Plug-in Player - Chapter 1158 Ancient Legendary Star Destroyer Nashen

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At a glance, all the pipes were eroded, the entire area was hollowed out, and countless metal tentacles covered with thorns were squirming, not to mention tens of thousands or thousands.

Seeing Su Mo's heartbeat couldn't help but speed up, he said to the creator Devourer.

"Small bite, do you think its body is in it!"

"Nine times out of ten it is."

The Creator Devourer replied in a low voice.

Su Mo didn't hesitate anymore, he walked in cautiously. Although the tentacles are very dense here, they still squirm.

But for Su Mo, it was trivial, he easily avoided the wriggling metal tentacles and passed easily in the cracks.

"Be careful, don't travel to the pool."

The Creator Devourer said to Su Mo with some anxiety.

"Don't worry, my technique is very good in this regard."

Su Mo replied confidently.

However, when Su Mo walked to the central area, Su Mo just raised his foot and was about to step over from the end of a tentacle.


A violent tremor struck suddenly.

Su Mo didn't stand still and fell out.

"what's the situation?"


Just a few minutes ago, the space in the starry sky was distorted.

Immediately after, the huge city of brilliance ended the superluminal flight and emerged.

Combat command room.

Artificial Intelligence·Light and Shadow Report.

"Lord Gary, the City of Glory has ended its superluminal flight as originally planned."

Gary nodded slightly.

At this moment, artificial intelligence Light and Shadow issued a warning.

"Warning, a high-intensity energy attack has been scanned!"

The voice just fell!


The entire Glory City vibrated violently, and then red prompt boxes popped up.

"Warning, unidentified high-intensity attack."

"Warning, the City of Light's energy barrier has dropped by seven percent."


Xia Weiya said to Gerry with an unsightly expression: "Master Gerry was attacked immediately after finishing flying at the speed of light. It seems that the other party has been waiting for us for a long time."

"It's nothing surprising, it's expected. Since the other party dares to come, then hammer them."

Gary said very calmly.

After all, she is a heavy soldier, not so easy to bully.


The crowd responded.

Golly immediately asked the artificial intelligence Light and Shadow.

"Have you found the target?"

"The target has not been found for the time being. The target should be in a stealth state and is being searched."

Artificial Intelligence Light and Shadow explained.

Many non-commissioned officers present were also stunned. Under what circumstances, the City of Glory could not scan the other party. What weapon did the other party use to attack them?

Goli thought for a few seconds, then turned her head and said to Herbert.

"Hebert, you lead someone out to fight to assist in the search for each other."


Herbert answered without hesitation.

Ge Li immediately issued an order: "Don't mess around, do your own duty."


The crowd responded.


in the dark starry sky.

A 230-kilometer-long ship is like a phantom of a sword. Its special Nano-Mystic Locker armored ship is engraved with a looming image of a blood angel, which is quietly moving and changing positions.

This ship was the most powerful ancient legendary-class Star Destroyer, the Nashen, in the hands of the Church of the Fallen Angels.

Ancient Legendary Star Destroyer Nashen.

Main Cannon: Light of Nashen

Secondary battery: Cone of Judgment

Intercept Guard: 100,000 gates

Attack Guard: 100,000 Doors

Missile launch port: 1-5000W

Active power: Nanoheart.

Secondary power: Heart of the Ark.

Shield 1: Klein biological stance.

Shield 2: Shield of Light.

Two attack modes: normal mode and stealth mode.

With special abilities: heavy color simulation, nano regeneration.

Its predecessor was the main battleship of the old federation, the legendary Star Destroyer, and the Angel of Judgment. Later, in the battle of the Sea of ​​Gods, it perished with the ancient legendary Star Destroyer Tear Burke, and finally fell to the Negative Universe.

Later, due to chance and coincidence, it was combined with the VI type Nano Star Insect to gain a new life, and a new ancient legendary-class biological star destroyer, the Nashen, was derived.

It has a very strong super long-range and stealth attack ability.

At this time in the Nashen command room.

Bai Li straddled her big white legs, sitting leisurely on the command chair, looking at the city of brilliance on the screen, with a bright smile on the corner of her mouth.

Monlik, who was standing aside at this time, frowned and said.

"With a single blow of the Nashen, the opponent's shield will be knocked out. How can this be fought?"

"This is a planetary fortress with the title of Star Ring Two Cities, can it be hard? However, no matter how hard the tortoise shell is, as long as it is knocked a few times, it will be shattered sooner or later. As long as we are careful not to be caught by it. Our trajectory That's fine, and the biggest trouble they are facing now is not us, but inside!"

Bai Li said very calmly.

Just then, a subordinate rushed to report.

"Lord Bai Li, the pseudo VI generation pure mechanical mecha·Future messenger, the third seat of the Royal Order, Herbert, has played."

"Things are getting more and more interesting, the main gun continues to charge."

Bai Li looked at the captured image with a playful smile.


The subordinates responded immediately.

"Are you sure, we will attack again and won't be discovered?"

Monlik was a little flustered, after all, this was a regular army that was challenging Starlink City.

"I can't guarantee it! But I can guarantee that if we back down or don't fight with all our strength, the leader will definitely clean up us."

Bai Li said lightly.

Obviously, Caviezel just wanted to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture Golly alive.

After all, this is Yin Kaloya's only weakness.

When Monlik heard this, his face jumped, and then he said, "Got it."


D3 area underground.

The first time Su Mo fell out, he stood up with his hands on the ground.

Unfortunately, it was too late, and all the metal tentacles moved in an instant.

At this moment, Su Mo felt as if he had fallen into the snake cave.

Creator Devourer shouted at Su Mo.


Su Mo rushed out like a cannonball.

The tentacles that were originally harmless to humans and animals, like long eyes, penetrated towards Su Mo one by one.

Su Mo Xian dodged sideways.


The thick ground was cut through holes in an instant.

If this is attacked, it will be 100% dead.

However, just as Su Mo avoided the attack, before he could breathe a sigh of relief, metal tentacles broke out one after another.

Su Mo Tong Kong shrank, but also gave up.

The whole body is as light as a swallow, jumping left and right, as silky as a loach.

Leng is dodging one after another attack.

The Creator Devourer didn't block Su Mo directly, it just turned on Su Mo's super vision state.

All the attacking tentacles' attack trajectories all surfaced.

While Su Mo dodged, he rushed forward.

However, Su Mo's dodging did not bring the other party to calm down. Instead, the surrounding metal pipes pierced through new metal tentacles.

"Damn, why are there more and more."

"Being targeted, don't hit hard!"

The Creator Devourer said to Su Mo.

"I also want to hit hard, the key is do I have the capital."

While complaining, Su Mo accelerated his sprint. As long as he dashed through this, it should be much better.

However, at this moment, the metal tentacles in front of them began to entangle, as if intending to block the road.

"Small bite."

Su Mo's eyes narrowed and he shouted.

"Right hand!"

The Creator Devourer shouted in a low voice.

Su Mo raised his right hand, and instantly a black decomposition beam accumulated in his right hand!



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