Panther Commando - Chapter 5924 true rescuer

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Just as Wan Lin and the others rushed down from the ventilation duct, Cheng Ru's voice came from their earphones at the same time: "Leopard head, check that the two enemy guards at the door have been shot dead, and I am hiding close to the warehouse. "

At this time, Wan Lin was in the air, holding the micro-charged muzzle in the air, and spewing a fire snake toward the shelf below the side. on the shelf.

Wan Lin killed an enemy, and he ordered in a low voice: "Received, closely monitor the surrounding warehouses to prevent the enemy from lurking around!"

When he was in the pipeline, he had already seen the distribution of the enemies in the warehouse through the seams in the pipeline, and then his eyes kept staring at the man in gray.

He had already seen at this time that the man in gray was the leader of the warehouse spy, but this person was completely different from the person suspected of being Nighthawk in the surveillance video, so this made him alert that Nighthawk was probably hiding in other places. place, not in this warehouse.

The dark warehouse was filled with a strong smell of blood and gunpowder smoke. The incandescent lamp on the ceiling in the center of the warehouse was shaking slightly beside the broken ventilation duct. The light in the warehouse was flickering, next to several shelves and beside the off-road vehicle. Seven or eight shadows were already lying down, and pistols and assault rifles were scattered around the shadows.

Sha Xiaofeng rushed to the off-road vehicle. He looked at the little monk who jumped out of the car and asked in a hurried voice, "Little brother, is Situ Xuan in the car?"

He is the captain of Ye Feng's action team. Although he is familiar with Wan Lin and the others, when Ye Feng and Wan Lin and the others dealt with Razor last time, he was not here because of other tasks, but in the woods outside the warehouse. He saw this little monk, but he didn't know the origin of this little monk.

The little monk who had just jumped out of the off-road vehicle, heard Sha Xiaofeng's question, he quickly leaned over and dragged a blood-stained middle-aged man with a sticker on his mouth to the side of the car. .

He pointed at the middle-aged man and stammered and replied: "Sha... Captain, do you see... is this person? I... I don't know. Just now, I... Xiaohua and I didn't... did not dare to untie him. , I'm afraid... I'm afraid he's a bad guy making noise, but I... I've been protecting him just now, and by the way... I'm also looking at him, in case... it's a bad person."

Sha Xiaofeng raised his gun and aimed at the two men around him. Hearing the boy's stammering answer, all three of them had smiles on their nervous faces.

Sha Xiaofeng held the pistol in his right hand, raised his left hand and touched the boy's bald head and praised: "Good boy, he has a lot of hearts!" He followed and looked into the car intently. At this moment, he was really impressed by this little monk.

Just now, after this little monk was taken into the warehouse by the other party, he didn't show any nervousness in the face of these vicious people in the warehouse.

Moreover, this kid's stammering answer and gobbling look made these experienced

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