Plug-in Player - Chapter 1157 strange

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"No, no, of course I am willing. As a non-commissioned officer in Starlink City, it is my duty to do so."

Su Mo came back to his senses and quickly replied.

At this time, Roche couldn't sit still, and said, "Lord Geli, this kind of thing that concerns the safety of the City of Glory still needs to send more people, and I am willing to participate."

Goli thought for a few seconds, and finally raised her head to give an order.

"Let's do it, Su Mo leads a team, Wang Hai leads a team, Roche you lead a team, Keyue you lead a team, Heath you lead a team."


The crowd responded.

"That Lady Golly."

Su Mo hesitated and said.

"What's the problem?" Remember the URL m.xbeqge. com

Gerry looked at Su Mo suspiciously.

"I won't take anyone with me, I'll just go down by myself."

Su Mo scratched his head and said.

As soon as these words came out, the eyes of everyone on the scene looking at Su Mo became more and more different. Naturally, they would not think that Su Mo was a fool, they would only think that he must be full of confidence.

"you sure?"

Ge Li originally wanted to persuade Su Mo, but finally gave up after thinking about it. Everyone has their own behavior habits.

"Okay, I'll just go down by myself."

Su Mo replied with certainty. After all, it is more convenient to move alone, even if it is easier to escape.

"Okay, Xia Weiya prepares emergency equipment for everyone."

Gary nodded instructed.

"Yes! Come with me."

Xia Weiya turned her head and said to Su Mo and others.

After a while, Su Mo and others followed Xia Weiya to a special equipment room.

Xia Weiya took out a special isolation suit and a can of plastic spray.

"This isolation suit can filter poisonous gas and the like, and provide a certain defense. Of course, you can ignore it, it is useless. As for this sprayer, it can spray the ancient gallium disintegrating liquid, which can effectively disintegrate the opponent's body, and save lives at critical moments. "


The crowd nodded.

"There is one more thing. If you find the other party's body, you will complete the task. Don't be impulsive at that time. Don't think that you can destroy the other party. You must bring the information out as soon as possible."

Xia Weiya instructed everyone very seriously.


Su Mo and the others replied in unison.

"Finally, good luck to everyone!"

Xia Weiya saluted everyone, then turned and left.

Not long after, Su Mo changed his equipment and came to the entrance area of ​​the No. 12 underground pipeline in the D3 area.

I saw a heavily armed sergeant guarding here.

When they saw Su Mo coming, they all saluted.



Su Mo nodded slightly and walked in without hesitation.

The non-commissioned officers present looked at Su Mo's back as he descended alone, with a look of respect in his eyes. In their eyes, only true warriors could ignore the danger so much.

Of course, they didn't know that Su Mo was in a panic.


Combat command room.

Artificial Intelligence·Light and Shadow Report.

"The first exploration team consisting of Colonel Su Mo has entered through the entrance of the No. 12 underground pipeline in the D3 area."

"The second expedition leader led by Roche has entered through the entrance of the No. 18 underground pipeline in the D3 area."


Ge Li and others looked at the last scene of Su Mo and others entering.

Everyone's nerves are tense.

Geli turned her head and asked Xia Weiya, "Evacuate all the non-combatants in Area D."

"Will this be a bit too labor-intensive, after all, District D is very large."

Xia Weiya was slightly startled.

"As long as you prepare for the worst result, the evacuation of personnel is cumbersome at best, and even Oolong has no loss."

Goliath said slyly.


Xia Weiya nodded in response.


At this time, in an unremarkable house, the door was opened.

McHan walked in. After he closed the door, he walked into the inner room and looked at Rulavi who was sitting leisurely and said in a deep voice.

"The people of Starlink City have found the problem, what we did before seems to be in vain?"

"Is it in vain? I don't think it is in vain, the good show is about to start."

The corners of Rulavi's mouth rose slightly, but he wanted to see how Ge Li would end.


On the other side, Su Mo entered the underground pipeline area, and he walked quickly into the depths by himself.

There are pipes all around.

The whole area is extremely quiet, making people feel panicked.

Su Mo communicated with the creator, Devourer: "Who do you think did it? It's like a dog skin plaster, it doesn't stop."

"Who else can do it, except for the Yongmian family, the Church of the Fallen Angels."

The Creator Devourer answered clearly.


Su Mo sighed and continued to move forward.

As a result, after less than an hour, Su Mo's face became even more unsightly, and he saw that the surrounding pipes, like mold, had grown black tumors one after another, and these tumors would still wriggle.

Although the nodules are alive, the texture is very metallic.

"Are you sure these things aren't threatening?"

Su Mo asked in a panic.

"not worried."

Creator Devourer replied in a low voice.

Su Mo continued to walk in. He walked very carefully, trying not to touch these tumors.

All is well.

Time passed little by little.

Su Mo walked around in the underground pipeline area, he went deeper and deeper, but he didn't gain anything.

Just after he walked in for another distance, he saw a tentacle covered with metal edges, extending from a thick main pipe, and it kept squirming.

"How threatening is this metal tentacle?"

Su Mo asked cautiously.

"Yes, you can easily kill a third-generation mecha. Be careful not to touch it and go around the edge."

The fake owner, the Devourer, answered clearly.

Su Mo took a deep breath, held his breath, and moved over a little bit.

Just as he was about to walk over, he suddenly touched his hand. Su Mo's body stiffened instinctively, and his muscles tightened.

Just when he thought he was about to be attacked, he found out that he had a false alarm, and the tentacles just stretched forward, ignoring Su Mo at all.

Seeing this, Su Mo also felt very strange, and really didn't attack him.

He suddenly became more courageous, not only did not walk, but squatted down to observe the metal tentacles.

The thorns on this thing don't seem to be generally sharp, and it will definitely hurt very much if they are pierced.

Su Mo curiously narrowed the distance and looked at it carefully.

"What are you doing so close to?"

The Creator Devourer asked in a low voice try it at close range to see if he really can't attack, this is the insurance, so as not to be overcast. "

Su Mo replied calmly, but after confirming that there was no problem, he walked inside.

As Su Mo went deeper, he found more and more metal tentacles growing around him. Seeing this scene, Su Mo had a strong hunch that he should have searched the right place.

Sure enough, it didn't take long before Su Mo came to a central area where the pipes intersected.

The scene in front of him made him stunned.

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