Panther Commando - Chapter 5976 real master

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As Wan Lin spoke, he walked up to the mouse, took a look at the other's pistol, and raised his left hand like lightning, and pulled the bolt with a "crash".

The mouse and the team members around him were shocked, and they took a step back suddenly. The mouse's right hand reached for the scabbard hidden in the back waist at the same time, and the team members pressed the gun handle at the waist. They all showed extremely nervous expressions.

At this moment, a young man who snatched the mouse's pistol suddenly turned around and raised his arm backwards, "snap", a crisp gunshot sounded from the raised pistol, and the two mice looked up in shock. .

Among the thick branches of a big tree on the hillside forty or fifty meters away, a squirrel that just got out of a branch was falling headlong with the crisp gunshots, and a blood mist was floating in the air.

Wan Lin turned around and pulled the trigger, without looking at the prey falling from the hillside above, he closed the safety on the gun, raised his hand and stuffed the pistol into the mouse's hand.

He looked into the mouse's eyes and said coldly: "A person with a gun in his hand, if he can't be calm and feel the plants and trees around you, then you will never be able to become a shooter. You can't even shoot with your fingers. You can't even protect your gun, so what right do you have to show off in front of others, and what right do you have to look down on others!"

After finishing speaking, he turned around and walked towards Sha Xiaofeng who was standing behind him: "Captain Sha, please take us to see our juniors and juniors!" "Okay." Sha Xiaofeng replied.

He stared coldly at the stunned mouse and ordered: "Confinement room, confinement for three days, get out and think about it yourself!" He then led Wan Lin and the others up the hillside.

Mouse and his companions looked at the backs of Wan Lin and the others with pale faces, until Wan Lin and the others disappeared into the woods on the hillside above, and Mouse let out a long breath.

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He looked down at the pistol that the other party stuffed into his hand, and murmured in a low voice: "I am a mouse, I can't even protect my own gun, so what right do I have to be arrogant outside!" Turn around and walk towards a row of bungalows on the side hillside.

"Mice, why are you going?" asked the team member beside him. The mouse replied angrily: "What else can I do? Go to confinement!"

The team member next to him smiled: "Hahaha, it's rare that you are not arrogant anymore, I'll take you there." He then asked: "Who are these people? They are all so young, are they newly invited by the school?" Instructors? They are real masters!"

As the mouse walked, he said with a gloomy expression: "I don't know where they came from. When I received them, seeing how young they were, I thought they were just playboys who came here with the help of certain relationships. Visiting here, I didn’t expect that they are all rare masters.”

"The skills of the few of them are probably stronger than some of the professors hired by Ye Ju and the others. Alas, there are really some people out there. My mouse has seen what makes a master today!"

As he spoke, he reached out and pulled out the pistol and dagger stuck in his waist, and stuffed the weapons he was wearing into the hands of his companions, saying, "You don't have to accompany me. No fart, I will go to the confinement room by myself!"

He then said to himself: "What a shame! I can't even protect my own gun, so what's so arrogant?! I should be in the confinement room and reflect on myself." As he spoke, he Stride to the side hillside.

Hearing his exclamation, the team members around him smiled wryly and shook their heads, then took the mouse's pistol and dagger and walked to the back of the rock that had been hidden just now.

He knew that the skills shown by those people just now were like a blow to the mouse, a person with high eyes, and made him enlightened, repentant, and completely understand what it means to be someone outside of others!

At this time, Wan Lin and the others had already appeared on the side hillside, and in an octagonal pavilion on the far hillside, seven or eight young students were sitting cross-legged. Wan Lin stopped and looked into the gazebo intently.

Xiaoya and the others saw Wan Lin stop, and they also stopped and looked up. The little monk looked at the gazebo and said in amazement: "Hey, you...look, those little brothers... are covered...everything... Eyes?"

At this time, Wan Lin and the others have also seen seven or eight children sitting cross-legged in the gazebo on the hillside a hundred meters away. Each child is wearing a black eye patch. The age of the children ranges from seven or eight to teens. .

Some of the children had their heads down, and some leaned against the pillars facing the sky. They all seemed to be in deep sleep. Only an old man with a gloomy face sat on the fence of the gazebo, watching these children quietly.

Lingling looked at the gazebo and asked in astonishment: "Captain Sha, what are they doing?" Sha Xiaofeng replied with a smile: "When Captain Wan and I were in the car just now, we discussed the sixth sense. These children It’s just that he has extraordinary talent in this area.”

Sha Xiaofeng then pointed to the old man sitting on the guardrail and said: "The old man who looked very stern is a descendant of Xuandingmen, and now he is a university professor. Research."

"Xuandingmen? Why haven't you heard of this school? This school is also an ancient martial arts school?" Wan Lin looked at Sha Xiaofeng and asked in a low voice.

As soon as Wan Lin finished speaking, the little monk suddenly looked at the gazebo and said, "I...I have heard of it. UU Reading The grandfather in the gazebo, I...I have seen it. When I was seven years old, he... He has been to our Ling... Yi Temple, and... my master is... quite familiar with him, and my master said at the time that he... he is the head of the Xuanding Sect."

Everyone in Wanlin was stunned when they heard the boy's cry. They didn't expect that Xuandingmen and Lingyi Temple had a connection. Lingling asked: "Little monk, does the head of the Xuanding Sect also know martial arts?"

"Yes. No...however, my master later told us that the Xuanding Sect is best known in the world for divination...divination, physiognomy, and Fengshui. The martial arts, but...but the lightness kung fu is good. The previous head of the Xuanding Sect, with My teacher...father has a good relationship." The little monk replied.

Sha Xiaofeng also said: "Yes, the old man in the gazebo is surnamed Zhuge. We call him the head of Zhuge or Professor Zhuge. He is indeed proficient in divination. It is said that the divination techniques of Xuandingmen and Xuanxuguan were as famous in the past. It is said that it can be used to divination for five hundred years before and after. It is said that the Xuanxu Temple has been cut off and disappeared in the rivers and lakes. But the Xuanding Sect has always had a inheritance, but there are very few disciples under the sect, and it is also facing the danger of being cut off."

Xiaoya heard this and asked in a low voice: "Isn't the head of Zhuge here? Why is he still facing severance?" Sha Xiaofeng replied: "It is said that Xuandingmen has extremely high requirements for the talents of their disciples. Not only is the selection of disciples extremely strict, And the practice is extremely difficult, so there are very few disciples under the sect."

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