Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability - Chapter 1952 Shouldn't you take revenge?

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He is quite optimistic about this person. If he trains him well, he will definitely be able to use it well for Wulong Mountain in the future.

These fractal spaces should also be managed properly, not like now, whoever wants to peep can peep. For example, this time, she thought, what kind of young lady's mother is eyeing the Qimingmu space?

It's just a pity that she is here, and any conspiracy will not succeed under her nose.

"No idea." Leng Nichen pouted and said honestly.

What can he think? He didn't know what Yongye Sect's young sect master he was before. He didn't live as he was, so why should he have any opinions and thoughts on a certain Yongye sect?

However, it seems that he is not allowed to choose now. The first elder has come to pick him up, and he has fallen into the quagmire of Yongye Sect. It seems impossible to get out.

Let's take a step by step, if there is a chance, he still wants to avenge the people who died protecting him these days.

He can refuse the Yongye Sect, but he cannot refuse to retaliate.

"Why don't you have any opinions? If you don't have any opinions, what are you going to do in the Evernight Sect? Why don't you stop here." An Jiuyue said.

"That won't work."

When Leng Nichen heard this, he immediately shook his head.

How is it possible to stop what? So many people who died for him died in vain?

"So many people died along the way, they can't die in vain." He said with great certainty.

Those people died to protect him. Although he didn't let them protect him, they all volunteered, but they were all living lives that were all gone before his eyes.

Those who want to deal with him, he will stand in front of them and let them pass the price!

"You want revenge? Avenge those who died?" Yu Rong asked.

"Shouldn't they take revenge? How innocent are they?" Leng Nichen asked him back.

Why do those people want them to die, so they have to die? Then if he let those people die, will they surrender their lives obediently?

"It really should!"

Yu Rong nodded his head, revenge or something, he liked it the most.

It's just... He glanced at Leng Nichen in front of him, and because he wanted revenge, it was somewhat whimsical.

"Sister-in-law, do we want to help him?" he asked his sister-in-law.


An Jiuyue glanced at Yu Rong, then turned to look at Leng Nichen.

This person is a little better than Wan Yu, but on the whole they are similar. For the sake of this person's good personality, she naturally wants to help a little bit.

"If you are going to Yongye Sect, you can do something good by the way," she said.

"Sister-in-law, did you agree?"

Yu Rong's eyes lit up, and she immediately smiled.

He knew that An Jiuyue definitely couldn't stand this kind of bullying.

And, ah, this is also the sister-in-law's own business, right? After all, it is also very important to choose a good heir to the fractal space. If people with bad temperament are selected, it will only be a bad thing.

On one side, everyone sat and ate and drank together, while on the other side, above the town, a group of people were entangled.

"Aren't you chasing it? Just spending time here? What kind of thing is this?"

Their goal was to kill the so-called Young Sect Master, and even remove the grass on the wall with the Great Elder.

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