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  In the medical industry, not only doctors are not convinced by doctors, but hospitals are also not convinced by other hospitals. For example, if a DR’s X-ray film is done in a prefecture or county, it will not be recognized when it is taken to a higher-level hospital, and it must be done again. This is sometimes a doctor's caution, and sometimes it's hard to say.

   It is very gratifying for Chasu Hospital to be recognized by a top hospital in another province. Earlier, the top hospitals in other provinces, when it came to Chasu Hospital, were either nouveau riche or relying on teachers to scare people in the Northwest. Since the acquisition of Shuimu and the establishment of a medical school with Shuimu, everyone's attitude has changed.

It’s as if Zhang Fan was originally an earthen pot, but now, the earthen pot is inlaid with a circle of diamonds, and everyone suddenly begins to think, um! Yes, it has both Western nobility and Chinese civilization, and then everyone began to accept tea. , No longer regard Chasu Hospital as a border ugly poor in the northwest corner.

  Sometimes, Zhang Fan secretly rejoiced that he chose to develop in a small city. Because it's so comfortable, and the city is small, it often means that there are many places to discuss. Of course, this thing is a bit too stupid for ordinary people.

  For example, the airport, let alone a super city like the Capital City, is placed in Bird City. If you don’t come out with a leader who can raise your hand, you can rely on the people in the hospital to talk, and they will not hesitate to talk to you. Often they will give you a sentence, "Okay, we will immediately ask the leader for instructions, please wait patiently!"

   It's different in Chasu. When Ouyang made a phone call, the leaders of the airport paid special attention to it, and even sent someone to assist the patients in Chasu Hospital. The traffic police were more cooperative, "European Academy, I understand. Our brigade will be dispatched at that time, and we will do our best to ensure the smooth flow of the road from the airport to the hospital."

This is also the first time that Cha Su has been transferred to a provincial hospital. Zhang Fan and the relevant departments are already ready to fight. To be honest, among the provinces in the northwest and southwest, the medical development in Sanchuan and Shanshi can keep up with that in Shanghai. The biggest problem in cities and other provinces is that they cannot retain people.

  Especially in the areas of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, not only did they poach the employees and equipment of many state-owned enterprises that inexplicably closed down, but they also poached many teachers and doctors.

  Of course, Chasu actually followed the path of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai back then. Anyway, I have money, and I would throw money at any disagreement. The action of throwing money is the most effective and simple.

It’s time for Zhang Fan to catch up. The country has been taking antiemetics and sildenafil tablets for the past few years, and the surrounding poor and fast-changing gangsters are suddenly rich, and if they are rich, they will live longer. Medical treatment is needed, and it happens that the tea hospital has also improved, and it is nearby and cheap.

   All of a sudden, the Chasu Hospital also began to be full of money, as if the development of the country in the past few years was to make the Tusu Hospital full.

The three best ambulances from Chasu Hospital have already entered the airport. The ambulances that you usually see are not particularly complicated. There is an oxygen cylinder, a first aid kit, and ECG monitoring. Two nurses and one doctor. That's about it.

The three best ambulances currently available in Chasu are different. They can be said to be a mobile ICu. First of all, the most expensive equipment is equipped with a ventilator. As for monitors, defibrillators and various The application of rapid bedside detection equipment is exhausted. It can be said that in general smaller hospitals, the respiratory department is not equipped with ventilators, but only in the ICU. …

   These three ambulances were blacked out by Zhang Fan with a cheeky face. When the No. 1 Affiliated Hospital of Tea in the Tuhao Country was rectified, the vice president of Mercedes-Benz who happened to be stationed in the Tuhao Country also went to sell the ambulance.

  Zhang Fan took a look, and said, "Oh boy, this car is good, and then he said he would send me 10 cars, and I will go back and try it out." At that time, the vice president of Mercedes-Benz was about to explode. I have seen thick-skinned ones, but I have never seen such shameless ones.

But Zhang Fan held the right to purchase, and the prince of the local tyrant country especially trusted Zhang Fan in terms of medical treatment. In the end, they gritted their teeth and sent three ambulances to Zhang Fan. Zhang Fan was not happy about sending away the evil spirits at the time, there were only three sets!

  However, after returning to China, Zhang Fan asked about the domestic prices, and then he felt a little balanced, because the price of these three units can almost match all the teaching and nursing vehicles in Chasu Hospital, of course, the operation vehicles are not included. At that time, the leaders of the diplomats stationed in the local tyrants were quite critical. Zhang Fan

   just ignored him.

  Riding a bicycle to the bar, the words of the province should definitely describe Zhang Fan's state of mind.

  Xue Fei led the nurses in the emergency center and the doctors in the burn department quietly looking up at the sky. Everyone was not in the mood to chat. Waiting is always tormenting, and it is even more tormenting if you wait for a dying patient.

Fat Guli, the director of the dermatology department, the more nervous she is, the more she likes to eat. The sweet and greasy Ha-style chocolates are stuffed into her mouth piece by piece. Looking at the red lips that kept playing, he had to get out of the car and find a shady place to smoke a cigarette.

  Hospitals are now very strict with tobacco control. Yan Xiaoyu is determined to be cruel. Ordinary doctors and nurses who are caught smoking in the hospital are fined 500 once, and 300 the second time.

   Those above the deputy director level were caught smoking, 10,000 yuan for one time, and dismissed twice. Get a group of old smokers like Xue Fei, scratching their heads in the hospital. He also thought about quitting this expensive hobby, but every time there were too many emergency patients on the night shift, he just couldn't help it.

"You are courageous enough. The hospital is about to chop you smokers with knives. You haven't quit yet." Gu Li was bored sitting there, watching Xue Fei get off the car, and she also came down to look for Xue Fei went.

   "Hehe!" Xue Fei didn't say anything, what can this thing say, "If I were you, I would quit my job and go home to become a rich woman

  Go, there are so many dividends for antifreeze, and you still let your apprentice act like a donkey every day. "

  Because in the dermatology department, Zhang Fan followed Fat Guli, Xue Fei didn’t mention his name, and Guli knew he was talking about Heimaimaijiang.

   "Hey, the director, Balangzi, is very bad. The patent belongs to the hospital, and the dividends are paid when you are on the job. If you are not working, there is nothing. Your baby is very bad in one day. Do you still play mahjong now?"

   Xue Fei rolled his eyes, and couldn't talk for a day. Gu Li was grinning, and she could tell at a glance that this guy was doing it on purpose. Fat Gu Li just likes this kind of bad humor, and he just joked with these young Balangzi.

   After a few words, a big-bellied plane slowly appeared from the horizon.

  On the plane, the doctor accompanying the transfer had almost no choice at this time, "How long will it take to land, can you hurry up?"...

  In the cabin, "Hurry up, hurry up, it's about to land." After finishing speaking, the stewardess quickly covered her mouth and looked at the two adults and a child lying in the first-class cabin with horrified eyes.

  Three people, although they have already undergone preliminary treatment, their scorched bodies are like charcoal, especially the five or six-year-old child, who is directly like a deep-fried dough stick that has been thrown into a frying pan and fried.

  The most pitiful thing is that the child's small mouth opened and closed like a fish that has landed on the shore. He has no strength to cry, but the teardrops and soft moans in the corners of his eyes from time to time indicate that the child is extremely uncomfortable.

  The plane landed slowly, many young passengers, regardless of gender, under the command of the stewardess, all the people carrying patients moved slowly from the cabin.

  The accompanying family members kept thanking, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

There were seven members of the family, three of them died from choking and burning immediately, and the remaining three, although fatal, were too dangerous to be treated in the Shaanxi Hospital, leaving only one old lady, Thinking of the old man who died, the girl and grandson who died, and the granddaughter-in-law and son who were at stake, her heart felt like a knife was twisted.

In the past two days, the old lady didn't break down or fall down. It was the doctor in Shaanxi who told her that the Department of Tea Burns was the best in Huaguo, and even the top in the world. She worked hard to keep herself alive.

  Because now, she has no one else to rely on, and now the remaining three can only rely on her. Looking at the enthusiastic passengers, they not only didn't care, but also extended a helping hand. Although the flight attendants turned pale with fright, they still tried their best to help them.

Now it’s finally tea time, really, she is old and dare not have the slightest extravagance in her heart, she doesn’t even dare to pray in her heart, she is afraid, afraid that the doctor will tell her that there is no hope, these three people, no matter what Lose any of them and she'll be devastated

Before the plane landed, Xue Fei had already pulled up Gu Li, who was sitting on the curb, and prepared everything. The flat car, emergency medicine, and ventilator were turned on. When the plane landed, the doctors and nurses of Cha Su Hospital waited quickly. At the door of the cabin, the cabin door opened slowly, and everyone gently carried the patient into the ambulance.

  「I am the director of the Emergency Center of Cha Su Hospital, now we will take over the patients!」


After Xue Fei's quick introduction, the doctor in Shanshi said something very seriously! Although they are not his relatives, this is their sick number. Along the way, they have worked hard to save the patient's arrival at tea. white.

Although they have never met each other in their lives, they also hope that these three patients will have a good outcome. This is the most sincere and most needed compassion from doctors. The most basic sincerity and compassion, this industry will lose the title of that angel.

   Hand over rescue records and patients.

   On 120, Gu Li has already started treatment.

  Gu Li looked at the patient and said, "The tube was cut off and put on a ventilator. There are burns in the lungs."

The three-two ambulance at Chasu Airport ran towards the hospital whining and fast. When the mounted police at the airport gate saw 120 coming out, they immediately sounded their sirens. Leading 120 towards Chasu Hospital.

   There are also many traffic policemen at various intersections, listening to the command center, and constantly coordinating with the cars that are pressing on the horses.

  People in the city watched the ambulances speeding past, and now no one in Chasu said: Look, it is that privileged patient again, because in the past two years, this kind of thing has happened too much in Chasu.

  Everyone also understands in their hearts that if they delay for a few minutes, it may be a life. They have no complaints, and even have a kind of pride in their hearts. Only we Chasu have this qualification. Bird Market, Bird Market is no longer good! -

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