Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability - Chapter 1988 The one who will die miserably will be the eldest lady

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Chapter 1988 The one who died miserably in the end would be the eldest lady

"Miss, it's early in the morning. If you go in at this time, the first elder will definitely be suspicious. Why don't you come back tomorrow morning. In this way, even if the first elder wants to doubt, he will not be able to find your fault."

She didn't dare to let the eldest miss break in now, because of her proposal, the eldest elder would definitely doubt it.

Not to mention whether I can meet people, I am afraid that the elders will not have a good face when they see the young lady, not to mention that at this time, it is even more suspicious.

So, let's come back tomorrow morning.

First, it can let the eldest lady relieve her anger first, so that it will not cause harm to others. Second, she expected that tomorrow morning, Leng Nichen will definitely be invited to see the sect master again.

She just pinpointed this time and reminded the eldest lady to come over. In this case, even if she did not see Leng Nichen, the eldest lady would not take anger on her.

Leng Yiyu's foot was about to be lifted, and he felt that what the maid said was not unreasonable.

Come here now, it is impossible for the first elder to doubt it. The previous matter has already been recorded in the heart of the first elder. If she reappears now, saying that she wants to see Leng Nichen, the first elder will definitely stop her.

So, she'd better come back tomorrow morning.

"Then go back and come back tomorrow morning."

In short, she must get rid of this wild seed. If her mother can't do it, she will do it herself.

When Leng Nichen also died, the father would only have her own daughter, even if he knew that she did it, so what? Can you kill her?

In the end, this matter will only be covered up. The position of the Young Sect Master is not hers.

"You also give this lady a good thought, what kind of death should you give that wild species?" she whispered to the maid.

Maid: "…"

What kind of way to die for Leng Nichen? How did she think that the one who died miserably in the end would be the eldest miss?

Leng Nichen was chased and killed by the fourth elders all the way, nothing happened, and now he is already in the sect, even if the madam has no way to take him, how could he be easily killed by the eldest young lady?

If it was so easy to deal with, he would have been killed long ago.

"Miss, why don't you go to Madam's side and ask her for her opinion?" she reminded cautiously.

Hearing this, Leng Yiyu's eyes dimmed, and he stopped talking for a moment.

Although she listens to her mother very much, outside, she is the least willing to hear others mention her mother, as if she is an appendage of her mother.

"Lu'er, do you also think that this young lady should rely on her mother for everything? Huh?" she asked faintly.

"This... eldest miss, slaves would never dare to have such thoughts." The maid immediately shook her head, expressing her loyalty.

"The eldest miss is the eldest miss of the Yongye Sect, so how can you rely on the madam for everything? In the future, you are the master of the Yongye sect. The slave just thinks that the madam may have a good way to deal with that wild seed?

In other words, there are some good things in Madam's hand, which can easily kill that wild species, but in the sect, Madam is unwilling to use it. "

she reminded.

Mrs. Leng has always been a careful person. If it involves her own safety, she will definitely not do some things.

But she used to serve Mrs. Leng. She couldn't understand what kind of person Mrs. Leng was. Mrs. Leng must have a lot of things to deal with people.

(End of this chapter)

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