Portable Space Can be Summoned - Chapter 959 Speed ​​Rescue Thirteen

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Qi will retreat with determination and speed.

The only shortcoming is that he ran away, no, he withdrew too quickly, and didn't have time to take away more soldiers of the Qi army.

At this time, General Qi should be thankful that there are not many soldiers and horses in the camp outside the mountain, and most of the soldiers and horses under his command are in the mountains, otherwise the casualties would be even greater, to the point that he would not be able to breathe.

The current casualties also made his heart ache.

He has lost at least three or four thousand soldiers since he fought against the Gan army, which can be regarded as traumatic.

This is just one of his soldiers and horses, and there are two other soldiers and horses. Their casualties are not as great as those led by him, but there are also some casualties in the mountains.

"Compared with the cavalry, the casualties caused by the remnant soldiers in the mountains are not worth mentioning. The cavalry who commit thieves are terrible!"

After entering the mountain, General Qi decided to immediately recall the soldiers and horses who were encircling and suppressing the Qinglong Army in the mountain.

"Don't worry about those remnants and defeated generals, the cavalry is our enemy!"

General Qi is very clear about his situation. Although it is very safe after entering Huapen Mountain, how to leave is troublesome.

If the Xiaoqi Army and Habayashi Army stay outside the mountain, it will be very difficult for them to get rid of Huapen Mountain.

The speed of the cavalry can completely block the entire Huapot Mountain, no matter where they come out of the mountain, they will be blocked by the cavalry.

"I don't know if the other two people have successfully entered the mountain?"

General Qi's heart is still very kind, and he is still worried about the situation of the other two generals at this time.

At this time, only if the three of them work together and advance and retreat together, can they save their lives from the cavalry.

"We must let them enter the mountain early!"

General Qi felt that the cavalry outside the mountain might not rush to attack the other two friendly armies so quickly. He dispatched the messengers faster, which might reduce some casualties.

General Qi is a smart man, and Ma Teng did not raid the other two Qi armies.

He originally had the idea of ​​continuing to raid the other two Qi armies, but was persuaded by the leader of the Habayashi army.

"Commander, the most important thing for us now is to find Zhao Bo and the Azure Dragon Army, and then take them away."

There is also the second half of the sentence that he didn't say, so don't do extra-complicated things.

The commander of the Habayashi army understood that it is enough to stop here, and adding the second half of the sentence may have a counterproductive effect.

During this operation, Ma Teng listened to persuasion especially, and the commander of the Habayashi army listened to him as soon as he persuaded him.

"That's right, find the Azure Dragon Army first, and talk about the rest later!"

Ma Teng still did not give up the idea of ​​aligning the army.

I finally came back from the grassland, how can I not fight a few enjoyable battles?

What if the king doesn't let the cavalry go out after returning?

It is very possible that after he returned, Yang Yuan ordered the end of the attack, not to mention preventing the cavalry from crossing the river.

Ma Teng was planning in his mind how to fight a few hearty battles in the hinterland of Cangde County.

That kid Zhao Bo was chased so badly by the Qi army, so he definitely doesn't mind taking revenge on the Qi army.

There will be wars after the war, and now we have to find out that kid Zhao Bo.

Because the Qi army surrounded Huapen Mountain very tightly, Black Wing didn't know much about the situation in the mountain.

There were a few Black Wing spies in the mountains, but they also had to escape the Qi army's capture, so it was difficult to get in touch with Zhao Bo.

Fortunately, one of the spies got lucky and got in touch with a group of Qinglong soldiers who had been scattered.

It's just that they don't know where the other Azure Dragon Army is, and more than 20 people are hiding in embarrassment, escaping from the pursuit of the Qi army, and have no time to find other comrades-in-arms.

Even if they are found, they cannot be gathered in one place. The more they are, the more Qi troops they will attract, so it is better to evacuate separately, each with his own destiny.

Fortunately, there were enough marks left by the Black Wing agents, and the chances of other colleagues finding them were much higher.

If Ma Teng wants to find Zhao Bo and others, he still has to rely on Black Wing. It is not a wise decision to let the Xiaocai Army and Yulin Army enter Huapen Mountain to find them.

Whether it is riding into the mountain or dismounting into the mountain is not a good behavior.

He could only hope that Black Wing's operation would be smoother, otherwise he would have to hang around Huapot Mountain for a few more days.

Ma Teng: "Anyway, there is no news about Zhao Bo, why don't we go and say hello to Qi Jun first?"

He didn't want to just waste time outside the mountain, he might as well go to another direction to say hello to other Qi soldiers.

Ma Teng's favorite way to say hello is to charge with cavalry.

Meeting and not charging for two rounds is not considered a greeting.

Qi Jun can be regarded as an old friend, two or three greetings are not too much!

It's not easy for others to continue to dissuade them, after all, they want to fight Qi Jun instead of waiting.

Both the Xiaoqi Army and the Habayashi Army are eager to fight.

Xiao cavalry army has such a militant as Ma Teng as the commander, even after fighting on the grassland for a year or two, he is still eager to fight!

The Yulin Army is actually more eager to fight than the Xiaocai Army. They are also the most elite cavalry fighters. The Xiaocai Army has been fighting in the grassland for more than a year and almost two years. They can only guard Cangyang City.

Although the task of defending the capital is very important and the role of the Habayashi Army is very important, there is no battle!

Let a group of elite fighters who are full of war thoughts and combat skills in their minds stay in one place honestly, without any combat missions, and not being driven crazy is the limit.

The general of the Habayashi Army persuaded Ma Teng twice in a row to find trouble with the Qi Army, so he was trying to persuade himself.

He understood Ma Teng's temperament, if he hadn't stopped him and had been more resolute, he would have been dragged by Ma Teng to fight with the Qi army.

If you continue to persuade him this time, Ma Teng may be angry, and even the soldiers of the Habayashi Army will be dissatisfied.

It's very demoralizing.

So Ma Teng's action was supported by everyone in the army, and 20,000 people screamed and ran around Huapen Mountain.

The wailing was not for deterrence, but for excitement.

They like to gallop on the battlefield on an imperial warhorse, it must be an imperial warhorse, not an imperial warhorse cough.

However, they were still one step too late. General Qi, who was the first to enter the mountain, sent someone to notify his two comrades-in-arms long before entering the mountain.

After seeing the gangster cavalry, you can temporarily evade and advance to the mountain. You can observe the battle before deciding whether to start the fight.

His reputation is still very good, and the two generals of the Qi army paid more attention to what he passed on.

Even if they don't fully believe it, won't they send someone to investigate?

The news brought back by the scouts surprised them very much, they were defeated, UU reading www.uukanshu. com is still a big defeat!

No wonder we were asked to retreat. It turned out that we were defeated by the bandit cavalry.

The soldiers and horses of the brothers have personally verified the power of the thief cavalry, and they will definitely not be stupid enough to try again.

It's not impossible to fight back after entering the mountain, thief, you wait!

When Ma Teng rushed over with the Xiaoqi Army and the Habayashi Army, the two Qi troops had already left the camp outside the mountain and entered the mountain.

Even the super speed of the imperial warhorse can only be seen from the back.

"Nanai, you run really fast!"

"Go, send a few people to scold at the foot of the mountain, and see if the Qi army dares to come out and fight?"

Ma Teng didn't expect Qi Jun to come out, you were so scared that you ran into the mountain ahead of time, can you come out easily?


Unexpectedly, there really was a leader of the Qi army, Tou Tie, who wanted to test the quality of the cavalry of the Qian State, and sent a large number of spies down the mountain to meet the Xiao cavalry army.

As a result, the Qi army was dispersed and defeated by the Xiaoqi army before the Yulin army's Tanqi could rush up. The Qi army in the mountain would definitely not come out, which made the Yulin army complain to the Xiaoqi army.

"You don't know how to act softly, now that it's all over, they will definitely not come out again!"

After waiting for a while outside the mountain, Ma Teng found that the Qi army would not come out at all, so he had to retreat first.


Ma Teng: I don't believe it, you can still hide in the mountains for a lifetime!

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