Path of Medicine With a System - v2 Chapter 1873 Finally got scientific backing

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  In life, who doesn’t have a ditch and a ridge. The hospital is the concentration of such hurdles, where you can meet almost all kinds of people.

  However, the cruelty here is different from the cruelty in other places, because there will be some opportunities here, and there will be opportunities for you to make a comeback. But it is not necessarily the case in other fields. If you fail, you will fail, and there is almost no possibility of starting all over again. For example, if a boss who has been prosperous for ten years, once the business fails, if he wants to live in a desperate situation, only those who sell brain titanium alloy and go astray can be rejuvenated!

  Compared to brothers who are allied by blood or lovers who pledge each other, the body is the most loyal one, so don’t rely on it when you are healthy, and store more energy for the body to make a comeback.

When the three most advanced 120 vehicles were dispatched collectively, the doctors and nurses in the hospital always felt a little uneasy, but not particularly uneasy, but most of the doctors and nurses who felt that they had some qualifications were in the first He hurriedly dealt with the work at hand, and then secretly waited for the call while working.

Younger doctors and nurses gathered together and complained about Heimaimaijiang, "What's the matter with Old Hei, he doesn't notify us in advance, but once he is notified to let us go, he is so anxious that he can't wait to go behind him with a knife in his hand." Can't you notify me in advance? Why is this mother exactly the same as the government?"

  In the past, Zhang Fan always felt that Nima, the propaganda department, just paid a salary and didn’t do anything, and everything was vague. After Zhang Fan became the dean, he gradually understood it.

  For example, Zhang Fan can’t estimate how many doctors and nurses will be needed for the third patient, but he can’t issue an order to make the whole hospital stop and wait for the news, so he can only **** to the mouth of the chrysanthemum before urging people to get the paper.

"The elevators leading to the operating room from the emergency center are controlled by two immediately to ensure that they are always on standby. The hematology department prepares the blood source, and the operating room clears the passage..." After Ouyang learned that the patient had disembarked, he took Ruo Ren to complete all operations The outdoors are ready.

  Don’t look at these things, you can get there by opening your mouth. In fact, this thing is not a hexagonal warrior, so it’s really not good. Zhang Fan also followed Ouyang and gave orders by ear to ear. Only then did he gradually learn from one thing and do it.

Now if there is a big rescue accident, Zhang Fan can be regarded as qualified to command. If Li Cunhou and Zhao Jingjin go, he may not be able to command, let alone old Chen Yan Xiaoyu. Of course, Mr. Ren never considered such a big scene. As for Laoju, this guy is good at internal medicine rescue.

For this kind of comprehensive affairs, in his words, "these are all handymen, and there is no need for high-end talents like him to deal with them!" He will only ask: why do I want the things I want and the equipment I want? Didn't the equipment come to me?

  Three 120s, although the speed is extremely fast, they are quite stable. These drivers are all second-stage non-commissioned officers' auto soldiers. Zhang Fan didn't pay much attention to the digital hospital where Ouyang wanted to swallow tea to his death.

   Now it seems that there are quite a lot of benefits. Sometimes Zhang Fan has to admit that the old lady really has vicious eyes.

After entering the hospital, the connection went much smoother. Before Xue Fei got out of the body, when only his bald head was exposed, the voice came out: "The patient is male, thirty-five years old, the venous access has been opened, shock blood pressure, heart rate 110 , The trachea has been incised, the indwelling catheter has a urine output of 150, the burn area is estimated to be more than 20% of the third-degree burn area, a large number of eschars have formed, and obvious bone exposure can be seen at the tibia and fibula——”

  The patient had just been transferred from the 120, and Xue Fei had already quickly reported the patient's situation, and he was fluent in the Sanchuan Mandarin that he had in his womb.

   Immediately afterwards, Gu Li also showed her huge head and began to report on the patient's condition. Although she was a woman, her head with the hairstyle was more than two times bigger than Xue Fei.

And even though Gu Li is fat, when Bai Dajie bends down and bows her head, she looks like a tights. Her whole body trembles and waves, but it doesn't delay Gu Li's quick movements at all. Xue Fei doesn't need to be slow at all to deal with the patients. It’s just that when reporting verbally, it feels a little like a foreigner speaking.

   When everyone was shocked by the burns of the wounded, when the third car got off, even when the mother's nurse and

  The doctor exclaimed uncontrollably, "It's a child!"

   "How can it be burned like this, after this..."

"What are you talking about? Is it time for you to show your pity? Head nurse, how did you train the three bases of your department! How did you do it as a head nurse? If you don't know how to do it, go to the nursing department and learn for a few days, idiot Is it?" Ouyang sternly scolded the head nurse a couple of words, like meat, scold wherever it hurts!

   "Old Chen, what are you doing, hurry up, let the crowd of onlookers disperse quickly, what should be done and changed, is the hospital a place to join in the fun?"

   The more urgent it was, the more Ouyang would not rub any sand in his eyes.

  The stricter the situation, the more orderly the scene. Ouyang is like waving his arms, directing the boundaries of the entire scene.

Three patients, three flat cars, and three groups of people, just like three groups of skating cars, rushed from the emergency room to Ruo Ruo's elevator. In the room, no one was allowed to stand around and eat melons.

  Three patients, three elevators, and three operating elevators quickly ascend to the operating room!

In the operating room, Bayin had been patrolling the three operating rooms early on. I don’t know how many times he chased after him, “Turn up the temperature a little bit, this is a patient with burns and shock, raise the operating bed a little bit, your operating room is a sick child, it’s for washing and cleaning.” Is the normal saline prepared enough? One operating room is equipped with three tours, and if any operating room is too busy, call as soon as possible.”

   Explaining round after round, checking repeatedly round after round, my heart is broken. At this time, a voice came from the pager in the operating room: The patient has been transferred from the emergency center, please prepare to pick up the patient in the operating room, the patient has... Repeat three times, I am the head nurse in the operating room, Bayin quickly pressed Press and hold the call button: Received in the operating room, I am Bayin, and I repeat it three times quickly.

   This kind of conversation should be recorded in the rescue record, who passed it on, who answered it, and what time it was, all of which should be clearly recorded. This kind of thing, when the patient is rescued, it will be directly entered into the medical record file, and then wait for the dust to fall, or people in the medical record room of the hospital will occasionally turn it out to dry, and then it will be destroyed after 30 years.

  But once the patient dies in the hospital, someone will come out to review this thing word by word, looking for problems that occurred during the treatment of the patient. If you need to file a lawsuit and meet a doctor who has switched to become a lawyer, it can almost be said that at this time, the value of the words in the record is calculated based on several thousand yuan.

  In the consultation room of the operating room, Zhang Fan, Li Cunhou, academician Jiang from the Department of Pediatrics, Ren Li from the heart, Lao Ju from breathing, Academician Jiang... have already started the last discussion before the operation. Even the academic leaders from the University of Medical Sciences and other hospitals who came to the school to give lectures today were invited by Zhang Fan to the operation.

This kind of surgery can make Shaanxi City, the hospital of Sanzuo Dadi, who would rather knock out his own teeth and swallow it in his stomach, open his mouth to ask for help. Wherever it is sent, it needs to take over the hospital and gather the most cutting-edge doctors and nurses to deal with it. Yes, tea is the same.

   It can be said that almost all related majors, not only clinical, but also basic physiology and pathology, were invited.

This is the Chasu Hospital. Although the individual departments can be regarded as the top hospitals in the country, the overall volume is not large. If it is like the number one hospital in the universe, this kind of coordinated work can only be done by making an appointment three days in advance. .

   After all, a subject leader is not idle. But patients, especially some sudden disease disasters, it does not greet the price. Therefore, Zhang Fan always felt that the hospital should not be too big, because if it is too big, it will feel a little bloated, just like Gu Li, with waves all over her body when running, whether it is the mountain peak in front of her, or counting her flesh later.

  This thing is hard to explain.

"To make a long story short, the burning site is a confined space, and there are chemical substances, and there is even the possibility of poisoning such as CO and cyanide. At present, the main problem of the three patients is extensive burns and scalds, and the severity is already extremely severe. Moreover, the inhalation of a large amount of chemicals can seriously damage the respiratory system!"

  In front of the slides, Li Cunhou introduced the situation of the three patients to everyone with a serious expression, and the inspection results transmitted by Butter through WeChat.

  In the fire scene, those who are often directly burned to death are actually not choked to death by the so-called smoke. If this kind of thing unfortunately happens, it is best to have

  Cover your mouth and nose with a wet cloth and bend over to leave the cargo yard quickly. Don’t raise your head and chest out and breathe heavily. Often at this time, there are not only 0 but also a large number of other chemical substances in the smoke. Once they enter the lungs, they dissolve into the blood.

   It takes a few minutes or even tens of seconds to reach Naobu, and it goes directly to the top. If the temperature of the smoke is too high and enters the lungs, the lungs will be like balloons, and all the alveoli in the lung tissue will explode in minutes.

"Quickly control the infection, and for large areas of skin damage, give the top dose. If the infection occurs, the last barrier will collapse." The microbiome of the medical school first gave their opinions, and then the physiology group and the physiology and pathology group all Posted one of my own.

   Then the clinical experts are left. Sometimes, how do you say about medical stuff, you know, but it may not be able to be done, and it may be done but not necessarily done well!

  For example, now, anti-infection, everyone knows about anti-infection, but how to do it is the best, safest and most secure way?

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