Panther Commando - Chapter 5975 gunshots

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Wan Lin saw Lingling instigating the little monk to use darts for a competition. He saw that Lingling was about to make a move, and Xiaoya who was standing next to him smiled and said, "Lin'er, I'm fine today, let Jingheng play with this big brother." .”

Lingling also looked up at the mouse, and then said coldly: "That's right, people look down on us, even the seven aunts and eight aunts. It seems that this elder brother is indeed very skilled. We should let the younger brother Let's try it, if the junior brother loses, we don't have the face to stay here, let's leave immediately!"

In the voices of Xiaoya and Lingling, Wan Lin already understood that the ridicule of the little monk by the mouse just now had angered the two sisters-in-law.

If the other party just ridiculed themselves and the others, Xiaoya and the others wouldn't take it to heart, but the mouse even picked up the master and grandfather that the little monk said, and they were the abbot of Lingyi Temple and their grandfathers.

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The arrogance of the mouse, a master of the action team, had already annoyed Xiaoya and the two of them, and they were determined to teach this arrogant mouse a lesson, but due to their status, they were too embarrassed to do it directly, so they borrowed the help of the stupid boy, the little monk, to make an appearance.

Seeing Xiaoya and Lingling staring at him, Wan Lin shook his head helplessly and looked at Sha Xiaofeng. The matter was caused by someone under Sha Xiaofeng, so he handed over the decision-making power to the captain of the action team.

Hearing Xiaoya and Lingling's words, Sha Xiaofeng already understood that the rat had aroused the disgust of these two sisters-in-law. When he was in the car just now, he already knew that the little monk was the closed disciple of the head of Lingyi Temple.

Although he didn't know who the grandfather the little monk was talking about, he knew in his heart that the boy's grandfather must also be a martial arts senior, otherwise he would not have proposed to let the old man come with his master, and the mouse not only uttered wild words, but also brought along It must have angered the two sisters-in-law of the Leopard Commando.

Sha Xiaofeng immediately looked at Wan Lin and said, "Brother, you're welcome. Since the mouse thinks he has two skills, let him compete with the little brother."

He then looked at the mouse and said coldly: "Don't you think you have great ability, then show your ability! How do you want to compare?" He then took a step back and looked coldly at the already flushed mouse.

As soon as Sha Xiaofeng finished speaking, Lingling, who was afraid that the world would not be chaotic, said with a smile: "Captain Sha, it's just a matter of comparing accuracy, so it doesn't need to be so troublesome."

She looked at the mouse and the little monk and said, "Get ready, start with my password, target the birds in the sky! Get ready..." As she spoke, she bent down and picked up a handful of small stones from the ground, turned around and threw them towards a forest on the side hillside go.

"Swish, whoosh, whoosh", in the sound of a gust of wind, the dense branches and leaves of the forest more than 20 meters away on the side shook violently with a "crash".

Among the branches and leaves knocked down by the gravel, a group of sparrows chirped and flew into the air, flying in all directions to the surrounding air. Among them, four or five sparrows panicked, flapped their wings, and flew towards the hillside above Wanlin and the others in panic.

"Start!" Lingling's cry followed. Following Lingling's crisp cry, the little monk had already taken a step forward, with his injured left arm slung across his chest, he looked up into the air, his round eyes suddenly narrowed.

At the same time, his naturally drooping right hand passed over his waist at the same time, and then raised upwards. "嗖", "嗖", two cold lights flew into the air, like two lightning bolts flying straight into the air.

Amid Lingling's shouts, Mouse also raised his right hand holding the pistol at the same time, his left hand quickly passed over the gun body, pulled the bolt with a clatter, and then raised the arm holding the gun upwards.

As soon as he raised his arms, he saw two flashes of cold light on the opposite side, and the cold light flashed in the air! Amid the two shrill chirps, two sparrows more than 30 meters away fell from the sky.

The eyes of the mouse looking at the sky suddenly showed a confused expression. Among the five flying birds, two were shot down by the bald boy's hidden weapon, and the other three already screamed and flapped their wings, appearing in the air fifty meters away like lightning.

Mouse knew that although he had good marksmanship, he was not sure about shooting a fast-moving target like a sparrow in the air.

Moreover, the effective range of the pistol is only fifty meters, even if he pulls the trigger, it is impossible to hit the target. He knew that he had already lost this competition! Whether it was the speed or the accuracy of his shots, he was completely defeated by the bald boy in front of him!

Mouse's judgment is extremely strong, he knew the moment he raised his gun that he was completely defeated! With a gloomy face, he lowered his muzzle.

At this moment, out of the corner of his eyes, he suddenly saw that the young man who had been standing on Sha Xiaofeng suddenly swayed, and Sha Xiaofeng, who was standing next to him, suddenly staggered and rushed two steps to the side. It appeared in the hands of the young man next to him.

With the sound of pulling the bolt of the gun with a "crash", the young man's arm was raised upward like lightning, followed by three crisp gunshots of "crack".

Mouse and his companions looked into the air in astonishment. The three sparrows, which had already flown 50 meters away, were falling towards the hillside following the gunshots. A cloud of blood mist and a few **** feathers were flying in the air. .

Mouse and another member of the action team were stunned! Although all of this happened in an instant, they are all gun masters of the action team, and they have already seen the clues at this moment. UU Reading

The young man in his early twenties in front of him suddenly snatched the pistol from Captain Sha's waist with a clean movement at the moment when he saw the mouse holding up the gun and hesitated.

He then raised the muzzle of the gun and pulled the trigger continuously, accurately hitting the three sparrows that flew fifty meters away. The opponent's speed of grabbing and releasing the gun was unprecedented for them.

When Mouse and his companions were in a daze, Wan Lin had already turned off the safety on the gun. He handed the pistol to Sha Xiaofeng and said, "Captain Sha, I'm sorry, but I'll borrow your gun. It's a good gun!"

Wan Lin stuffed the pistol into Sha Xiaofeng's hand, and he followed the mouse who was staring blankly at him and the others and said, "Brother, the most taboo to shoot is impetuosity."

He then pointed to the other party's right hand holding the gun, and continued: "Just now, when my junior sister issued the preparatory password, your muscles all entered a tense state, and the right hand that was about to grab the handle of the gun trembled slightly twice. , This shows that there is a problem with your mentality, and you still don't have the level of a good shooter."

He then pointed to a few sparrows flying by in the distance and said: "Even if you shot just now, it was impossible to hit a fast-moving target like a sparrow, let alone a moving target that has exceeded the effective range!"

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