Pokémon Modifier - Chapter 478 Housekeeping master magic wall doll

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  [Race: Mornini]

   Attributes: Superpower, Fairy

  Characteristics: Skilled

   Race Value: 310

   Known moves: Slap, Psychic, Barrier, Imitation

  Current mood: Lost

  Physical Condition: Perfect

  Friendliness: 0

   "Very good, that's it!"

   glanced at the information of this magic nini, Hu Yang immediately took out an empty pokeball and energy cube.

  Old rule, try lure first with delicious energy cubes and a future where you don't have to worry about food.

   When you come into contact with an unfamiliar Pokémon, the first step should be to let the other party know of your existence and intentions.

   So, Populus euphratica took the initiative to walk towards the magic Nini, and at the same time released the greatest kindness to it.

   Hearing the sound of footsteps, Mornini, who was being lost, raised his head and looked suspiciously at the stranger who was walking towards him.

  It looked down at the Poké Ball in the opponent's hand, and its expression suddenly became vigilant.

   Immediately afterwards, Monini stretched out his palm and created a transparent wall of light in front of him, and looked at the opposite human through the wall of light.

   Populus euphratica: "…"

   You don't have to be so vigilant.

   He sighed, made his expression as friendly as possible, took out the prepared energy cube, placed it on the grass in front of him, then took a step back and said:

   "Monini, don't be nervous, this is for you."

   It seemed that he felt the goodwill of the other party, and Mo Nini was stunned for a moment, and a puzzled cry came out of his mouth: "Muni?"

   It looked up at the retreating human, and looked down at the delicious-smelling energy cube.

   The pink round nose moved, as if to identify the type of smell.


   In order not to let Gengar scare Mornini, Populus euphratica let him hide his figure, and he hugged Bogaman, pretending to be harmless to humans and animals, and looked at Mornini with a smile: "Eat it!"

   Seeing that the other party was not malicious, and did not forcefully throw the Poke Ball at himself, Monini happily trotted all the way in front of the energy cube, and happily ate it.


   At the same time, Hu Yang saw that this Magic Nini's favorability to him directly increased by 20 points.

   "Won't you be another snack foodie?"

  Hu Yang was a little speechless, but he couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief in his heart. If this is the case, then the subjugation of this Magic Nini will be very smooth.


  During the time when Populus euphratica was distracted, the magic nini had quickly eaten up the energy cube, and was standing on the grass, licking its mouth with unfinished intent.

   "Do you still want to eat?" Hu Yang asked at the right time: "If you come with me, you will be able to eat this kind of food every day in the future!"

  Morning, noon, and evening snacks, four meals a day are delicious energy cubes, which is undoubtedly a huge temptation for a Pokémon.

   Hearing this, a hint of hesitation flashed on Monini's face.

  Unexpectedly, it shook its head and rejected Populus euphratica's invitation.

   Just when Hu Yang was about to say something, he saw Mo Nini lowered his head in discouragement: "Mo Nini..." (I haven't learned to imitate, I can't leave here...)

  Hu Yang froze for a moment: "Imitate?"

Magic Nini nodded his head: "Magic! Magic Nini." (That is a move that every Magic Nini must master, a Magic Nini who can't imitate is not a qualified Magic Nini. I want to be a master of imitation, so I have been practicing my imitation skills here.)

   And the object it imitates is the group of Kentaros.

   But unfortunately, no matter how it imitated, Kentaro would not give it any response.

   This shows that its imitation ability is not enough, so it has to stay here and continue to work hard!

  Monini's eyes were full of fighting spirit.

  Hu Yang looked at this scene thoughtfully.

   It suddenly occurred to him that Mornini was different from most other Pokémon.

  The way other Pokémon evolve is either through accumulated experience, through evolution stones or through some other special means.

   And the way that Munini evolves into a magic wall puppet is very simple, as long as it comprehends the move [imitation], it can evolve.

   "Xiao Tuo, is there any information about Monini in the illustrated book?" Hu Yang asked.

  The Rotom Pokédex searched for relevant information within a second, and it happily replied: "There is Tom!"

   "Monini, imitating Pokémon, you can immediately imitate the movements you see, and you can feel the subtle changes in the opponent's inner emotions. As soon as he senses hostility, he will set up a barrier to escape Tom!"

"I see." Hu Yang nodded, he activated the move modification that he hadn't used for a long time, looked at Monini in front of him, and asked, "If my professor imitates the move for you, then you are willing to leave with me and go to my place. live?"

   "Muni?" Hearing this, Muni was slightly taken aback, but soon, it nodded: "Muni!"

   Of course, the purpose of it staying here is to practice imitation. If you learn it, then there is no need to stay here, you can go wherever you want.


   "Magnini?" (Will you imitate too?) Manini asked.

   "Of course." Hu Yang smiled lightly, and after talking to Bogaman and Gengar, he directly started to modify his moves.

   In the next second, Mornini felt that there was something more in his mind.

   At the same time, it also saw the human in front of him closed his eyes and fell straight to the ground.

   Populus euphratica: serene.jpg


  Monini was startled, it saw the Pogaman, who was also a little overwhelmed, and ran forward quickly.

   In the process of its running, a strong white light suddenly erupted from its body, and in the light, Monini's body changed rapidly.

   When it ran to Populus euphratica, it had completely evolved into another Pokémon.

   looks a bit like a human, with large hands, a suction cup on each finger,

  The magic wall puppet looked at the sleeping human worriedly: "Wall-Wal-E?"

   "Poga..." Bogaman shook his head, he had never seen such a scene before, so he was blank now.

   At this time, Gengar's figure quietly emerged, and compared with the two Pokémon, its expression was much calmer: "Don't worry, he's just asleep."

   Hearing this, the Wall Doll and Bogaman felt relieved.


  The magic wall puppet sees that the other party has fulfilled its promise and helped it comprehend the move [imitation], so it should also fulfill its promise.

   So the next second, the magic wall puppet stretched out his hand and touched the empty pokeball in Populus euphratica's hand.

  Its body quickly turned into a red light and was put into the ball.

   The Poke Ball swayed twice and then stopped.

   This means that the subjugation is successful.


   Populus euphratica opened his eyes and saw a wooden ceiling.

Huh? Didn't he modify a move for Mornini in the wild and then fell asleep? How come here?

  Hu Yang was a little puzzled, he sat up from the bed and looked around the room.

The room is not big, there is only a bed and a low table, and a delicate and small vase is placed on the table as a decoration. Through the boxy window, you can see the blue sky outside. clear sky.

  Hu Yang is going to look outside.

   And just then, the door opened.

   A magic wall puppet came in from outside with a cup of tea.

   Seeing that he was awake, the magic wall puppet immediately put down the tea and shouted happily: "Wall-Wal-E!"

  Hu Yang was stunned for a moment, and then asked: "Are you the magic Nini just now?"

   "WALL-WALL-E!" The magic wall puppet nodded quickly.

   Hearing its cry, Gengar and Bogaman also ran into the room from outside.

   Bogaman threw himself into Populus euphratica's arms at once, looking very happy: "Bogaboga!"

   "I'm fine." Hu Yang touched Pogaman's head, then looked up at the white-haired old man who walked in behind Gengar and Pogaman.

   "Hello, young man!" The kind old man said kindly: "I found you in a coma near here yesterday, so I brought you back."

  Hu Yang knew in his heart that he felt a special energy fluctuation from the old man, combined with the text message he sent earlier...

   "Thank you very much." Hu Yang asked, "Are you the Granny Long in the ferry?"

   Hearing this, Granny Long was also a little surprised. She looked up and down at the young man in front of her, and then smiled:

"It turned out to be you? It's a coincidence, yes, I'm the lady Long who lives on Route 210. A'Du has told me in advance that there will be guests who will come to visit, please treat me well, and stay here tonight with confidence. Come down!"

  That guy is really...

  Hu Yang said with a smile: "Then I'll trouble you."

   Granny Long smiled kindly.

After    told some things, Granny Long turned around and left here.

   She is not without a job here, some trainers will deposit their Dragon Pokémon here, and ask her to teach those Dragon Pokémon new moves.

  Hu Yang just checked the surrounding situation with the power of the waveguide, and found that there are a lot of dragon-type Pokémon living outside the house.

   After a little guess, he guessed that they were deposited here by someone else.

  Hu Yang originally wanted to see how Granny Long taught Dragon-type Pokémon to learn the Dragon Star Group.

   But before that, he had to arrange the magic wall puppet first.

   "Wali Walli~" The magic wall puppet brought the cup of tea that was about to cool down and brought it to Populus euphratica, urging him to drink it quickly.

  Hu Yang Gudong Gudong drank it, thinking that it is indeed a magic wall doll who is good at doing housework. Before returning to the ecological park, he has already shown his extraordinary talent in caring for people.

   After thinking about it, Hu Yang asked: "Magic Wall Puppet, you like to imitate a lot, right?"

  The Magic Wall puppet nodded: "Wall-Wall-E!" Every Magic Wall puppet is very good at imitating.

   In order to imitate better, they will also go to human cities and observe people's joys and sorrows in places such as lively markets.

   "Then, I have a good place for you to imitate." Hu Yang said with a smile.

   There are a large number of Pokémon living in the Ecological Park, and each Pokémon has a different personality. Just the group of Pippi with different personalities is enough for the magic wall puppets to imitate for a long time.

  As expected, after hearing these words, the eyes of the magic wall puppet immediately became excited: "Wall-Wali?"

  Hu Yang: "It's the place I told you before, my hometown, where there are many kind Pokémon, they will play with you, where you can eat delicious energy cubes every day."


   Hearing this, the magic wall puppet has begun to look forward to a better life in the future.

   It excitedly said: "WALL-E!" (I'm going there!)

  Hu Yang took out his mobile phone and told Dumbly King about this and the hobbies of the magic wall puppets. After letting Dudu Wang respond, he took out the pokeball teleporter and sent the magic wall puppets over.

   Soon, the Poké Ball disappeared into the portable teleporter developed by Dumb King.

   When he put the teleporter back into his backpack, Hu Yang saw the Vajra Orb and White Jade Orb that he had placed at the bottom.

   To him, these two orbs were of no use.

   Summon Dialga and Paluccia to chat?

  Hu Yang felt that the gods of space and time would probably ignore his boring thoughts.

   It seems that the only value is for collection.

   But Populus euphratica has never been interested in collecting such things. After thinking about it, he decided to turn around and throw them on the island to play with Pokémon as toys.

   As for now…

  Hu Yang stood up and walked out of the room.

   On the grass outside the door, he saw Long Granny who was standing in front of a Qixi Blue Bird, touching the head of the Qixi Blue Bird, and talking to it with a kind face.

   Tanabata Blue Bird was encouraged and made a crisp chirping.

   It spread out its wings as white and soft as cotton and flew into the sky.

   In the next second, the hot dragon energy rose from the Qixi blue bird to the sky, as if the brilliant light of fireworks exploded in the sky!

   On the ground, other Dragon-type Pokémon looked at this scene with envious expressions in their eyes.

   Qixi Blue Bird fell to the ground, Granny Long touched its head and said with a smile, "It's perfect, a perfect score of 100."

   Tanabata Blue Bird immediately became happy.

   And Granny Long turned to look at the other Dragon Pokémon, "Okay, let's review it first."

   The group of Dragon-type Pokémon immediately became engrossed and listened carefully to Granny Long's words.

   Granny Long: "First of all, you must concentrate on improving the dragon energy in your body."

  Dragon Pokémon began to mobilize the dragon energy in their bodies, and that energy made their bodies glow orange.

   Seeing this scene, LP Po continued: "Then, concentrate that power into the center of the body."

  How to control energy is a skill that every Pokémon must master. Even a fighting-type Pokémon that relies on physical power cannot give up this completely.

But this kind of thing is still a little difficult for some Pokémon, so when Hu Yang looked at it, a few Dragon Pokémon couldn't hold on, the energy dissipated from their bodies, and then sat panting. on the ground.

   Granny Long's attention was on the group of successful Dragon Pokémon. Seeing that they all did it, she said with great relief, "Okay, the last step is to release that energy into the air in one breath!"

The voice of    fell, and the terrifying dragon energy rose into the air, and it exploded continuously in the crackling sound, like fireworks.


  The meteorite condensed by the energy fell to the ground, smashing the originally flat land into large pits.

   In the sound of the explosion, Hu Yang vaguely heard a panicked cry of a Pokémon.

   Not only him, but even the LP Po heard it.

   The two turned their heads and saw that under the falling meteorite, a round land shark was dodging the Dragon Stars in a panic.

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