Poison Doctor’s Cute Baby (Poison Doctor Mother Baby) - v2 Chapter 7218 . Gather in Seven League City (9)

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Chapter 7218

"I don't think they gave up either, they just wanted to leave us first and come back..."

"I can see this, and Xi'er will naturally know it, so I think Xi'er will not let a group of people who may come to us at any time and want a bite, so they can live so freely!" Shangguan Ting frowned.

"Fourth, you have been the patriarch for a long time, and you are used to thinking about everything for the family! Since you know the truth, why worry? No matter what Xi'er does, it is for us, right?"

"In itself, it's because we thought of our family and insisted on letting the tiger go back to the mountain. Is it wrong for Xi'er to do anything for us? They resent us for being born in the Shangguan family, but why don't they think of the kindness of Xi'er for rescuing them?"

"From the time they were rescued by Xi'er to the time they were sent back to the clan, their bodies have returned to their peak state better than before. Yes, they have suffered for many years, and their hearts are hurt, but we do not treat them leniently. Yet?"

"From the moment they went back, all of us decided that in the future, they only need to live in the Shangguan family land. They are the heroes of the family, and they don't need to do anything for the family anymore, don't they?"

"Isn't what we've done enough? But they didn't take these things to heart. They didn't have any gratitude, but only resentment. If it was another family, their lives would be long gone!" The elder said angrily.

After all, they are all members of their Shangguan family. Because they were arrested, imprisoned, and tortured, they all understood and planned to support them for the rest of their lives!

However, those people only care about resentment and have no gratitude at all!

It wasn't just them who were imprisoned, and it wasn't just them who were rescued by Xi'er, but why didn't the others hold any resentment?

To put it bluntly, it is still the problem of those clansmen!

Therefore, the elder felt that Shangguan Ting could not do anything too much!

Shangguan Ting didn't speak when he heard the words, he was just worried that Shangguan Ting had done too much!

"Fourth, it's been agreed before. After this incident is over, the few of us will retire, so don't worry about it anymore, just sit in the town well, and leave the rest to Xi'er and the others!" Looking at Shangguan Ting, he ordered directly.

"Okay, I see. I listened to my elder brother. You are right. We are getting old and we should let it go!" Shangguan Ting said with a slight smile.

"Brother, what do you think we will do when the seven major families are resolved?" Shangguan Ting asked suddenly.

"What's your plan?" The elder looked at Shangguan Ting and asked without answering.

"I plan to follow Xi'er and give up the position of the patriarch. With the three of you, I don't have to worry about anything!" Shangguan Ting said with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Fuck off, I'll tell you to tell the truth, I'm still Xi'er's grandfather, and I follow Xi'er according to age, you three stay!" The elder glared at Shangguan Ting speechlessly!

"Cough...Big brother, I'm Xi'er's grandfather!" Shangguan Ting was speechless.

"What happened to my grandfather? Am I still your eldest brother?" The elder didn't buy it at all!

"Hey... I just haven't thought about it, haven't I? Besides, I can't decide this alone. We still have more than 10,000 clansmen, don't we?" Shangguan Ting raised his eyebrows slightly!

"Well, what you said makes sense, but don't worry now,"

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