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, San's face showed a look of astonishment, and the narrow ventilation pipe climbed very slowly to avoid making any noise. Knowing that Wanlin's old wind was already dark, he entered the ventilation pipes extending in all directions of the warehouse, and he must be able to make any noise, otherwise the next operation would fall short like last night.

At the same time Wan Lin got into the ventilation duct, in the darkness of the warehouse, Shang staggered as he ran, hugging his left arm that had been beaten by the homeless man, with a horrified look on his face, and muttering in a low voice: "Ah... Amitabha, it hurts... it hurts to death."

Zi staggered and ran to the closed warehouse door, and slid his heels to the steps on the side of the door. Just then, a black figure suddenly sat up from the steps and punched Shang's chest with a fist.

There was a sound of "bang", and Shang fell backwards with a scream. Zi then sat up from the ground and called out, "Ah... Amitabha,... a benefactor... why are you fighting?"

An off-road vehicle was parked on the side of the warehouse, and then he poked his head again, looked at Shang who was sitting opposite him with cold eyes, followed by a vigilant look around, and then looked at the shadow who gave Shang a punch and said: "Zi Doubtful, check the truth?"

"Team leader, what are you checking, you can just kill it!" The man on the side stood up and grabbed Shang's collar and answered, already holding a sharp dagger in his right hand, and then raised it towards him.

"Ah... Amitabha, what are you doing?... Who... Who can give me something to eat,... two... haven't you eaten fast food yet?" Shang stared at the ferocious man with frightened eyes, stammered his mouth, and was always good at breaking things. The bowl has been raised.

Shadow's heard Shang's cry, and looked at the dagger raised in his hand and scolded: "Let's go, don't look for trouble!" Then he stared at Shang's eyes, and asked in a low voice, "Is it really Shang, Buddhist curse?"

Before he finished speaking, he had already lowered his eyes and chanted in a low voice: "Nanwu, Hoilayana, Duolayeye, Nanwu, Ahluye, Polujiedi, Shuobolaye..."

The shadowy man heard Zi's skillful chanting sound, nodded and said to his companion who was still holding Shang's collar: "Zi is really still, bring it into the warehouse and get some food."

"It's troublesome, I've found out, I can kill it directly!" The left hand tightly wrapped around Shang's neck, and the right hand pressed the side of Shang's head, ready to break Shang's neck with additional force.

"Hey,...kill what? Buddha said...said, all beings,...can kill!...first...first give...some fast food,...starved to death." Shang whispered, raising his voice. With his left hand, he grabbed the thumb of the other's left hand around his neck, and the right hand that was holding the broken bowl also trembled.

Just, the ear-plugged miniature earphones suddenly heard Cheng Ru's urgent voice: "Hand, flower protection!"

When Shang heard Cheng Ru's voice, he hurriedly sank the internal force he had just raised into his dantian again, grabbed his left hand, and quickly loosened it, preventing the force from attracting the enemy's attention.

At the beginning of the operation, Wan Lin had already told him that his mission would attract the attention of the enemy's dark post, and when Wan De was determined, he would be able to show his martial arts and arouse the enemy's vigilance.

Moreover, the Chengru sniper spends his time in the darkness around him and protects his safety. If he is worried about his own safety, he can only attract the attention of the enemy, so when he hears the sound of the earphone, he immediately feels relieved and stutters again. said.

As soon as Shang's voice fell, one of the closed warehouse doors suddenly opened, followed by a low voice in the dimness: "Shang, bring you in!"

Zi, who hugged Shang's neck tightly, was stunned for a moment, followed by grabbing Shang's collar and walked to the door, pushing Shang into the dim warehouse, and the opened door was then closed.

Just then, a black shadow jumped from the side of the warehouse like lightning, and disappeared into the dim warehouse with a "whoosh" sound. The shadow who just pushed Shang into the warehouse was shocked! A pistol followed, and a few "crash, crash" sounds of pulling the bolt also sounded from the warehouse in the dark.

The child next to the off-road vehicle outside the door shouted in a low voice: "Shoot, wild cat!" With the low voice, the child who had drawn the pistol at the door quickly inserted the pistol into his waist. He glanced around vigilantly, then cursed in a low voice, and then sat down on the steps beside the door.

Zi sat down on the steps, glanced around, and whispered to the shadow who was lying next to the off-road vehicle: "Team leader, what is the old man doing? You're asking for trouble."

Shadow's Zi said coldly: "Zi is indeed Yi Shang, there is no doubt about it. Just now, Shang has already alerted a few homeless people. If Li disappears suddenly, it will definitely attract the attention of I guess the veteran is a fool. A shield, in case something happens, like a scientist, at least he can save his life temporarily."

As he spoke, he raised his head and glanced at the silent bazaar, and then whispered: "From last night until now, the other party has not stared at the inside, which means that the inside is temporarily safe. The old man has already said that tomorrow morning will take advantage of the morning rush hour. Enter the mountain, and leave the ghost place as soon as possible, so as not to have too many dreams at night."

At the moment when Shang was pushed into the warehouse, Cheng Ru was lying on a thick tree branch and aimed his gun at the door of the warehouse, facing the microphone beside his mouth, and reported in a low voice: "Leopard head, Shang was suddenly pushed into the warehouse by the enemy's secret whistle. , Hua also rushed into the warehouse, out of sight!"

As soon as the voice fell, the earphones heard two slight taps. Cheng Ru heard Wan Lin's answer and immediately understood that Wan Lin asked him to implement the second plan.

Glancing at the dimly lit bazaar around him, he grabbed his sniper rifle and squatted from the tree trunk, then drilled through the thick branches and leaves, and slid to the ground against the tree trunk, followed by lying on the ground, and crawled towards a truck near the warehouse.

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