Portable Space Can be Summoned - Chapter 960 Chaos in Cangde County

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Stay in Huapot Mountain for a lifetime?


Absolutely impossible!

Let alone a lifetime, not even a month.

Unless they want to live until next month.

Obviously, the soldiers of the Qi army haven't lived enough, and they don't want to leave this world so soon.

So they will definitely leave Huapen Mountain, even if they know the strength of Xiaoqi Army and Yubayashi Army, they will try to leave Huapen Mountain.

However, if they can really attract Ma Teng to Huapot Mountain for a month, they may not only avoid death, but also make great achievements.

At that time, their role was the same as that of Zhao Bo before, bait.

Kong Jingzhong wanted to eat up all the cavalry of the Qian State who entered Cangde County, and he would be very happy to have an effective bait.

It is also impossible for Ma Teng to stay in Huapen Mountain for so long. After finding Zhao Bo, Yang Yuan will only give him ten days at most, which is already the limit.

Yang Yuan knew very well that he couldn't give Ma Teng too much time and space. Once all the restraints on him were untied, Ma Teng would turn into a wild beast. Where would he go wild?

Deliberately procrastinating and not going to meet Zhao Bo is also unacceptable.

Heiyi would not listen to Ma Teng's orders, it doesn't matter about insignificant matters, they must report such important matters to Yang Yuan.

Once Yang Yuan knows Ma Teng's tricks, will these tricks still work?

Rather than procrastinating for two days and then being scolded by the king, it is better to find Zhao Bo early and spend ten days making a big fuss in Cangde County.

After ten days, regardless of the outcome of the battle, he will retreat to the border with the Xiaocai Army and Habayashi Army.

The ten-day time limit Yang Yuan gave him included the retreat time, but how could Ma Teng abide by it.

Ten days includes retreat, so what's the point of fighting, just go home directly.

Ma Teng would not have taken the ten-day deadline to heart if he hadn't been too close this time.

Ma Teng had a little bit of regret for strongly supporting Yang Yuan to come to the border. If the king was still in Qianyang City, it would take two more days for Black Wing to make a small report.

Going back and forth can buy Ma Teng a lot of time.

such a pity!

Didn't think of that at the time.

But Ma Teng also knew that if he hadn't firmly supported the king to go to the border at that time, his cavalry army might not have been able to come to Qi.

The chief general of the Habayashi Army is also a very powerful cavalry commander, only a little worse than Ma Teng, but there is no problem leading 20,000 to 30,000 troops into Qi.

The cavalry of the Qi State is a soft persimmon, no matter which cavalry general of the Qian State comes over, they can bully and bully them.


Ma Teng was looking for an opportunity to fight against the Qi army outside Huapen Mountain. Although the three Qi armies surrounding Huapen Mountain had all entered the mountain, other Qi troops were still rushing towards Huapen Mountain. They were cavalry raids. best target.

Sports combat is Ma Teng's favorite combat.

In terms of sports, which army can compare with the Xiaocai Army?

The Habayashi Army expressed dissatisfaction, but in front of Ma Teng, they had to hold back their dissatisfaction. Who told them to obey Ma Teng's orders in this operation?

Ma Teng was able to do such a thing, the Habayashi army commander knew him too well, he had already understood it thoroughly when he was under Ma Teng's command.

The oldest cavalrymen in the Habayashi Army used to be Ma Teng's subordinates, so the old man has to give him some face.

The two cavalry were like Ma Teng's arms, they could hit wherever Ma Teng pointed.

The generals of the Qi army said that if I had such cavalry, I would dare to rush to Cangyang County to attack the city and plunder the land.

Unfortunately, they didn't.

They could only watch Du Ming, Cao Meng, Ma Teng and others cross the river one by one to provoke, and then run away one by one.

Regardless of the casualties they inflicted, the blow to the morale of the Qi army was huge.

Now many soldiers of the Qi army heard that the Qian army was coming, the first thing they thought of was not how to defeat the Gan army, but how to save their lives.

There is no way, the army can always quickly withdraw from the battlefield when they are about to lose, and more often they will not be defeated, and more often they will win.

That being the case, what is the use of thinking about defeating the enemy?

Anyway, if the enemy is defeated, they will not be able to keep them, if they cannot be defeated, and if they cannot be kept, what can they do?

I can only think about how to keep my own life. After all, everything else is external to me, and only my life is my own.

This made the Qi generals very angry. What the army did was already very angry, and the performance of the soldiers made them even more angry.

But as long as General Qi is not stupid, he knows that he cannot vent his anger on the soldiers.

If you want to vent, you should also vent to the gangster.

It's just that they have nothing to do with the dry army for the time being, so they have to keep their anger in their hearts, which is not good for their health. Many Qi generals have dry mouth, red eyes, and increased eye mucus after waking up in the morning.

angry! Hate it!


They can only take some fire-reducing medicine to ensure that the body will not become a constraint for their combat.

They also don't want to take medicine, what kind of medicine do they take on the fire, and the herbal medicine in the army is also very nervous, but there are a few generals who can't take it, toothache!

Toothache is not a disease, it hurts like hell!

He can't eat well, drink well, speak fluently, and his face will swell up, which really affects his dignity.

The tormented General Qi went crazy when he knew that Kong Shuai planned to surround and kill the bandit cavalry in Cangde County.

"Cooperate! Must cooperate!"

"Don't let me go to Fengyang City, I'm willing to block the horseshoes of the thief cavalry!"

"Great, the commander-in-chief is finally going to attack the gangsters. Whatever the commander-in-chief wants us to do, we will never back down!"

Many Qi generals were furious, and would rather intercept the mighty Qianguo cavalry than keep the gangsters in Cangde County.

Hate and shame beat the fear of death!

Kong Jingzhong didn't need them to travel hundreds of miles to intercept Ma Teng's cavalry, they only needed to go to the nearest city or pass, and the point was fine.

Kong Jingzhong has been mobilized for so long, with so many soldiers and horses, how could they need to go to other places to make up for the leak?

They don't need to work hard, as long as they can complete their respective tasks, Kong Jingzhong is confident in keeping the Qianguo cavalry.

At least half can be left.

The complete annihilation is too unexpected. Who can guarantee that the Chinese people will not continue to increase their troops?

Kong Jingzhong, who can keep most of the cavalry of the Qian State, is already very satisfied.

Ma Teng also knew that the commander-in-chief of the Qi army wanted to wipe them out, and Black Wing had sent information about the Qi army from all over the place to Ma Teng.

Just waiting for Ma Teng to pick up Zhao Bo, Ma Teng can lead the Xiaocai Army and Yulin Army to find a Qi army as a target.

Oh, by the way, there is also the Azure Dragon Army.

The number may not be many, but as long as Zhao Bo is still there, the Azure Dragon Army cannot be left behind.

With Qi Jun coming continuously as his opponent, UU Reading www.uukanshu.com Ma Teng is not in a hurry to find Zhao Bo at this moment.

Ma Teng: "Look slowly, don't worry, don't be caught by the Qi army's trap, the Qi army is still quite strong, don't give them any chance!"

Ma Teng seemed to be easing the pressure on Black Wing, but in fact he was just buying himself time.

Black Wing is in charge of finding Zhao Bo, so you can't blame me if it's overtime!

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