brothers,... first perform... tasks, then come back... Let's chat again. A... Amitabha."

As Zi said, he suddenly disappeared from the side of the tree with a flick of the body, and a black shadow ran to the side of the wood without a sound, his body swayed a few times in the gap between the trees, and quickly disappeared into the darkness. The flowers also ran from the grass and ran diagonally to the bazaar shrouded in darkness.

Sha Xiaofeng looked at Shang's back in astonishment, and Sha Xiaofeng asked worriedly, "Captain Wan, can you guys do it? Let Qi act together."

Wan Lin waved his hand and replied: "Use, it's worse, get ready for action!" Feng Dao followed the backpack he took, and respectively took a pair of night vision goggles from Leopard to wear his face, followed by two and another Wei Chong behind his back, and then Quietly standing beside a tree at the edge of the forest, staring at the dimly lit warehouse area.

Sha Xiaofeng saw Wan Lin Fengdao's movements in the dark, and quickly waved his right hand to his side, and San immediately took out night vision goggles and put on his face.

Following the stripped coat, the micro-charged pistol and dagger hidden inside were revealed. San didn't say a word, and stood quietly beside the three trees behind Wan Lin Feng Dao with a nervous look on his face.

Just as Sha Xiaofeng was getting ready, the dark and silent bazaar had already heard the sound of "Amitabha Buddha" scolding the homeless and still terrified.

Wan Lin heard the dim voice and glanced at the wind The two suddenly drilled through the woods, and then disappeared with the parked truck...

Therefore, Sha Xiaofeng lay on the roof and raised his gun to aim at the shadow facing him. He glanced at the flying knife stuck in the neck of the shadow, and then tapped the microphone on his mouth a few times, ordering the second group to quietly approach the bazaar.

Immediately, he raised his left hand slightly, made a "heart" gesture to the two players lying behind him, and then lowered his head and got into the air vent. The two team members also glanced at each other and got into the dark vent one after another.

Sha Xiaofeng already knew that on the high roof of the original warehouse, there was always a high-level warning enemy whistle, and he must have been attracted by the noise just now.

Zi must have seen a conflict between the homeless people, so he returned to the hidden vent. Unexpectedly, as soon as he returned, he was killed by Wan Lin, who had already jumped off the roof.

San Darkness crawled forward eagerly, and his heart was dark: "No wonder that Captain Wan asked him to take action first. No matter how fast he moves, I am afraid that he will not be able to alarm the situation of the warehouse enemy and instantly kill the three dark sentries on the roof of the warehouse."

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