Pokémon Modifier - Chapter 477 White Jade Orb and Vajra Orb

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   Hearing this, Dr. Mustard Seed was relieved.

   Acting to the end, just in case, Dr. Mustard Lan announced in the name of the museum owner that the museum was temporarily closed for two days due to theft.

   "Today's work is hard." Dr. Kale said to the two of them: "You should go back to rest first, and let us do the things here."

  Hu Yang and the handsome guy did not refuse.

   They got the smell of tank skunk on them, that smell is terrible, it's better to wash it off as soon as possible.

  Dr. Kale led the people of the institute to stay in charge of the aftermath, while Hu Yang and the handsome guy returned to their residence.

   Populus euphratica entered the bathroom, turned on the spray head and rinsed for ten minutes before completely rinsing off the odor from his body.

   He wasn't the only victim contaminated by the smell of tank skunks.

   Therefore, after taking a bath by himself, Hu Yang helped Bogaman and Gengar to wash up.

He rubbed the shower gel into the shape of a shower cap and placed it on the heads of the two Pokémon respectively. The temperature of the water with the white mist was suitable, and Bogaman and Gengar couldn't help but let out a comfortable cry while soaking in it. .

   "Okay!" Hu Yang smiled, took out the sprayer to wash off the foam on them, then turned around and fetched two towels, one to wrap Bogaman inside and the other to cover Gengar's head.

   After drying his body, two fragrant Pokémon appeared in front of Populus euphratica.

   "Go play!" Hu Yang said to them.

  Bogaman sat on Gengar's head, floated out of the window together, and floated into the yard to play small games with the wind speed dogs.

   And Populus euphratica stayed on the second floor, tidying up the used bathroom.

   Put the shower gel back in its original position; drain the water in the bathtub and rinse it again with clean water; take the towel outside to dry.

   When he finished all this and left the bathroom and went outside, the handsome guy who had changed clothes was already waiting there.

   He looked at Hu Yang and said, "I'm leaving."

  Hu Yang turned his head and glanced at the sun that was about to set outside the window, and said in surprise, "Don't wait until tomorrow morning?"

   The handsome guy shook his head and sighed with emotion, a hint of melancholy appeared on his wrinkled face:

   "There's no time to rest in our line of work! The Galaxy team hasn't been resolved, and even if it's resolved, there are still vicious guys in other areas waiting for me."

   "Tsk, don't talk about it." The handsome guy put on that handsome windbreaker and turned around pretending to be desolate: "Punish the traitor and eliminate the evil, this is the responsibility of our Interpol!"

   "Really great." Hu Yang said.

   But who knew that the handsome guy suddenly changed his words, turned his head and looked over, his eyes were shining like two light bulbs: "So, are you interested in becoming such a great person?"

  Hu Yang: "...bye bye."

  The handsome guy immediately felt very sorry. He glanced at his phone and found that it was getting late, so he straightened his face and did not continue to gag:

   "I'm going to Veil City, infiltrate the Galaxy team base there, and try to find evidence of the Galaxy team's crime. Do you have any suggestions?"

  Hu Yang was speechless: "You are the Interpol, I'm just an ordinary trainer traveling abroad."

   He said in his heart how could one or two of them like to go undercover so much. The inspector of the alliance has already become a cadre undercover. What kind of position this Interpol can hold, Hu Yang can't even think about it!

   However, the words before the departure appeared in Hu Yang's mind.

   If Chiri knew that the true identity of the Galaxy team leader was actually the investigator of the Alliance, the expression on his face should be very exciting.

   As for advice to handsome guys…

  Hu Yang solemnly patted his shoulder and said, "Remember to work hard in the Galaxy team! Cadre!"

  The handsome guy didn't have this idea at first, he went to infiltrate, just wanted to search the computer of the Galaxy team base to find their purpose.

   Now hearing this, a new idea suddenly popped up in the handsome guy's heart.

  If he becomes a big part of the Galaxy team…

   The handsome guy's eyes lit up immediately: "I know, this operation will be a great success! I have to go, see you next time, Populus euphratica!"

   After saying that, the handsome guy couldn't wait to turn around and leave.

  Hu Yang is also ready to leave Shenhe Town.

   But he didn't leave without saying goodbye like a handsome guy.

   Instead, he waited until the next morning to finish his breakfast, thanked Dr. Kale for his hospitality in the past two days, and politely bid farewell to the straightforward old man.

   But before he left, Dr. Kale suddenly stopped him.

  Hu Yang turned his head suspiciously, only to see Dr. mustard handing over two or two shiny orbs.

  Hu Yang looked down, and in the next second, the specific information of the two orbs appeared in his mind.

  [White Jade Orb: A mythical item, an orb that exudes beauty and brilliance. If Palukia carries it, the power of dragon and water attribute moves will increase. ]

   [King Kong Orb: A mythical item, an orb that exudes beauty and brilliance. If Dialga carries it, the power of dragon and steel attribute moves will increase. ]

   "This is..." Hu Yang was slightly taken aback.

Dr. Mustard Lan said with a serious expression: "These two things should be handed over to you for safekeeping. I feel that you have a lot of fate with those two gods. When the Galaxy team found out that the orb they stole was a fake, they would definitely We will return to Shenhe Town again to investigate, and with our strength, we cannot keep them."

  Hu Yang was dumbfounded.

   Dr. Kale smiled slightly: "Besides, I also have a request."

   "You said." Hu Yang said.

   Dr. Kale looked down at the two orbs and continued: "I haven't researched the connection between these two orbs and the Shenno region. I hope you can find the truth of history and the origin of their birth on my behalf."

  Although he did know some secrets, Hu Yang felt very abrupt when he heard Dr.

   There is no doubt that the White Jade Orb and the Vajra Orb are of great significance to Shenao, and they are extremely precious.

   And he is not a Shenao, compared to him, Dr. mustard clearly has a better choice, such as her granddaughter Shirona.

  Thinking like this, Hu Yang also asked.

   But Dr. Kale just looked down at the two orbs, with a long and long tone: "This is what God wants to tell me."

  Hu Yang was a little surprised: "God?"

   Dr. Kaizi Lan smiled: "When the Vajra Orb was transported and stored with the White Jade Orb, I vaguely saw your face in it. It's incredible, isn't it?"

  Hu Yang: "So, you want to entrust them to me."

   Dr. Kale nodded: "Yes, compared to me, you are more likely to find the truth of everything. If you do, I hope you can come back here and tell me about them."

   Hearing this, Hu Yang did not refuse any more, took the two orbs, and promised, "Okay, I will."


   Curtain City, the top floor of Galaxy Curtain Building.

  Du looked at the blue-haired man sitting on an office chair not far away with no expression on his face. The report said:

   "Report boss, this mission has been successfully completed!"

   Chiri had already received the news, he looked at the announcement of the closure of the Institute of God and History, nodded indifferently, and said:

   "Very good, you are already the official cadre of the Galaxy team. Starting today, you will act with Suixing and Zhenxing."

  Du: "Yes!"

   Chiri didn't say much, and waved at Du, indicating that he can go out.

   Upon seeing this, Du turned around and left the top floor. While riding the elevator, he met Suixing who came to report the mission.

   Suixing looked up and down the young man in front of him, and praised: "You really have talent."

  Du glanced at her and asked casually, "Your mission seems to be going well too."

   "Of course." A smile appeared on Suixing's face: "The Galaxy Bomb is about to be made successfully. It won't be long before you can see it with your own eyes. At that time, even the champion can't stop us!"

   "Galaxy bomb?" Du immediately caught his attention: "Is that the new weapon of our Galaxy team?"

   Suixing put his index finger on his red lips, made a silent motion, and then smiled mysteriously: "Secret! You will know when the time comes!"

  Ferry: "…"

  The elevator stopped.

   Suixing walked out and said: "Okay, I'm going to report the task to the boss, your task has been completed, go and rest!"

  Du didn't ask any further questions, turned around and returned to his room - as the new cadre of the Galaxy team, he is now qualified to have his own single room.

   Sitting on the sofa, Du took out his mobile phone and contacted Hu Yang: [Do you know the Galaxy Bomb? ]

   At this time, there was a thick fog, and Populus euphratica, who was walking in the tall grass, heard the sound of the phone, stopped, took out the phone, and checked the content on it.

   Galaxy Bomb…

   That's the key item that the Galaxy team used to capture Emridor, Aknorm, and Yukish.

   He thought for a while and replied: [Team Galaxy has already produced that thing? ]

  [Wu: Not yet, but it seems to be almost there. ]

  [Hu Yang: Oh, if I guessed right, the Galaxy team planned to use that thing to capture the legendary three gods of the lake at Lizhi Lake, Xinqi Lake, and Wisdom Lake. ]

   Looking at this news, Du wanted to ask how you managed to tell such a terrible thing in such a lighthearted manner.

  The legendary three gods of the lake…

  During the time he came to the Shenno area, Tou heard rumors about them.

   After a brief thought, he replied: [I understand, I will contact you when there is new progress. ]

   Actually, Du really wanted to ask Hu Yang, how did you know these things.

   At first, Du thought he was from Interpol, because only Interpol had a lot of information about such criminals.

   But later, as he got along slowly, Du realized that he was very wrong, Hu Yang was not an Interpol person at all, and he had no mysterious identity.

   "It's really just an ordinary trainer who is traveling." Du said complicatedly.

   As for how Populus euphratica knew those things…

   Galaxy is like this, so is the Rockets, he never seems to want to hide himself, or make up lies to hide the truth.

   Is this true temperament, or does he not care?

  Du sighed helplessly.

   However, he will not ask about this matter, because everyone has secrets on them.

   As a friend, he respects each other's secrets and appreciates his information.

  Hu Yang should leave Shenhe Town to continue the journey now, Du thought about it, and sent a message to the other side.

   [Du: Are you on Route 210 now? I remember that Granny Long lived there. She is a kind old man who can teach Dragon-type Pokémon to learn dragon-type moves. Don't ask me how I know that, because she used to live in Yanmo City in the Chengdu area. It's one of my elders who moved to the Shenno area a few months ago. If you can't get to the next city in time, you can go to her place to rest for a night. ]

   "Long Po Po..."

   Looking at this message from Du, Hu Yang didn't think of it for a while, and couldn't help thinking.

   Just very soon, a figure appeared in his mind - Ash's round land shark.

  If he remembered correctly, before Xiaozhi's Round Land Shark was subdued by Xiaozhi, he followed her to learn the Dragon Stars at Granny Long.

   "Can you teach Dragon Pokémon to learn Dragon-type moves?" Hu Yang was interested and wanted to see how the Dragon Granny taught.

   But before that, he has to turn a few grass-type Pokémon in this place and go back to the Ecological Garden to help farming.

   But there are very few grass-type Pokémon living in the tall grass. After walking around here for a long time, he did not encounter one, but a group of speaker crickets.

   "There isn't a single Grass-type Pokémon in such a tall grass, right?" Hu Yang frowned.

This unscientific!

   seemed to feel the heart of Populus euphratica. At this time, Geng Gui pointed to the Pokémon that was hidden in the tall grass and was motionless, only showing three green and round leaves, and asked:

   "Grass-type Pokémon, is that this?"

   "Huh?" Hearing this, Hu Yang turned his head to look, and after seeing the figure of the Pokémon, he couldn't help but say: "That's a rock attribute."

  The pot is strange, the tree is the strange degenerate type, very afraid of water, if the body is too wet, it will die.

  It's strange that Pogaman also saw the pot. It looked at the tears on the other side's face and frowned: Poga Poga, Poga? (It was crying so sadly, did something sad happen?)

  Hu Yang: "...No, it's just expelling excess water to adjust the water balance in the body, just like the sweat you usually sweat during special training."

   Pogaman seemed to understand, but it blinked and looked at the pot obediently: "Pogar." (Okay.)

   At this moment, a small figure suddenly flashed in the tall grass not far away.

   Populus euphratica immediately attracted attention.

   If he read it right, it seems to be a Monini?

  Monini, the evolution type is a super-power Pokémon called the Magic Wall Doll. This Pokémon is also a good helper for housework in the human world.

   On the other side of the ecological park, there is just one Pokémon that is good at housework...

  Thinking of this, Hu Yang immediately stood up and chased after the magic Nini.

Decided! He's going to subdue Mornini!

   Seeing that Populus euphratica was about to subdue the new Pokémon, Bogaman immediately became a formidable enemy, and he was vigilant.

   But this vigilance disappeared after it saw what that Pokemon looked like.

   There is no Pokémon with soft and smooth fur, and it cannot attract the attention of Populus euphratica.

   Conquer it!

   As a mature and reliable Pokémon, you should learn to "understand" your trainer.

   This is what Bogaman learned from the two-axe dragon teacher.

  Hu Yang hugged Bogaman, followed by Gengar, and ran out of the tall grass all the way, and everything in front of him suddenly became brighter.

  The tall grass has disappeared, replaced by a green grassland with beautiful mountains and rivers.

   On the grassland, a large group of Kentaro gathered together, some of them were eating the grass on the ground, some were leisurely flicking their tails behind them, and some were facing each other, using the pair of horns to hold each other's heads.

   And the magic Nini was imitating a grazing Kentaro, then raised his head and watched the Kentaro's reaction with great interest.

   Regrettably, the Kentaro didn't give it any reaction at all, just flicked its tail slowly and walked aside to continue grazing.

   Seeing this scene, Monini's shoulders slumped down quickly, and his little face was full of disappointment.

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