Poison Doctor’s Cute Baby (Poison Doctor Mother Baby) - v2 Chapter 7214 . are all killed

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Chapter 7214

At that time, when Gu Nan noticed that these people resented the Shangguan family, he directly changed Su Ruoxi's face in their memory slightly, and the Su Ruoxi who saved them in their memory was completely different from Shangguan Ting's granddaughter. personal!

In their hearts, Su Ruoxi is not only their benefactor, but also the benefactor of the entire Shangguan family, so they are very grateful and respectful to Su Ruoxi, and they will not let Su Ruoxi know their thoughts, nor will they embarrass Su Ruoxi!

They will listen to Su Ruoxi's words, but whether they do it or not is another matter!

When Su Ruoxi found out about this from Gu Nan, she was very satisfied!

Or Gu Nan understands himself, knows that he is lazy and won't make trouble for himself!

"Master, these people are ungrateful, just kill them, why waste time!" asked Su Ruoxi with a puzzled look.

"Because my grandfather and the others can't bear to kill them, then it's fine for them. Anyway, it's just a matter of running around and letting Gu Nan do it!" Su Ruoxi said sullenly.

"Your human race is really complicated!" Ting Xin said speechlessly.

"By the way, Tashixin, your enemy has been solved?" Su Ruoxi asked, looking at Tashixin next to her.

"Well, it has been resolved long ago. When I left the master before, I went to seek revenge for the other party, but it was probably because too long had passed, and I didn't feel much after revenge. If I could follow the master, I would not You know what to do!" Ting Xin said earnestly.

At first, he was forced to take revenge for leaving, so he signed a contract with Su Ruoxi and promised to be loyal to Su Ruoxi for a hundred years, but after he really took revenge, he found that he had no direction, and he didn't know what to do at all!

It was at that time that Su Ruoxi summoned herself, and made him hurriedly return to Su Ruoxi!

Although he is occasionally directed by Su Ruoxi to do various things, his days have been enriched, and a person who is not confused does not know what to do!

Ting Xin felt that such days were not boring, so he was used to following Su Ruoxi and helping Su Ruoxi to do things!

"You don't have any clan? Don't want to see them?" Su Ruoxi asked.

"Yes, but I don't know either, what's so good about it! Besides, our orcs have never depended on anyone since we were young, unless it is the beasts that gather together all the year round, there will be so many rules, levels, and your human race. The family is almost there!"

"But those I don't like, I still like to be free alone!" Tricky Heart said.

"Alright, as long as you live happily, but at the beginning, I said that I wanted you to follow me for a hundred years, but if you want to leave, tell me at any time, I will not stop you!" Su Ruoxi thought for a while and said.

"Then can I follow the master all the time?" Tashi Xin asked after a pause.

"Aren't you afraid I'll let you do things?" Su Ruoxi joked with a smile.

"Don't be afraid, some things are the reason why I want to follow the master. Otherwise, now that there is no enemy, I don't know what to do alone!" Ting Xin said seriously.

"But... I may encounter a lot of danger in the future. If you leave my side, you won't have so much trouble. Otherwise, if you follow me, you may not be able to avoid danger!" Su Ruoxi thought for a while said.

"Master, I'm an orc, not a human, so I won't do anything to betray my master!" Ting Xin said speechlessly.

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